We are getting to the first half of the year. And consdering that Miss BoobsRealm selection period starts in October of the prior year, we are already 6 months in. This is a preliminary list.

Note: Gretta Grand on featured image (Go to Her Live Cam)

No Front runner?

By July every year we have a fron runner. Laurine became an instant sensation after being featured on the blog last year. This year she has done a couple of shoots, but not much new content has been out there. Yonia did some photos and videos. Gretta Grand is the most consistent as webcam is her full time job. However, the buzz has died out a little bit. Vixen Virago and Solomia Maievska, the other 2 finalist have not done anything that caught the eye of fans -or anything at all-.

The two new JAV girls Yu Tano and Himari may get traction. Laura Sommaruga, Whipitdev and Micaela Perlezzi have captivated fans. Could this be the year Wettmelons takes the prize?

Sha Rizel looks better than ever.  Her body is slimmer and her boobs are bigger. Angelic Fuckdoll seems to have fatter tits now.  Lori Taylor may be a wildcard as a slim and busty star.

New Additional Rules

  1. Girls who have had new videos  or photos released since October, but were retired for no more than 3 years can enter the Qualifying round.
  2. Priority given to girls who show the face and less BBW and curvy. Most of this girls will be in Qualifying rounds. This includes legendary unless there is something that makes them standout in the year.
  3. Girls who performed BR are not eleigible unless the breast are still in an over D cup size.

Additional Notes

1. Cara Ruby, Alice Brookes and Katya P are added to the qualifying rounds, as per new rule added

2. Touki would qualify as she released new content in early January’ however, as per new rule, girls with significant BR effects are not eligible.

3. There is a rotation in Committee Members. The first iteration of the Committee had a run between 2019-2023, as 2018 was a test Committee, the New Committee will be covering the contests between 2024 and the last contest to be held in 2027. Ninersfan will remain as per his contributions to the upcoming MBR GOAT to be held in the future, while 2 more new members will be announced. We appreciate Doubles Dribbles and Ants contributions.

For the Qualifying Round participations go here. The Non-topless girls will participate for one last time in 2024.

Lori Taylor as a maid




Sha Rizel BTS for BoobsRealm


1014HarurubbGigi SweetsMuseumofCum
AdeinWonderlandGretta GrandNatalyia Poliakova
adele_boobs_queenHailey RoseNicole Matt
Amalia Skyhailey_pelsNitta Yuki
Angel YoungsHaru MinatoOladushek18
AngelicfuckdollHikaru NagiPenelope 32L (Nell H)
Angie FaithHimariPola Rainbow
ann__wHolly GarnerRhea Rivers
anuricbrinKady Del Reyririannamitch
Ariaa (_ariaa_ Chaturbate)Kagura MomokaRobochlobro
Ashlyn AllmanKira ClarkRuby Reid
Avery LeighKym GrahamSha Rizel
Azurra MorettiLaura Sommarugasheenajomason
belovedkhlloeLaurineSierra Lisabeth
BlackwidowofLea SanzSigal Acon
Candygirl.uaLori Taylortask_manager
Cassandra Summerlynntoriatatti_1
CcinnamonXOMakayla MelonsThe Only Porsh
ColleenmariemelonsTina Kye
Courtney Next Doormelissa_kirkeTitsandtalent
Demmy Blazemia_little_witchVeronica Fox
DevyaleMicaela Perlezzivixibun
Ellie RayMila RubyWettmelons
Emiily EmikaMilena LaplassotteWhipitdev AKA Devon
emonyashkaMiniLoonaYasmin Abrahami
EtherealLoveBugMiss MeringueYonia
FlorinebyrneMomoka KaguraYu Tano
gamachu_ulfinaaMomona Koibuchiyunglysxxx

By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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26 days ago

There have been some nice discoveries in the past year, but we have yet to find a new Tessa or Touki. A super busty girl next door with top tier tits who does nudes.

