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For many men, masturbation is a great way to relax from stress in their daily lives. It can be physically and mentally pleasurable, and while many men may talk openly about some of their habits and the benefits they bring when they are alone, they may be less likely to be heard discussing these things among women.

This situation is not due to a lack of sexual desire in women or that women don’t enjoy masturbation. The reality is that many women also masturbate when they are alone, they just tend to be uncomfortable discussing these things.

As a partner, you may be curious about her and will want to find out if your girlfriend enjoys the pleasure of masturbating alone when you are not around. Understanding each other’s masturbation habits can help you understand her desires and fantasies and improve your intimacy. Witnessing her masturbate can also give you a sense of her entire process from sexual arousal to orgasm.

If you are very curious about your girlfriend’s masturbation habits but don’t know how to talk to each other about it, in this article I teach you to try it out with your partner in the right way. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about sex, feel free to check out more articles on the inyrose website.

1.How Prevalent is Female Masturbation?

Several studies on women have shown that about ninety percent of women have tried masturbation before the age of 25, but unlike men, women do not masturbate as often. The frequency of masturbation can vary dramatically from woman to woman, with some women masturbating daily for relaxation, while others may not masturbate at all, or may masturbate very infrequently, especially if they have a partner.

The frequency and reasons for female masturbation are influenced by a variety of factors, including personal experiences, social and cultural or social environments, etc. Female masturbation is often accompanied by feelings of shame compared to male masturbation, which are largely the result of a lack of good sex education and the influence of socio-cultural misconceptions. Some women may be influenced by these feelings of shame and may be reluctant to explore their sexuality or may suppress their desires in the face of pressure.

There are also differences in the timing of sexual awareness or exploration between genders, with males tending to explore sex earlier and discuss masturbation more often, while females talk less about masturbation and try it for the first time at an older age compared to males, a difference that is also largely due to socio-cultural stigmatization of masturbation or female masturbation.


2.What Are the Relationship Benefits of Female Masturbation?

Women often explore the act of masturbation for more than just orgasm; masturbation is also a way for women to explore their bodies as well as learn about sex. By experimenting with different masturbation techniques, pressures, or sensations, women can gain a deeper understanding of their sources of sexual pleasure. This type of self-exploration can not only increase their personal fulfillment, but it can also help them enrich their sexual experience with their partner. As women explore their bodies or use sex toys, they become more accepting of their desires and are better able to feel fulfillment and excitement from their sexual relationship.

I recommend that every woman should try masturbation and maintain a regular masturbation routine to keep her body sexually healthy, which improves her relationship with her partner and optimizes her overall health. Making masturbation a daily habit can also help women maintain their hormone levels and keep their libido high. If a woman actively engages in the act of masturbation when she feels arousal and intimacy, it can lead to more frequent and fulfilling sexual encounters, and women who masturbate regularly experience more powerful desires and orgasms, leading to a more pleasurable sex life.

In addition to this, masturbation allows women to be more in control of their pleasure and orgasms, and if a woman can be more in control of her sexual pleasure when she is intimate with her partner, she will be more confident in her sexuality and have a more satisfying experience. Overall, if a woman knows what she wants and how to achieve it, her sexual behavior will become more active and seductive, which can contribute to a better sexual relationship.

3.How Do Women Masturbate?

While men might find themselves easily aroused by a passing thought or a fleeting fantasy, women typically require a bit more stimulation to get in the mood for solo play. Every woman has her own preferences and habits when it comes to masturbation, but there are some common techniques and practices that many women rely on.

For many women, masturbation focuses on stimulating the clitoris, as it tends to provide the most intense pleasure and leads to orgasms more reliably than penetration alone. Some women, like myself, prefer to enhance the experience with lotion or oil to set the mood. Using gentle circular motions on the clitoris with fingers is a common approach to self-pleasure.

Others, like Meredith, take a more elaborate approach to solo play. Meredith enjoys creating a sensual atmosphere by taking a relaxing bath, sipping wine, and watching porn before using a vibrator to stimulate herself. She often combines vibrator use with manual stimulation for added pleasure. Sex toys are very useful tools for female masturbation, and if you want a beautiful sex toy, lovehoney rose is the right choice for you.

For some couples, masturbation is incorporated into their sexual routine as a form of foreplay. Julie, for instance, enjoys masturbating in front of her husband, finding it to be an intimate and arousing experience. It serves as a way for them to build anticipation and excitement before engaging in intercourse.

On the other hand, some women, like Kelly, view masturbation as a way to relieve stress and tension, particularly when they’re not in a relationship. Masturbation can serve as a coping mechanism during challenging times, offering a release from daily stressors and providing a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Overall, whether it’s a solo endeavor or a shared experience with a partner, masturbation remains a common and versatile practice for women to explore their sexuality.

5.How to Discuss Masturbation with Your Girlfriend

Engaging in open and honest communication with your partner is crucial for a healthy relationship, but broaching the topic of masturbation can feel daunting. However, experts suggest several approaches to initiate this conversation respectfully and thoughtfully.

One strategy is to incorporate the discussion into intimate moments. During a passionate encounter, you can express how arousing it is to see her pleasure herself and gently inquire if she enjoys similar experiences when alone. In the heat of the moment, she may feel more comfortable sharing her desires and fantasies.

Alternatively, you can address the topic during times of physical separation, such as through sexting or phone calls. Initiating a steamy conversation can encourage her to explore self-pleasure while providing an opportunity for open dialogue about her experiences and preferences. Later, when reunited, you can express your excitement and curiosity about her solo activities.

Approaching masturbation as a shared activity rather than a solitary one can also facilitate the conversation. Suggesting mutual masturbation as a way to explore each other’s pleasure can make the topic feel less intimidating and more inclusive. By emphasizing the idea of experiencing pleasure together, you create a safe and inviting space for discussion.

If your partner is hesitant, you can frame masturbation as a means to enhance her sexual health and desire. Highlighting the connection between self-pleasure and increased arousal can encourage her to embrace her sexuality and explore her body more fully. Offering to explore her erogenous zones together or demonstrating techniques can further normalize the conversation and foster intimacy.

Ultimately, discussing masturbation with your girlfriend should prioritize her comfort and autonomy. By approaching the topic with sensitivity and openness, you create an opportunity for mutual understanding and growth in your relationship.



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3 months ago

Guy: Hey, I heard an interesting stat the other day. They said that 80% of women masturbate in the shower. Know what the other 20% do?

Girl: No, what?

Guy: Yeah, I figured you were in the first group.

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Great choice of photos! Karina will always be one of the best!

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