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There is a lot of speculation about how much girls – and guys- make on Onlyfans. There are urban legends and a lot of misinformation and disinformation. Most girls try to make it look like they make 20,000 USD a month, while others show with pride their top 1%. We got data online to present an estimate of what really means  being X % on Onlyfans. With that information we may be able to understand why so many girls claim to be 1%. We may also see things from another perspective, assessing how much worth it is to sell on onlyfans considering all pros and cons, and how much profitable long-term it could be, or in the contrary, how detrimental it could become.

Some Overall Data

Onlyfans was launched in 2016 as a non-adult oriented website. However, adult content creators found on the site a better payout (80%) compared to what they were getting on Manyvids, clips4sale,  or webcam (between 30% to 65%).

Onlyfans has become the top DIY platform for any human over 18 to make money selling content. According to in 2020 Onlyfans paid $3 Billion in commissions, it had 170 million users in 2023, including creators and fans.

According to the top earner on Onlyfans is Iggy Azalea – $36 Million (yearly). Other celebrities are top 210 earners, making over 120 Million a year.

Onlyfans is a private company, so the numbers and information out there is either provided by them, without any supporting documentation, based on samples of creators, not necessarily surveyed following any statistical method or estimates.

Onlyfans EBITDA is estimated to be $1.2B, which may mean it represents at most 20% of the total amount in revenue. We can safely assume that the total revenue is around $5B in 2023.

It is estimated that there are a total of 2.5 million creators on the platform. However, I do not think many are active. most probably may have just created the account. Also this number may include accounts run by a same creator, who can create up to 2 accounts. Some people who have participated in b/g content have created accounts to validate IDs, but are not active creators.


We have projected the growth of onlyfans for 2024 to $6B. We take into consideration that onlyfans keeps 20% of the revenue, paying out 80% to the creators.


According to Techreport ( the Top 1% of creators make 33% of the total revenue of OF. This means that out of the 2.5 million creator accounts, 250,000 creators are in the top 1%. This explains why it seems that everyone and their mother (no pun intended) is in the top 1%.


Considering this, 250,000 creators split $1,584,000,000 per year ( 132,000,000 per month).  Consider that celebrities account for around 100 million per month, you have 32,000,000 for the porn creators. We know Mady Gio gets $1 out of the 32M.

The other 99% of creators have to fight for the rest of the cake. We actually do not believe that the 100% of the 2.5 registered creator accounts are active. We have plugged a 33% of that number as active users. Still 825,000 women, guys and everything in between selling porn seems a lot. But we are being conservative.


This means that on average considering those who post once a month and many of the models we feature on the blog are in this calculation. Contrary to what many believe, the average dollar amount per year gets us to mere $3,900 PER YEAR. And this is before taxes.

Additional information. It has been reported by users that the top 5% make $4,000 USD a month. Let’s stop and think about it. You go on twitter and see many girls bending backwards who are in the top 4% or top 8%. You consider they are risking any future -or current- employment for $4K/ month before taxes. I have seen male creators and female creators mention they are doing this as a full-time job when reaching top 5%. Let’s think a bit more about it. So someone is getting their face, pussy or dick out there for 4K before income tax. Some doing “collabs” spending probably around 1k, because they are just collabs and there are no model fees. Then you have  a net of $2.5K net to pay rent, food, utilities and do not even have health insurance, and claiming financial independence instead of getting another job? Any other job, blue collar or white collar will get you a higher salary every year -at least adjusted by inflation- but gaining years of experience increases your value in the market. contrary to SW, where in most cases, the older the creator gets, the more likely the revenue will go down, considering that new creators come and go.

Top 1% make around 10,000/month, which is a better monthly salary. However, it all comes down to what it requires. Doing collabs and flying and paying hotels would mean higher expenses. A higher revenue means higher taxes. Paying an agency means, the agency will get 30 to 50% of of that.

Having all this in mind will help fans understand why many girls do not want to show face. This also explains why girls such as Wettmelons who allegedly makes hundreds of thousands a year, decided to show face. However, not everyone’s amateur porn career goes in the same direction. Food for thought.

My advice, unless you are a special case, you will not make more than 10,000 – I would advice more than 20K/month- do this as a side job. And always keep in mind the impact it may have in a future career once you decide for one reason or another to not do amateur porn anymore.


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5 days ago

Claire Deslunes… come back to us…

5 days ago

“This means that out of the 2.5 million creator accounts, 250,000 creators are in the top 1%. This explains why it seems that everyone and their mother (no pun intended) is in the top 1%.”

1% of 2.5 million is 25,000. The bottom line calculations are off by a factor of 10.

4 days ago

I mean this would be relevant if it included what they make off of ppvs but it doesn’t and it also doesn’t include the amount of tips people get either. Like ava addams her sub price is cheap but she sells 100s of ppvs a day and people also tip her. I see where your going with this article but in order to accomplish a complete truth you would have to add up everything. The average onlyfans content creator probably makes enough to where they don’t have to work a regular job but you would be surprised how many of… Read more »

14 minutes ago

just to the about being top 4% and earning about 4k monthly before tax, and instead being better off getting another job this greatly depends on where the creator lives, if he/she lives in L.A. and is top 4% and gets 4k, that’s barely worth now is it? but for ex. if she lives in my eastern european country, members of the parliament here get around 4-5k, so being top 4% OF while living there? luxury mode know one, just finished her uni here, she’s like top 2-3%, she must be having how much, 6-7k? a starting job from her… Read more »

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