How much is too much when jerking off and having sexy pleasure by yourself?

Depending on your upbringing, you may have some weird notions about what’s healthy in terms of masturbation.

So, we’re here to set the record straight and give you the scientific answer. If you’re worried about masturbating way too much, here’s everything you need to know on the topic.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Masturbation?

There isn’t such a thing as masturbating too much.

Every person decides how much they’d like to engage in solo sex, depending on libido and needs. Some need it a few times per day, others will be fine with a single wank per week.

Psychologists and sexual health experts suggest that a healthy amount of masturbation is the one that makes you feel good without interfering with your daily duties and responsibilities. If you’re glued to the computer screen and you’re watching porn all day, you probably have some problem in needs of addressing.

Masturbation is good and it brings so many health benefits to the table. Not doing it because of moral, societal or religious beliefs is simply a pity. There’s nothing wrong with self-exploration. It maintains your overall sexual health and it can also be very beneficial when you are having partnered sex.


How Often Does the Average Guy Masturbate?

If you’d like to compare yourself to average numbers, here are some interesting statistics for you to check out.

According to one sexual health survey, most guys in the 25 to 29 age group masturbate a few times per month to once per week (25 percent of the questioned guys). They’re followed by the men who masturbate two to three times per week (23 percent) and those who masturbate more than four times per week (20 percent).

If we are to expand the scope of the survey, another one looked into the masturbation needs of guys aged 16 to 44. The survey authors found out that 73 percent of the participants had masturbated at least once in the past four weeks.

Obviously, these are self-reported numbers. Some guys may have over-exaggerated and others may have given a low number because of embarrassment. The guidelines, however, let you know how much of a range there is when it comes to normal frequency of masturbation.

Is It Possible to Masturbate Too Much?

Masturbation that makes you feel relaxed, happy and fulfilled is a good thing. It doesn’t matter how often you’re doing it, as long as you’re getting a sense of satisfaction and fun out of the experience.

If you are solely thinking about masturbation and it’s keeping you from experiencing a normal life, you are probably doing it too often. The same applies to prioritizing masturbation over having sex with a human being.

For some guys, masturbation feels compulsive. It’s an urge, rather than an opportunity to let loose and relax.

Masturbation that’s making you not have a good time during sex with a partner is also not a good thing. Sex addiction is something real and it can express itself in the form of wanking too often. If you have any concerns, you can talk to a therapist or a sex counsellor. The issue is more common than guys believe it to bee.

Good Masturbation Is About Quality and Not Quantity

The one thing you need to understand is that the quality of solo sex rather than the quantity is much more important.

A deeply satisfying session that gives you a rock-your-socks-off kind of orgasm is a much better experience than five meh quickies scattered throughout the day.

You can do a couple of things to make self-love better.

The first and most important element of self-exploration is being open and knowing what works for you. Instead of using the same routine every single time, open up to new opportunities. You can easily discover new erogenous zones and ways to stimulate yourself by being curious.

The next amazing way to improve masturbation involves getting some innovative sex toys. An automatic stroker is a good example of a hi-tech gadget that will bring up the pleasure to unimaginable intensity. There’s an extensive range of sex toys for guys. From sex dolls to interactive blowjob machines and hands-free masturbators, all of these contraptions are made to get you coming harder than you’ve ever had before.

Finally, don’t be afraid of openly and honestly embracing your sexual needs. There are so many ways to stimulate yourself and experience pleasure if you’re willing to let go of societal norms and hetero standards. Something as simple as incorporating a prostate massage in your masturbation routine could maximize the intensity in a way that will have you fully satisfied for the next few days.

Self-love is healthy and it feels amazing. Don’t restrain yourself and don’t try to eliminate your urges. It’s not possible to be masturbating too often, as long as you have a healthy attitude about it. Masturbation that makes you feel good and that doesn’t interfere with your everyday existence should be enjoyed and celebrated.


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1 month ago

I’d say too much is when your foreskin starts to look like a drooping windsock.

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