Oh well, who knows who might spring up.

26 days ago

Luna’s seemingly active on her OF, but how do you tell who’s active if all the studios are going away? Just social media posting?

25 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

So it’s either newness or content getting more…extreme?

25 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

I see. Have you tried reaching out to Luna or Yonia for interviews?

25 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Luna just did several videos for Score, though, so that’s just not true.

24 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Four. Suitcase, pink top, orange dress, red striped outfit, but yes, all last year.

25 days ago

Busty Ema and Cheryl Blossom should have the opportunity to win. They still make content, and are some of the best girls ever. Their absence would not be justified.

24 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

If online buzz was important, then Katerina Hartlova, or Sha Rizel shouldn’t have been included in the last three contests… If they still make content, they should participate.

Jon in Toronto
23 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

even Marissa Munoz is “active” on her IG. these days, it seems the boundary of “being active” is a little blurry. Either someone shows her tits, or she has a social media post with revealing pics (not fully clothed…), then we need to say she is still active. Hadas Ofri is not nude but can also qualify for being a bikini/bra model. Maybe you would include women like her, and girls would also all qualify as long as they can be ID-ed with at least one name. Laurine is not a full name but obviously won the last contest.

Jon in Toronto
23 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Fair. Now i’d personally consider how to call actual nude models who, yes, pose nude, but have like 10 different names. LOL

As much as I think Marissa has beach-ball sized tits, yea, i think we would do better without non-nude.

22 days ago
Reply to  Required

Cheryl Blossom – one of the few Russian models who hasn’t ruined her body with tattoos, piercings or surgery. Instead, she’s overweight. We just can’t win with Slav girls…

25 days ago

Bel Larcombe (Slice_of_Salami) should have an entry

Jon in Toronto
25 days ago

Yeah, basically you are doing a good job of already mentioning names this early in the year.

  1. Do you require at least one comment/nomination/evidence of work this year for someone to be in the list?
  2. Yea, I think Luna Amor is still active right now. Along with many others like Mysti C, infini_abc, jackiebabigirl. A whole bunch of others. Vikaa (busty medium build (Slav?) @novelcompleteness) or Vikii, Sasha Araki… the latter three, I’ll call them name-changing girls. FFS they keep on getting new names.
The Original Wankster
23 days ago

Please add

The Original Wankster
22 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Amazing! I’m shocked that I didn’t notice her during the last contest. She is an absolute stunner!

22 days ago

Cheryl Blossom hasn’t been around all that long, why exclude her? And Busty Ema should ALWAYS be included until she’s like f***ing 60 yrs old lol

16 days ago

I hope you plan on adding Emmika and Kate Stone.

16 days ago

My two cents is to minimize or avoid non-topless. There’s too many non-topless “thots” out there for one thing. For another, it’s impossible to get a firm read on the quality of a rack when it is being obscured/supplemented by clothing. Typically if they do eventually reveal after excessive clothed teasing, it ends up being a let down.

15 days ago
Reply to  titman

Too damn right

12 days ago

Is Veronica Fox worth to be included after her retirement?

12 days ago

¡Sha! sha! Sha! SHa! SHA! SHA!!!!!

Tony Stark
11 days ago
Reply to  scooter


12 days ago

Please add Taylor Richardson @playwithtayyy

11 days ago

I think Caroline Vreeland looks better than ever before. Her tits are bigger and she is still skinny after childbirth. She will probably go unappreciated here with the younger guys because she’s “too old” or has “mom bod” but no one can deny that she has an absolute perfect set of tits

9 days ago

Will miss Katerina!

14 hours ago

What’s the story with Beth Lily? I just recently checked her out and damn she is hot.

3 hours ago
Reply to  byron

Not gonna answer? Never mind, you don’t have to.

I just remembered I might have read about her years ago. She the “my boobs belong to my husband” woman, isn’t she?

*sigh* Lucky bastard… Oh well.

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