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Colombian Kim Beltran did her first hardcore for Scoreland. Cara Ruby special BoobsRealm videos, remembering Sophia Traxler and MBR Non Topless and full contest couple of updates.

Kim Beltran was one of the Colombian girls that only was doing solo. This weekend Score released the video where Kim Beltran -sadly not Velez- got her hardcore cherry popped.

Kim Beltran Hardcore Debut

Sophia Traxler was only in porn during a wink of an eye, but she is still remembered.  I just wanted to crash any dreams of her coming back, as Sophie is having a complete 180 in her life. I know the details and I still talk to her every now and then.  I remembered her when I saw this GIF below. Just look at that perfect body and perfect breast. Oh Good they were so soft!


Due to some time constraints the first 5 groups of Miss BoobsRealm Non-Topless will be posted in 24 hours. Then, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 4 groups will be posted each day.

We found out a girl in the non-topless contest made a topless and porn video this past month.  We will not changed the Groups anymore.

When it comes to the full contest the 50 Groups will be introduced starting Octiober 1st. Two groups per day leaving room for boobs news. However, during the contest in November, the month will be dedicated to Miss Boobsrealm as we have 50 Groups to vote in in the first round, then in December16 groups, which is more manageable. It is worth noting that the top 3 Non-Topless girls will advance directly to the second round of MBR23.

Lali957 and Camm Landi are top candidates to win the Non-topless; however, Lali may have the chance to be the first non-topless girl to win a MissBoobsRealm. Below are Lali and a very good photo to assess Camm Landi’s tits mass.




Cara Ruby has been gone for 3 years; however, as she was not the most famous busty model, there are always still fans finding out about her. Busty Cara worked for Pinupfiles, her own site, Cosmid, Onlyeatease, a couple of VR glamour sites, Infinite Curves and BoobsRealm. We were the lucky ones to have her last shoot. Covid hit and she decided to retire and move to the next stage on her life.

So for many fans, the BoobsRealm Content Videos and photos are still hidden gems. All are available on the BoobsRealm Onlyfans and all are on the wall, so no extra payment.

Cara Ruby on BoobsRealm

via RedGIFs

via RedGIFs




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9 months ago

Lali957 gets my vote

9 months ago

Yes sadly no kim velez, always rhe worst do hc for scoreland , thats a rule
Well however better than those silicon trashes

9 months ago
Reply to  Potato

On the contrary, I enjoy score hardcore debuts quite a lot. Kim Beltran, Sofia Deluxe, Xena Zoraki, Juliana Rodriguez, etc. They’re having a better year than I thought. Diana Eisley and Emma Shay weren’t bad in recent years either. Last year was lame because they overhyped old ladies Joana Bliss (43 years old) and past-her-prime Kitty Cute (34 years old) and signed washed up Natasha Nice (35 years old). Now I’m just waiting for the Kira Liv, Molly Evans, Demmy Blaze, and Helena Hope hardcore to drop.

9 months ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Why not? Kira and Molly both already let a man play with them on score. Molly even let the man touch her pussy. Demmy went from topless only to naked to spreading her pussy to getting her clit pierced. She seems ready to get fucked for the right price lol

Max Hastings
9 months ago
Reply to  Don

The Joanna hc would have been great had it been a pro she was working with and not her husband/bf.

9 months ago
Reply to  Max Hastings

Meh I don’t know. She’s way too old to be my type. I was never that into her to begin with because she has a resemblance to John Cena that I can’t unsee. It’s like I can never get into Addison because she looks like Jaden Smith.

9 months ago
Reply to  Don

You are dreaming none of them will do hc for Scoreland.Its possible they will get triple penetrated on onlyfan and a normal boygirl will not happen on score. The girls you mentioned are medium levels girl. Are nice to see but is not like on score we have girls like laurine touki solomia angie etc. They are not trashes as the silicons monsters and they are worth to see but i ll not subscribe for none of these girls.On the opposite if score could make 2 or 3 topgirls to do hardcore with the addiction of the girls you mentioned… Read more »

8 months ago

Why did Sophie quit?

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