What is Findom?

Financial domination is a rare and expensive BDSM kink. It has become  more and more popular nowadays, especially after COVID lockdowns. Also, it could be straightforward, like receiving money for existing or some  humiliation. Subs could just pay and go. But in reality, becoming a  successful financial dominatrix or cashmaster could be a challenge. Real paypigs do exist, but you have to go through a bunch of time wasters and  scammers. RichSubs tries hard to filter scammers and time-wasters with a  trained AI model and features like Initial Tribute. But anyway, this requires  some patience.

One girl I know described the process to be similar to fishing. You create your profile, fill your bio, post some photos and videos, and wait for paypigs to bite. This might be boring and frustrating if you don’t catch a victim fast.

Someone would say that Findom is easy. But this could be true for that  person only. It could be related to some special appearance the person has or how they communicate. If you are a cute girl, this might work, and  some subs will pay attention to you, but in most cases, you should have a dominant personality in both how you look and how you communicate.

Finding Financial Dominatrix

And what about finsubs and paypigs? How easy would it be for them to  find a financial dominatrix or Findom mistress? Most subs require  something in return after sending tributes. This could be some sort of  attention or communication; some of them want you to control or humiliate  them. It frequently happens that after a tribute, doms don’t give enough attention and are more focused on the money than on the process itself.  Really successful doms enjoy the process as well as the money. They like to be superior and to be spoiled and worshiped. Real doms like to control their subs, and they see money as an additional reward for the process they engage in. There are plenty of financial doms on the web, but finding  a real one could be a challenge.

How Findom Could Be Enjoyable?

There are several types of paypigs and Findom lovers. Let’s describe all of  them:

Pathetic looser

Findom could be a reward for a pathetic looser. This is how biology and nature works. You are a looser, girls deny you, you might not have a good  job. And your only way to beat depression is to serve, and to be an  obedient beta. The easiest way to serve in the modern world is to send  money. Money is the universal way to show respect and be useful. When you are useful your brain creates a bunch of cool hormones and you fill euphoria.


That person could be successful in business and have a really well-payed job. In some cases they could be successful in private lives, this is not always the case. At some point they might be over-bored with lives and looking for something new. They are usually really rich and they send  money just for fun. Sometimes you are so over-bored and you want to fill  at least anything through humiliation or whatever. It could be something  new, something unusual.

People with addictions

Some people could be addicted to gambling, shopping or any other  activity that damages their financial and mental well being. These people are more looking for financial advisor. And they come to a cashmaster to control their finances. And this game could be profitable for both. Financial dominant takes some fee for the financial control and services. And the addicted person could win their addiction and save their finances.

RichSubs findom features

Initial Tribute

This feature allows you to set a minimum engagement fee subs have to  pay to start a communication with you as a Dom. It helps to filter out scammers and time-wasters.

Pay requests

Dominants take the lead by sending payment requests to subs, turning it into an enjoyable game of dominance and submission.

Ask for permission to pay

Subs initiate the thrill by requesting permission from their dominants to make payments.

Doms could see subs’ balances

As a Dom you will clearly see how much each sub has spent and how much is on his balance right now. It really helps to filter out time-wasters.

Unblock fee

Subs can send unblock requests to doms with a tribute attached.


By Boobsrealm

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