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It is no secret that inflation is growing everywhere. It does not matter what part of the world you go to, you will find prices higher than they used to. People have less money to spend on housing, groceries, utilities and some simple leisure activities like going to an sports event or taking a short vacation.  Will this mean that more girls will be joining the escorting world soon? We have noticed it in Slixa’s Dallas escort girls.

The basic premise

We all know that  many young girls are not aspiring to be doctors, lawyers, dentist or even ancestress. Nowadays, girls want to be able to open an onlyfans and have legions of simps who will pay their bills, purses and even houses with just a simple boobies shake. However, while many girls are in fact able to get the money they wanted, the Onlyfans market is so saturated that after a first year when they became the flavor of the month, they are replaced in the dirty thoughts of fans by a new -often younger- new girl with the same hopes. Facing this reality is becoming more clear for new girls. This could potentially mean that other new girls will still want to make money, but in spite of having a lot of online competition, they know that horny men will spend good money for fucking a young girl even if he later will just eat canned food.


Companionship platforms are evolving

There are more escorting sites than before. Tryst might be one of the most popular newest sites. However, there are plenty of those. I found Slixa’s Dallas escort girls today and I was amazed by their business model. This website not only serves as a platform where the sex workers can advertise their services. It also offers affiliate programs so they can refer other colleagues and make money out of is. The money not only comes in when a new user signs up. The affiliate gets paid when the referred user receives deposits.

This new business model may be very interesting for new girls. There is passive income to be made. It is an interesting new venture. Let’s keep an eye on what happens to Slixa’s Dallas escort girls.

PhotoL Emily Klein (Slixa Dallas)


There are levels to this

Unless you are a bit naive, you may have noticed that Instagram is the biggest escorting site. It can go from just some random girls teasing fans on profiles with a low follower count to famous models who happen to travel to exotic destinations and take photos at restaurants, but we never see who took the photo or a real photoshoot that took place. Yes there are some pictures taken with a cellphone; however, who pays thousands of dollars to a girl for a photoshoot for her onlyfans using an iphone. If you know, you know.


Inflation, a satuated online work market, the evolved companionship sites such as Slixa’s Dallas escort and the willingness of men to spend the money they need fucking a girl to see on Instagram may be taking us to a period of time when 1 out of 50 girls on the street are in any type, shape of form in Sex Work, while 1 out of 100 of the  girls we see online or in persone anywhere might be escorting.


By Boobsrealm

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1 month ago

*Buys ticket to Dallas*

1 month ago

Will inflation make girls start escorting? Yes, for sure, and you already see many fake profiles and photos for you to click on the various social media platforms. I have experienced this; the lady gets interested in you and then makes the offer.
When the next recession hits, there will be more competition to get the attention of guys.

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