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Lucie Wilde’s episode has gotten great response. I uploaded it to Xhasmter so it is easier to watch and listen to. Episode 6 later tonight brings the story behind Czech Casting. On the episode I announced that the Miss Boobs Realm 2019 contest participants will be disclosed this weekend, which is still true, but here 80 contestants for you. I am open to read your comments and suggestions, as 8 of these girls -or the ones you suggest- will  be in the preliminary round trying to qualify.

Notable absences: Leanne Crow, Hitomi Tanaka, Rachel Aldana. Leanne was pregnant, so not much content was shot in the year. Rachel Aldana has not been that active aside from instagram. Hitomi along with Katerina Hartlova are the only women that have participated in all the contests from 2013 to 2018 and the inaugural in 2010. Katerina is in the contest, as this year she released her site, which is a change from previous years. Hitomi has been on the same boat.

To avoid surprises, this year is the transition, year some already seasoned models are in the contest, but also it opens the door to the next generation. The volume of participants has been kept below 100 otherwise it was not going to be so special to consider 200 girls.

Instagram beauties such as Adiel are becoming the most loved girls by some fans

adiel grech instagram

Instagram is growing in popularity and is the new source of new girls and also a mean for scouting for model companies and websites, so some top Instagram girls have been added, despite not being topless.

Still a few changes may happen from today until the weekend when the final list and the groups will be revealed.

Previous winners:

2010: Merilyn Sakova Sakova

2013 and 2014 : Antonella Kahllo

2015: Samanta Lily

2016 and 2018 : Tessa Fowler

2017:Angela White


  1. This time Committee will only be able to cast their vote from the top 3 girls from fan voting in each group
  2. Winner will receive $100
  3. Winner might additionally get a BoobsRealm photoshoot
  4. If winner does not accept price, this gets accumulated to the following year, but still will be declared the winner.
  5. Models have to have been active in 2019.

EDIT: Some girls who might be or might not be added: Whitprax, Lauren Franco, Lacee Lust and Luna Amor.

Join Former Miss Boobs Realm Samanta Lily Website


1Addisson aka Lorie1Alena Ostanova1Alice Coquine1Abigaiil Morris
2Angel Wicky2Alexis Faye2AllieBay,2Adiel Grech
3Angela White3Amber Alena3Asiri Stone3Bridale23
4Anna Blaze4Anna Sivonna4Cassieopia4Carlena Lee
5Annabel Redd5Antonella Kahllo5Elizabeth Anne5Lady Gorbunova
6Autumn Falls6Artdikaya6HarmonicDiv6Lana Cca – Svetlana
7Ava Adams7Bella Brewer7KcupQueen7Miss Parakesva
8Codi Vore8Beth Lily8Leanne – Dairy Queen8Winter Pierzina
9Ella Knox9Cara Ruby9Lovely Lilith9Yungfrecks
10Gabbie Carter10Casey Deluxe10

Mila (Hello_x_Pussy)

11Indica Flowers11Cheryl Blossom11Princess96
12Josephine Jackson12Cleo Messy12Rose Taylor,
13Lissa Hope13Demmy Blaze13roseisaho
14Maitland Ward14Erin Starr14Sara Storm
15Mia Melano15Ewa Sonnet15SmallGirlBigTitties
16Skye Blue16Georgina Gee
17Skylar Voxx17Helen Starr
18Sofia Lee18HopelesSofrantic
19Sophia Traxler19Katerina Hartlova
20Violet Myers20Katy Ann
21Kim Velez
22Korina Kova
23Lana Blanc
24Lana Kendrick
25Lauren Elizabeth
26Lucy Laistner
27Maria Body
28Martina Finnochio
29Roza Vasilishina
30Ruby May
31Sabrina Nichole
32Samanta Lily
33Sha Rizel
34Sigal Acon
35Tessa Fowler
36Vivian Blush

By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boobsrealm__com/ My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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4 years ago

where is Hitomi Tanaka ?(

4 years ago

Why is Hitomi not in it? This is just a one man committee with no reasonable justification- ridiculous. Any proper contest has a committee it is so obvious he has his favourites.

4 years ago

A list without Busty_ema is not a list!

4 years ago
Reply to  Trevom

Suggest her. And I’ll track her status in 2019 online
Hitomi is good… but show me her work in 2019.
And the committee has 4 people

4 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

3 sets were released of Hitomi on Nadine Jansen’s site and Leanne’s website has been updated. You talk shit what is this? If people see the models work in 2019 for the first time and it was shot within 12 months that means she is active. Do you you stalk their personal lives to the extent that you know if they have had their feet up at home all 2019?

4 years ago

Hitomi releases a brand new feature length porn movie (120 mins) each and every month. To not include her is just wrong. 3/4 of the girls listed are pretty much nobodies.

