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Angie Faith updates. Angie returns to MrLuckyPOV, while the lucky dude releases her first video. Angie puts her tits in competition with those of Aria Six. And by six degrees of separation, Louise Bordeaux gets fucked by MrLuckyPOV.

Angie Faith is the girl of 2023 if we talk about big boobs porn. As a predicted in October 2022, we have the new Gabbie Carter. Now, do not get me wrong, Ange Faith is great, but is there anyone else in porn big boobs porn that is remotely relevant aside from her?

Angie is back on Mr Lucky POV. Angie also released her first IR with a guy named Nick Marx. I watched the video.  I still think that the cucks who love girls taking BBC will be happy, but I am still baffled by the fact that girls now fuck guys for free just so they could get a sub par quality video shot with an iphone. Back in the day, girls got fucked and get paid. Let’s remember that Lilith Jane was bound to be the best girl in 2022, but it seems her video with BBC ROme Major turned off some fans after she licked the guys ass and the male pornstar featured Lilith as just another girl instead of focusing on her big breast and pretty face. It was like the video was to get himself over and not her. Back to Angie Faith, while she is definitively the go-to girl for Big Boobs Porn in 2023, I find Makayla Melons, Miss Meringue or even Mady Gio making more engaging content. This is my opinion.

Angie Faith MrLuckyPOV

Keeping up with MrLucky POV, the guy just shot Angie Faith along with Canadian Aria Six. Aria has grown her popularity after touring the US and fucking all BBC under the sun. Now she gets more exposure by working with Angie.  Aria’s tits are bigger, but Angie’s cute face is the remarkable asset in the frame.

angie faith aria six

Aria introduced Louise Bordeaux to MrLuckyPOV and other guys she shot with. Louise went from News Anchor on NakedNews to full fledged-pornstar.

Louise Bordeaux had some videos on BoobsRealm.

Louise Bordeaux on BoobsRealm.

Louise Bordeaux on MrLuckyPOV -released on her OF and soon on MrLucky.

louise bordeaux mrlucky pov louise bordeaux mrluckypov



By Boobsrealm

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1 year ago

I disagre angiefaith is the best until now. Madygio is doing nothing and ghosted. In porn theres no remarkable girl except angiefaith. Lilith jane disappered

1 year ago

Been trying to catch one of Angie Faith’s shows on CB, but she hasn’t been online these past few weeks…

Last edited 1 year ago by Artie
1 year ago

Angie Faith is definitely the best discovery in the past years, but now that she’s heading to mainstream porn, directors will make her mind to lose weight and will never see her Tits in its full shape. I believe she could bulk up her tits to Holly Garner size at least.

1 year ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

porn uses abigail morris and other fatties, basically thats not the issue, the main problem is nice face + bigtits can gain money without porn nowdays, thats why we dont see big tits in mainstreamporn

1 year ago
Reply to  spermlatte

I don’t think losing a few pounds would negatively affect her tits. There might be a bit of shrinkage, but they’ll still be huge. And the shape will pretty much be the same.

Last edited 1 year ago by Artie
1 year ago
Reply to  spermlatte

FFS, more weight is the LAST things she needs. She’s fantastic from the tits up, and I’d be ecstatic if she’s actually drop some of the flab and get toned (even slightly). Last thing we need are MORE fatties!

1 year ago
Reply to  Shmoo_usn


1 year ago

I am no perfect. Also, i am no on only fans specialisation in sex. Am it’s ok to say that Angie faith is maybe too big in her stomach? Everything her other parts is perfect. Big tits and nice pussy. Very cutie face. Her belly is more bigger than expected. Always it is covered with something of her lingerie beacusr it is more bigger.
I am no perfect too though! 😁

1 year ago
Reply to  Scooter

First time caller, long time listener: I have to agree. She’s incredible. But, covering up her belly because it’s a little beefier than she wants it to be is distracting. Not distracting in the sense that I won’t watch. Just distracting in the sense that I know she thinks her midsection isn’t attractive and that’s why she covers it up. Also distracting in the sense that “Jesus Christ just get naked.” No one will notice a jiggling stomach and rolls with that cute face and huge tits getting fucked.

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