Amouranth was trending on twitter today as she revealed on her twitch that she has been abused and exploited by her husband.

The twitter, onlyfans and twitch famous girl disclosed to her fans that she had a husband. She also showed texted messages where fans can see that the guy has been threatening and abusing her.

As you may have seen previous posts on the blog, I have stated several times that more often than not the girls in the adult industry have a tendency to find “strong dominant men” who manipulate them and control them, using abuse to make them feel the girls always need them because no one else will “love them”.

We hope Amouranth gets the help she needs. However, the help is not just leaving the abuser. unfortunately, 99% of the times the girls tend to look for guys with similar characteristics.

Again, I wish her well, but I have seen these things happening over and over. Girls get back with the guy and say it was a bad day and the guy always means good, but he is too impulsive, blah blah blah.

The problem many girls in the sex work industry have is that they gravitate towards asshole men. In reality a lot of girls think non-porn fans would not date a girl who does nudes or masturbatory videos or sex videos on the internet. The simps are too boring. If they choose a simp, the simp ends up being a cuck for BBC and assholes. As a result most girls end up with assholes, then have kids of the assholes and then it goes in circles. There are exceptions, Eastern Europeans tend to be in different position as their main motive to do sex work is money, whereas the main motivation in North America is “daddy issues”.

In order to solve these issues, first girls need to solve any baggage they have and then make a plan about a life after sex work. Once something real and honest is done, then working their mind to not feel bad and learning to block toxic people would allow them to live a healthier live.

Sadly there are many Amouranths out there. Others that are less sucessful whose stories will never be told.


By Boobsrealm

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1 year ago

All women prefer abusive assholes/ primitive men not just pornstars. The difference is pornstars like Amouranth have money of their own (or at least the illusion of it) so they don’t feel like they have to settle down with a betabux once their “party phase” is over.

By the way has she ever done a “hardcore” video where the cock isn’t fake? Her boobpedia page says she’s done “blowjob” and “vaginal” but in every scene it looks like she’s handling a fake one.

1 year ago
Reply to  John

Boobpedia hasn’t really been updated in forever. The listed weight for Milly Marks and Sarah Rae are from like 5+ years ago lol

1 year ago
Reply to  John

You sound like someone with 0 experience with women.

1 year ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Lol you sound really anti-porn for someone who is involved in porn

1 year ago

Boobsrealm, are any of the girls you worked with interested in you? If the answer is yes, would you date a girl in the sex work industry? You seem to think you’re the perfect guy for them. Not a simp but a standup guy lol

1 year ago

Doubt this chick has clean hands. You don’t marry a psycho then act all surprised. Chicks love playing the sad little victim rather than own up to the fact that they made a series of seriously bad decisions.

arrested for mass cum shooting on onlyfans
1 year ago

dude, this girl make 6 DIGITS A MONTH on onlyfans.
She printed her earnings and posted on twitter.

if she’s living with this guy it’s her choice, woman seems to like the “bad guy”.

The real abused idiots in this story are the Simps that subscribed to her onlyfans. They are into “respect woman” trend, giving her money, and it all goes to a Pimp beating the ass of this bitch.

Pimps 1 : 0 Simps

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