4 years ago

We need Hitomi otherwise there are too many white girls and that is boring.

4 years ago

been thinking of two in particular that have been outstanding this year. Ewa Sonnet and Tessa Fowler. yes however ill agree with everyone here. Hitomi has had some shoots this year and man updates from leanne crow on a regular basis. If the issue is these are canned from previous years and are out now i still think that doesn’t mater since the content is out this year. Leanne has been plenty active post preg! Leanne Crow and Hitomi should be on this list…

4 years ago
Reply to  boobgeek

“If the issue is these are canned from previous years and are out now i still think that doesn’t mater”

following your logic lets put some models from scoreclassics.com from decades ago because ‘some “new” content is out this year’. I don’t think we should incentive producers/models to hold their photos during years. This is really bad business. This year, Ewa barely updated her website once a month (there were 2 consecutive months that there were no updates). this give an average of less than 1 update a month

the contest is called BoobsRealm 2019 for a reason

4 years ago
Reply to  boobgeek

When it comes to Tessa Fowler – “The Force is strong with this one”
You are right, she is Outstanding and Amazing.

4 years ago

Hey guys.. I can agree on hitomi.m but Leanne crow? Unless she had a baby in 2 months… she did not shoot this year.

Is someone gonna say Amanda Love did porn this year just because we got to watch her get BBC a month ago?

4 years ago

After Looking over the Porn stars list it’s okay but needs a bit of modifying – Hitomi: has slowed down but should be considered for this year list as it may be her last year – 2019: Oppai approx 8-9 videos, couple of photo shoots etc. Mia Melano: – “Like a candle in the wind” short lived career and is basically retired from porn – posted on her twitter account 22/10/2019 “Last Blacked Scene” The transition and next generation that BoobsRealm has mentioned above is awkward because actresses like Anna Blaze, Annabel Redd and Indica Flower etc, have barely been… Read more »

4 years ago

There’s no need to take this seriously and get upset about who is and who is not on the list. This contest is completely meaningless. The prize is only $100. The guy hosting it can barely upload a podcast and is running around in a ski mask these days, calling himself “Boobman”. Lets not pretend like this is so official. Its completely rigged and he just picks whoever he wants to win at the end of it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Miguel

don’t you think Elja should be in this list?

4 years ago

Hello again…. the contest is not rigged at all. And has never been otherwise some of the winners in previous years would have been different. Elja is a girl I liked a lot but she only worked a weekend or two… and she is gone already. Her impact is not as the one mia melano had. Also annabel redd or anna blaze are googled very often. Annabel is one of the hottest topics in porn. Hitomi can be there again one more year. For sure it is not her next year and actually there is a chance I work with… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Last year you put a no name camgirl in the contest and then kicked her out because she was getting more votes than Tessa Fowler and you wanted Tessa to win.

4 years ago

Good to see Lissa Hope and Anna Blaze on the list! Fingers crossed!

4 years ago

Where is Maserati? Where is Kelsey Berneray? Way too many white models here.

4 years ago
Reply to  Shimbo

Has Kelsey been on webcam this year? Last thing I remember she quit camming.
Did t Maserati quit shooting this year?
As I said .. add comments on who might be missing and I’ll take a look. That’s why there are spots open… i forget about some

4 years ago

As someone else stated above, Hitomi releases solo full-length movies on R18 every month and has done some of the best work she’s ever done this year.

4 years ago

Boobsrealm only wants white girls. Yes it is a prejudiced industry but the contest should push for representation. He is weird Boobsrealm what is his origin he keeps it quiet whilst masquerading as a white Canadian.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jamie

Nah I’m not a white canadian at all… but still keep suggesting … I’m not asking for the ones you like more but for the ones that have had an impactful 2019. Point me to the ones that you think are growing in the big boobs world and we will see if the girl has done something more relevant than the others already included.

4 years ago

I would really just give up with this competition everyone has different tastes Id also give up with the podcast .. and ideas for only fans and patreons etc too, the only way i personally would pay any money for any of that is if you could get some retired legends to agree to interviews such as Sensual Jane & Shione Cooper etc which I think would be highly unlikely Dude, do what you do best , inform us of new busty models on the scene especially hardcore ones and give us updates on our old favourites .. dont over… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Joseph

Yes totally agree with the above comment. The podcast is crap and his idea of onlyfans and nonsense with Katherina bores me.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jake

Apparently Joseph and Jake are ‘know it alls’. Why don’t you two stop coming to this website and start your own? Let me know how far you get with that.

4 years ago
Reply to  C

or ill just use big boobs alert instead and enable ad blocker on here when I do visit as the content has became shit !!!

4 years ago

Its all about Tessa Fowler. The rest are just pretenders.

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