With the success Onlyfans had as platform for adult creators to make money online, several companies and individuals have ventured to get into the adult industry to compete with the now mainstream platform. Many of those platforms do not get to reach many creators whereas others do not have the adequate structure and business plan to enter and increase their market share. Amongst the few reputable ones we can find Loyalfans,  a company run by a team with verifiable experience in the adult industry and that offers a very user-friendly platform for Creators and fans.

BoobsRealm.com joined Loyalfans a few months ago. I am still transitioning into Loyalfans and migrating the videos. In the past few weeks I have seen improvements and I am satisfied with not only the platform itself, but also by the support team who not only seem to care about their creators, but also offer a more human service to the community, unlike other platforms which only reply your ticket -if they ever reply-.

Boobsrealm interviewed LoyalFans co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu about the platform and what can creators and fans expect from it.

How was Loyalfans born?

I left college and started my first business in 2010, opening a cam studio in my hometown. Over the next three years, I opened locations throughout Romania… but I was always wondering what’s next, both for the models and creators I was working with, as well as for myself. This was when the idea for Loyalfans began to take shape.

I began working with a team of programmers in 2014, steadily cultivating the concept of an all-inclusive platform that would enable meaningful, seamless, customizable connections beneficial to creators and fans. Then, in 2016 — all while balancing my studios with platform development — I started looking for investment partners in the industry.

I eventually made my way to the U.S. for a trade show in Miami, literally bringing nothing more than a backpack, a gaming laptop and this idea I had. I was able to secure a partner with business ethics and regard for creators that matched my own, as well as funding that would facilitate continued development of the platform. We have been grinding it out with passion, care and a small but mighty team of geniuses ever since!

There are some not well-known platforms out there and nowadays anybody can try to replicate a content sharing website. Can you elaborate a bit to the creators and fans your experience in the adult industry and why creators should trust Loyalfans?

One of the most significant distinguishing factors integral to building trust is our industry experience. We have been in the industry for over 25 years. We have long relationships with our banks and are well-aware of and equipped to deal with the wider social factors impacting the industry – pitfalls that teams coming from outside the business are often tripped up by. We are open and transparent, and we communicate with our Loyalfans community. From creators to fans, our support is top notch and real. We love and respect our community because we are a part of the adult industry community too — and we are so very proud of that fact.

Loyalfans co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu


What would you consider sets Loyalfans apart from the existing platforms?

In addition to our support, transparency, and foundation in the industry, key factors that set us apart are Loyalfans’ comprehensive features, incredible tech, and willingness and ability to grow.

Loyalfans is truly a one stop shop, seamlessly integrating every key function a creator could want to develop an inviting environment that connects specifically with their fans – and then some! We have so many features and tools that creators won’t find anywhere else (like our Shout Outs feature, which is like Cameo… just with sexiness permitted!). From platform stability to our UX/UI, our tech is amazing. Our support and programming teams are constantly listening to creators and fans and working to add features and tools, refine, and develop whatever new visions our community may want! We are here, we listen, and – best of all – we do!

Nowadays content creators are looking for the next Onlyfans. Why should they choose Loyalfans as their main platform to offer their content?

Loyalfans was created from the beginning specifically for online content creators, by the adult industry. In addition to creating and refining a space that has the needs of online content creators specifically in mind – specifically, how to leverage one’s influence and creativity in a way that’s both safe and effective for business – we welcome all types of creators to Loyalfans. We make no secret about who our platform is for and how it can be utilized.

So, in addition to simply being a better-quality space, we are here for the adult industry. Creators can feel safe and secure knowing they won’t one day wake up to TOS changes that prioritize, for example, beauty bloggers over erotic content. (No shade to beauty bloggers by the way. They are welcome on Loyalfans too! We are truly a platform that anyone may use.)

I have been with Loyalfans for a few months now but started pushing it this month. I like the platform. However, as we saw in the past, sometimes the best platform is not the most popular one. It can come down to bringing in the top creators out there and the fans. It seems fans want to just sign up to one platform and access most creators. How would you attract the top Onlyfans creators? 

