Did you know that 23 percent of men (we used to link to 23 which bsaed it on the first link)masturbate two to three times per week and 20 percent of guys claim they go at it more than four times per week? How about you? How often do you turn to self-love? It’s been well-established that whatever rocks your boat is perfectly normal. In fact, getting to masturbate a bit more often could actually be good for you.

If you’re looking for reasons why you should masturbate more frequently, here are a few of those.

1. It’s Fun

This one is an obvious but masturbation can be so much fun. Using your hand isn’t the only way to get off. In fact, with the help of sex toys and some visual stimulation, you can have a brand new experience every single time.

The best male stroker is an excellent example of a toy that can give you lots of new sensations. Some of these are molded after favorite adult actresses. Some of these apply pressure or suction on your penis, giving you the orgasm of a lifetime.

2. It Can Make You a Better Lover

Masturbation and using different kinds of sex toys can help you build your stamina and become a better lover.

It’s been established that masturbation is one of the ways to overcome issues like performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. Once you’ve had an orgasm, it would take you longer to come the second time around. If your partner needs a bit more time to get there, that would be the perfect opportunity for you to perform spectacularly well.

3. The Perfect Stress Reliever

Do you have a challenging, demanding job? Turning to self-love is the perfect way to calm down and relax in the end of a busy day.

Sex can be used as a stress management technique, even if you’re the only person participating in it. Having an orgasm releases dopamine and oxytocin in your body. Such neurotransmitters and hormones result in a feel-good sensation. This is the reason why you feel relaxed, calm and happy after sex.

Studies have shown that guys who have sex and masturbate more often are in a better mood than their peers. Frequent orgasms also help control blood pressure and they also stabilize mental health.

4. Good for Your Prostate

A comprehensive medical study has established a reverse link between ejaculation frequency and the occurrence of prostate cancer.

In other words, the more you masturbate (and the more sex you have), the healthier your prostate is going to be.

This is an important lesson all men should learn as a part of the aging process. Age-related changes do cause some prostate issues in the vast majority of men. Something as simple as masturbation can slow down the onset of such problems or reduce the severity of symptoms once they occur.

5. Healthier Immune System

The benefits of sex and solo sex go way beyond your reproductive tract.

A regular, happy and satisfying sex life can actually contribute to improvements in your overall health.

Masturbation can strengthen your immune system and increase your body’s natural capabilities to ward off infections.

The effect is linked to the anti-stress benefits of orgasms. When your stress levels go down, cortisol levels are reduced. Cortisol is known as a stress hormone that can affect your metabolism, cardiovascular health and your immune system.

If you want to be healthier, turn to self-love as often as you feel like. Chances are that you’ll have better experience during the next flu season this way.

6. Improved Sleep Quality

You know that feeling of blissful sleepiness after having sex? The exact same sensations can be experienced after masturbating before going to bed.

The relaxing effect of the orgasm and the hormone regulation it produces can both contribute to better sleep quality.

People who are stressed out and overworked will often have a hard time falling asleep. If you’re one of these people, try masturbating before going to sleep. Chances are that you’ll fall asleep faster and you’ll also enjoy better sleep quality during the night.

7. You’ll Be More Confident in the Bedroom

As surprising as this may seem, studies show that men who masturbate more often are more confident during sex with a partner.

There could be several reasons why.

For a start, frequent masturbation builds a sex-positive attitude. It also brings down performance anxiety levels – an issue that plagues many men.

Men who masturbate are more confident in their own skin. As a result, they’ll probably feel more relaxed and excited when they get an opportunity to spend some quality time with a partner.

8. You Can Turn It in a Partnered Experience

Solo-masturbation isn’t the only option you have. Mutual masturbation is something fun to try with a partner.

Mutual masturbation refers to touching yourself while your partner’s watching or masturbating each other. People who have given it a try describe the experience as really hot and satisfying.

9. Better Orgasms

It seems there’s an awful lot of sex surveys out there and now, we’re about to quote one more.

According to a British survey carried out in 2018, men who masturbate more often report better overall quality of orgasms than the ones who don’t.

This is another simple to explain effect. Masturbation provides a lot of information about what a person likes in bed. A man who knows how he likes to be touched and what intensity of stimulation works well will probably enjoy mind-blowing orgasms much more often than a guy who doesn’t have a clue.

10. More Open-Mindedness During Sex

As already mentioned, there are many ways to masturbate. You can use your hands, a stroker, a sex doll or even a prostate massager. Such masturbation techniques give you the chance to learn about your sexuality in a private, safe environment.

Through such sexual experiments, guys can open their mind and become much more liberal in terms of embracing a wide range of sexual practices.

This knowledge and awareness will translate into spectacular, adventurous partnered sex. Being open-minded is one of the essentials when it comes to keeping things fresh and exciting. A body-positive, sex-positive attitude will be tremendously transformative, creating an array of new opportunities that were previously considered too out there or even taboo.

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3 years ago

Mention desensitization as well as unrealistic sexual expectations caused by excessive masturbation to porn.

3 years ago

Who’s the blonde?

simpin is not pimpin
3 years ago

I always find that “no fap” trend some sort of simp bullshit.
there is a huge difference between fapping “when you feel the need” and “fap all day long” (like betas & simps do).
In fact, masturbation helps you last longer in bed, it helps you to control your orgasm (you can hold or release your nut when you want it), and most importantly, you can be focused on the pleasure of your partner if your body knows how to deal with your own sexual pleasure.

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