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What’s your favorite sex toy? How do you add spice to sexy time, whether you’re on your own or with a partner?

Sex toys are so incredibly beneficial that you shouldn’t be missing on the opportunity to explore new aspects of pleasure each time you decide to get down and dirty with it.

While adult brands previously used to target mainly women, the sex toy market for men has exploded recently. Here are some of the coolest picks you should most definitely check out now (and you can thank us later!).

Interactive Masturbators

Thank god for new technology! If you’ve never used an interactive masturbator before, you’ve missed on an opportunity to have the most immersive sexual experience ever!

Just imagine watching your favorite porn movie and getting to sense every part of the action – each thrust, movement and caress. That’s possible through the use of an interactive masturbator that pair with content created for the purpose. A porn star pocket pussy with enabled interactivity will have you as close to being with your favorite actress as technologically possible.

This type of stroker will never get boring because you’ll have so many multimedia to explore it with. While toys that have interactive or augmented reality features enabled tend to be a bit expensive, they will offer an amazing return in the years to come.

Realistic Sex Dolls

A human-like sex doll is the next best thing when having solo sex.

New materials like body-safe thermoplastics recreate thee feel, texture, weight and even warmth of human skin.

Sex dolls can be customized to meet your preferences.  You’ll find lots of amazing options that you can incorporate in all kinds of sex. Many of these meticulous creations look and feel just like the human body. She’ll always be ready for some action and she’ll be eager to explore new kinds of sexual play with you. Heck, if you’re wild enough, you can even use a sex doll when you’re having a great time with a partner. The options are limitless.


Hands-Free Penis Massagers

The cool thing about these toys is that you wrap them snugly around your penis and let them do the magic.

Hands-free penis massagers and strokers can vibrate, pulsate and even move gently up and down your shaft. You will be free to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Some guys don’t like the handheld aspect of using regular pocket pussies and these “lazy” toys offer an alternative.

You’ll also find various strokers, massagers and masturbators that have a mount. These are great for some intense pounding and they give you the hands-free fantasy once again.


Prostate Massagers

Many straight guys have never used a prostate massager before because they’re a bit too stuck in their ways.

A prostate massager, however, is the one sex toy you should get if you want to unlock your true orgasmic potential.

The prostate is a small gland that can be accessed from your booty and massaged to the point of a powerful orgasm. Guys who have experienced a prostate orgasm before report it to be one of the most intense, full-body pleasure sensations ever.

Prostate massagers are specifically shaped and sized to target the prostate and massage it continuously. Some have two elements – a probe for an internal massage and a perineal pad for external stimulation. If you’d like to activate the full pleasure potential of your P-spot, you should definitely get a massager of that kind.

A BJ Machine

Yep, you read that correctly – blowjob machines are a thing.

This is another type of fully-automated male toy.

The blowjob machine can suck, pulsate and vibrate to replicate the experience of some very intense oral action. Usually, these toys come with an internally-textured tunnel that heightens sensations even further.

Blowjob machines are another hi-tech, expensive choice on the innovative pleasure market. If you truly enjoy sexual variety and you value amazing pleasure, a blowjob machine would be worth checking out. Some of these items may have interchangeable attachments, giving you even more variety and freedom for sexual exploration.

That is just a small glimpse into the world of amazing sex toys for guys. Needless to say, a number of alternatives are also available. Before buying, think about the kind of sex you enjoy the most. Even if you have niche and more specialized preferences, you’ll easily come across a couple of great toys that are bound to satisfy.

Also, do research brands and product varieties, comparing a couple of options side-by-side. Sex toys aren’t created equal. Numerous brands invest in quality, innovation and safety. Their products come with longer warranties and meticulous constructions that are meant to last. Try to identify the best price-to-quality ratios instead of the cheapest market picks. Such investments will give you an optimal return on investment and many years of intense bedroom fun.


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1 month ago

I’ve always found it odd how lesbians use dildos and strap-ons but are against having real dicks put inside them…

1 month ago
Reply to  Healy

Can’t argue with that logic.

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