You raise a great point – building awareness, both for creators and fans, is one of our most significant goals. Speaking frankly, I’d say that the fickle nature of some other platforms is the best awareness we could ever ask for. As other places waffle around and toy with creators’ lives and livelihoods, we are here with a rock-solid mission and goals that supports those same lives and livelihoods.

It certainly is a project moving fans, but one thing I think creators don’t hear enough of is that these are their fans. Fans go where their favorite creators are – and when their favorite creators go to a better platform… well, that’s a win win!

LF is the only platform that offers a 5% lifetime referral commission. It also allows creators to offer 5% affiliate commission to other creators who bring them sales. Do you think this 5% can expand to a traditional affiliate program to maximize exposure on blogs, galleries sites and social media promotion accounts?

This is already the case!

Creators are concerned VISA and Mastercard push the same restrictions to other platforms. What would Loyalfans tell creators who are worried about Loyalfans following OF footsteps?

We have been working since Mastercard made its announcement to make sure Loyalfans is compliant, and we have longstanding relationships with our banks. If a site is on the up-and-up, there is no reason to fear these Mastercard rules. We will continue to serve the adult community, and we will continue to make whatever efforts are necessary to ensure that adult content creators and fans have a safe, stable, and compliant place to share and enjoy adult content.

Loyalfans has some additional features that other platforms do not have such as Shout Outs, a video store, and a single timeline that allows for free and paid or subscription posts in one space. Could you elaborate more on those features that set LF apart from the rest of platforms?

We believe a feature-rich platform is what creators deserve to keep their fanbase in one centralized location. A creator can utilize all of the features — or just some of the features, the choice is there — in concert with one other to offer a unique experience.

Shout Outs allows the fans to request a mini-custom from the creator. The timeline allows creators to engage with their fans, even before they become paying fans, and that engagement helps to create that impulse to join. The video store allows you to have that seamless transition from fan page to clip store.

The stable go-live platform rivals traditional camsites but has the ability to give fans that are subscribers a unique, subscriber-only show, along with private shows and 1-on-1 video calling. Our Media Cloud allows creators to upload in bulk, organize, and get all the content to fans in whichever method one chooses to use. We like to think that Loyalfans gives all the options to create that unique fan experience.

Are there any upcoming features going to be added soon?

New features are being added constantly and most of those additions come from suggestions made by our content creators. The community drives us to be better, and they’re very understanding in helping us with suggestions on how to improve the platform. All I can say is look for soooo many cool new things in the coming months!

Who are the current top creators?

Loyalfans has an incredible discovery page at Loyalfans.com/creators that shows who is new, live, recently updated, and more. There is also a section that showcases popular creators, which is based on a number of different factors including but not limited to sales figures.

Loyalfans Most Popular Creators


We made an active decision to showcase creators in this way because sales figures are not the only thing that makes a creator “popular.” We want to highlight creators’ multi-dimensional qualities in this way, rather than feeding a ranking system that prioritizes dollars over a wider scope of depth.

Some creators may be asking about the possibility to add free trial links and bundles. Are they coming soon?

 We already have free trial links, and bundles will be coming soon. (NOTE: the interview took place before LF released the Bundle option).

What are the short-term and long-term goals for Loyalfans?

Our current short-term goals are to answer the flood of inquiries and questions that have come since August 20th-ish! Every creator and every fan is important, and we are working around the clock to meet the needs of new people coming to our platform — and also be here for our established community.

Long term goals include improving and growing, while always staying true to our mission of being a creator-centered space by and for the adult industry community and the fans that love it!

Is there any message you would like to give to the fans reading the interview and to the creators who are still looking for a new home to sell their content?

Creators, we welcome you! We are here for you! Your creativity and goals are important to us, and we are here to support you in any way.

And for friends and fans, your love for and appreciation of your favorite creators is so significant! We welcome your desires and dreams to Loyalfans, and we are committed to maintaining a safe and stable environment for you – and standing by the creators that you love so much!

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