Onlyfans and Instagram, plus piracy have had an impact on the inflow of busty girls for our big boobs fantasies. Are we witnessing the end of an era? Is it the end of big boobs content as we know it?

It is year 2020. We have still some great busty girls that we like and follow. The likes of Tessa Fowler, Sha Rizel, Cheryl Blossom, Gabbie Carter are among the top busty performers we can find in activity today. However, except the pornstars Josephine Jackson, Gabbie Carter and Annabel Redd, the busty girls have been already creating content for years. I am not sure if they will be still around by 2025. We know Katerina Hartlova is in the last couple of years. Hitomi is also fading away, so is Leanne Crow. It is a natural cycle.


The Golden Age

It was 12 years ago when Karina Hart, Merilyn Sakova, Tanya Song, Milena Velba, Christy Marks, Jenna Doll, Gianna Michaels, Sara Stone, Jana Defi, Wendi White, Manda May, Faith Nelson were dominating the scene. We as fans were salivating about the returns that never happened of the likes of  Yulia Nova, Ala Passtel, Ines Cudna. Marvelous Girls such as Shione Cooper, Terry Nova, Sensual Jane and Angela White were afterthoughts because there were so many amazing girls that it was hard to keep up with all. Simi, Zuzanna, Merry Queen, Katerina Hartlova, Natasha Nice were there too. So many names. So many great legends.  Whether you liked them or not, we had Torbe discovering Eli tetona, Sandra Milka, Cel sucking tits. We had Joanna Bliss and Lana Ivans. It was big boobs heaven. And sites were booking the girls. People were joining the sites. Good ol’ times.

Fast forward to 2014. We thought we were going into a new Golden Era again. Lucy Wilde made sure 2014 was an unforgettable year. Nobody has been able to be achieve legendary status in such short amount of time and with lackluster performances. That is how great Lucy Wilde was. Viola Baileys showed up. Cosmid brought 5’1″ Emily Born and her GG naturals. Beth Lily debuting in 2015 and Samanta Lily becoming a model on Pinupfiles. Now only Samanta is shooting content. Beth creates content,, but she discovered the formula which is what is killing the big boobs world as we know it. Onlyfans, simps and free content.

The DIY Paradox

Beth Lily has mastered the art of getting the most out of showing the least. She, as well as other models who happen to not even do topless discovered that fans will pay extra for exclusive photos on DM’s. 15 to 35 bucks for a single photo. Whether you like it or not, the formula works for them. dozens of fans pay for that. There you have a couple of hundreds with just one photo.

OF,  Patreon and cashapp allow any single girl to make quick bucks from content. Some girls just need a smartphone and boom. Many fans on this blog will think that men will not pay for “tease” or “topless” they want hardcore sex. Well, guess what. Most of the girls making more money are not even showing their pussies. And when you see a girl is in the top /% of onlyfans you might be talking about 4k and up a month. And again… just getting naked

This girl does well on her OF and does not want to shoot for anybody


The simp effect

Believe it or not, many fans pay money to the onlyfans of the individual girls to be able to talk to them or just be happy they can send her unsolicited dick pics. That makes a big difference. It does not matter if the traditional sites such as PUF, Score, XX-Cel, Cosmid, etc have several girls. These sites have already a fanbase, but the new fans want the personal connection and pay for it.

The Star sindrome

It is unfortunate that many big boobs girls out there who do onlyfans think that all producers are rich and are exploiting them for wanting not to pay them what they think they should get. I have approached several newbies, who have never even been in a shoot with any professional producer, but think they know it all about this business. Most of them think that because they are in the top 1% of onlyfans -which is actually one of the lines they throw at you when introducing themselves- they should be paid $5000 for 1 day of showing their tits. Wow, they are delusional. If that would be the rate they think models make, you would not have certain British glamour model traveling around the world sucking dick of businessmen and lame ass rappers. So when these delusional rookies are told that the standard rate of the shoot is not even 30% of what they think they deserve they go nuts.

I had this no name local girl who is sucking her dicks BF on OF and is selling her video for $50!!! 50 bucks for a video shot with her iphone. I would sell for 50 bucks a video of a first hardcore of Lana Kendrick or any other big name model.

So nowadays, and it happens to almost very producer, when you approach a new girl they will tell you they are exclusive to their onlyfans.  I think that is the reason why poor Scoreland is featuring old and ratchet girls very often. Those girls would not have made it back in the day when the real stars were on that site. So now these fatties and oldies could say they did Scoreland.

Legendary Tanya Song braless walk

Big Boobs Models = All Elite Wrestling

If you are a wrestling fan you know AEW is the new big show on TNT. They try to compete with WWE, but they are basically a glorified indie show with a budget and bad booking. Pathetic act such as Best Friends, two grown-ass flip monkey teenagers calling themselves the best tag team in the world, Kenny Olivier doing weird facials and talking like an idiot and Jon Moxley cosplaying Stone Cold Steve Austing… oh and a guy wrestling with his hands in his pockets. Yeah, that is wrestling nowadays.  Do you think any of those guys or the other unqualified to be called professionals such as Sonny Kiss, Santa, Luchasurs,Nyla Rose or the Dork Order would last 3 seconds or be as believable with the likes of Stone Cold, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, The Rick, etc? Nope. They are Just fans cosplaying wrestler.

