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One of the main criteria for a good job is how profitable it is. All the girls want to afford a holiday in warm countries, as well as what they and their loved ones want. That’s why it makes sense to look for a job among those that are really highly paid. At some point, the looks of young girls who are free and have an attractive appearance turn to an escort. It is considered an excellent job abroad.

Vacancies of female escorts are very common, there are enough of them on the market, but in search of a good vacancy that is highly paid, girls are better off paying attention to conscientious employers such as Rougeboulevard.com. It is a great place to publicize escort advertisements with the option of free boosting. They also offer paid advanced promotion, which is raising ads to the top of the page by an automatic system many times a day. There is also a choice of time for raising your announcement and statistics of views.

Reasons for Such Choice

American doctor of social psychology — Justin Lehmiller — has conducted the study. He inquired 200 representatives of this profession, who told the true reasons for choosing such activities. The results of this study were as follows:

  • consciously decided to work in escort (37,3%);
  • there were no other options for earning money (28.5%);
  • decided to replenish the family budget with outside income (26,4%);
  • there was a lot of debt that couldn’t be repaid (24,4%);
  • not enough money for entertainments (22,3%);
  • not enough money for studying (8,3%);
  • earn money for their partner (5,7%);
  • other reasons (1.6%).

According to the results of the study, the American scientist has shown that forcing to engage in an escort is just a myth.

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What Girls Work in This Field?

Escort agencies select beauties very carefully. The candidate should have a gorgeous appearance and a perfect trim figure. Recently, men have preferred natural beauty, without silicone. Besides, the model must be smart and educated. Knowledge of foreign languages is also welcome. A lady should be like a geisha: to entertain the client with conversations and charm with manners. Interesting hobbies and skills like horse riding, skiing, and snowboarding would be a great plus! A girl should know the rules of business and interpersonal etiquette so as not to embarrass the client during business dinner.

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How to Become the Best in the Field of Escort?

  1. To go in for sports and follow a diet or eutrophy.
  2. Constantly improve knowledge.
  3. To take care of skin and face.
  4. Work on speech and manners.
  5. Learn not to ask too many questions.
  6. Be able to be genuinely wondered and interested in the life of businesspeople.

What is good about such agencies as Rougeboulevard.com? It is a perfect combination of respectability and eliteness. All this is due to the good team of conscientious people who are interested in working for them happy and satisfied girls who offer the highest level of service to customers.



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4 years ago

Common thread seems to be cash, what a surprise…I’m sure they love meeting random men to suck their dirty dicks

Mr. House
4 years ago
Reply to  Ginley

Decades ago, when I was in college, I knew a few escorts. They loved the easy money, but they really hated sucking most dicks. Chief complaint was the smell of unwashed penis. The terrible taste was something they also had to deal with as it seemed that most of their customers ate like slobs.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ginley

Of course the common thread is cash. Escorting is a business, and like any business the main goal is to turn a profit.

4 years ago

I’ve heard Xenia Queen escorting, can it be true?

4 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Check up if you can just in case.

4 years ago

There’s also a high rate of psychopathy among prostitutes.

4 years ago

Is that true that Nadine Jansen was a escort?
I never found her attractive, so it’s not hard to imagine she doing that stuff before becoming a model. Could you share more details about Abbi?

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