Same is happening and will happen more often with our big boobs world. While there are still marvellous girls, there will come a time -sooner rather than later- when Tessa loses her tits and the European girls moves on with their lives and we will be just looking at Instagram girls who will never show their tits because they make money on OF or have enough money so they are sent business class tickets by horny rappers or by a raunchy jewish to nut on their faces so they can make enough money for bags and heels.

I still have some hope, but I do not see our beloved big boobs landscape as promising as it once was. I’m on my quest to discover new girls, but it is hard.

My prediction is that 2022 would be the last year we would enjoy of big busty girls. Who knows, it could also be the last year of BoobsRealm. As you have noticed, while I have been busy, it is hard to get new exciting stuff to promote. Also consider that girls threaten with lawyers for posting their photos.

Still the BoobsRealm Onlyfans will be up and running at least until 2022. I have content and new shoots secured coming. Luckily I will introduce a couple of new girls in early 2021.

And .. more subscribers, more funds for first manhandlings….

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By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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Bart Simpson
3 years ago

OF and simps paying for fully clothed or just topless models have ruined the busty world. Every porn company is struggling to find great looking girls so now they are passing off plain average looking girls as the new stars. Sites like Blacked, Tushy, etc… went from Ava Addams, Anissa Kate, and such to thin homeless looking girls I never heard of. Some say they are talking IG girls into doing porn.   I don’t know about that but girls like Lucie Wilde and Viola Bailey don’t grow on trees and they are getting harder and harder to find to… Read more »

3 years ago

Well its bad for us. I NEVER pay any model like Xenia Queen who doing your stupid mistery for nothing. To me, the Golden age of boobs its over, when Vanessa Y stop your jobs. Im glad to enjoy any second with your dildo fantasy. IMHO, much better than any XXX i’ve seen. Abbi Secraa lost this chance, your vídeos on the table or the same whos we see, goes to boring. Eva Berg is the same, womans have fantasy, are humans with wishes… XXX many can’t do and I understand, and to be honest, dildo fantasy with fake cum,… Read more »

3 years ago

, you would not have certain British glamour model traveling around the world sucking dick of businessmen and lame ass rappers
is that beth lily or fiona?

Mr. House
3 years ago
Reply to  yuo

Beth Lily had that info pulled from Reddit. Good luck finding it anywhere. When it comes to the British glam models, it isn’t a question of which ones do, but rather, which ones don’t. I’m still waiting for Attlay’s list of softcore models that he shot videos with.

Mr. House
3 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Seems I read it wrong then.

duff man
3 years ago
Reply to  yuo

This pops up alot she makes loads on only fans she does not need to suck dick for money. Beth lily does not escort . Fiona is dating a guy and had a kid with him you really think that guy would be okay with her sleeping around.

3 years ago

Talking about wrestling.Stone Cold, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, The Rick none of them are wrestling anymore. And WWE dont really have any new stars of the same caliber anymore. For me I think wwe is out of touch with what fans want well at least the younger generations. Right now their writing sucks pls stop with the soap opera writers…. And 50/50 bookings can’t make a new star with 50/50 booking… They are overusing the surprise roll up and interference.   But to be fair they are good with making heels. Seth Rollins is really good right now. But they can’t… Read more »

Bart Simpson
3 years ago
Reply to  Toby

They ruined Bray Wyatt as a monster heel. The best mic guy in the company and a decent wrestler he could cut great promos. Whenever he got on PPV he would job to whoever he was wrestling so he lost his credibility as a heel. I stopped watching WWE a few years back when the storylines got so bad.

3 years ago

I liked it when the models went from professional to amateur content and vice versa. It allowed to see them in different contexts. Now this Onlyfan system disgusts me. They overcharge for really mediocre content. So when there is topless and a little bit of hardcore, I can conceive it. But charging for soporific content like Adrianna Fenice, Xenia Wood-Queen because they had their prime is just shameful. Afterwards, I understand that they take advantage of it if there are morons who pay to see a woman dressed.In my opinion, those who continue to pose with hidden breasts can say… Read more »

3 years ago

While that may be, I think there’s a resurgence of super stacked enhanced models in the last couple of years. Models like Amber Alena, Casca Akashova, Katy Ann, Billi Bardot and Anastasia L’Amour are total throwbacks to the mega enhanced models of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

3 years ago

whiptrax makes over 5k / month on patreon . I’m not guessing, i remember seeing the number of patreons on her page, I just multiplied it by the lowest tier. I suspect she earns much more on OF and twitch. I would guess she earns near 20k / month on all platforms.

3 years ago

Why do models nowadays don’t show their pussy?. I don’t understand why they are showing only their boobs, what’s the stigma

3 years ago
Reply to  David

It’s not so much about the stigma in my opinion but the fact most girls make more than enough money to not have to show pussy or even fuck on video. Look at pinupfiles for instance, Leanne Crow, Antonella Kahllo, September Carrino, the list goes on. They never had to show any pussy and they were massive for a fair number of years in the big boob world. As long as men are willing to pay to only see tits that’s all we will get unfortunately.

Bart Simpson
3 years ago
Reply to  Porn Dude

The Simp effect…

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