busty bella blaze

It has been reported that pornstar Bella Blaze has passed away last week. Details are not known, but it is rumored that the cause of the decease was drug overdose.  This post is a tribute to Bella Blaze, but it also serves to raise a flag about drug and alcohol abuse, not only in the porn industry but in general.

I have been thinking of Bella Blaze for the past couple of months. I always knew who she was, but never posted about her. I was gonna contact her for an interview. The news about her passing were shared on a forum. Pornstar Tina Marie, friend of Bella Blaze, also sent out a RIP tweet. There is also a a GoFundMe campaign to cover for her Funeral expenses. All our thoughts and prayers should be with her family. If there is a way we can help, we should be giving something to the GoFundMe.

Bella blaze boobs

Bella Blazed started her career in 2009. Due to her good lucks and natural big breast -36DD- she went on to star in many big boobs films and scenes. Bella was a boy/girl model who also ventured into interracial porn. I found out about her after her work on Big Naturals and Scoreland.

It is sad that 30 year-old Brittany – real Bella Blaze’s name- leave this world at such young age. If the drug overdose rumors are accurate, this should be a wakeup call to everybody else, especially young girls who abuse substances because nowadays “it’s cool to do drugs”. Some people may blame the porn industry, but drugs are no stranger to any work environment. Drugs are not the cause of a problem, but the consquence of deeper issues. Again, we should not blame the porn business for this, but fans and models – the 18-24 who do porn just because it’s cool- have to understand that it is a hard job and sometimes some performers are not mentally prepared to deal with the job.

I don’t know the reason for Bella Blaze’s issues, but in general, family and friends should always be supportive to performers and open to talk -not just using a twitter, whatsapp, etc- Technology is setting people apart from each other.  On the fans side, we can’t judge or label a girl in the porn business. We only see the surface, but we don’t know their stories.

Bella Blaze has left us. Nowadays, we as fans can impact on models lives. Believe it or not, a girl dealing with issues can feel the love from respectful fans. It can make them smile in a rainy day. We as fans need to realize there is a human on the other site of the screen. Be nice, don’t be mean and if you don’t like what you see, go to the next one.

busty bella blaze

Thank you Bella Blaze for your work. It is sad that we only get to know Bella Blaze the pornstar, but we could not see what was behind. You will be missed.

I considered not  sharing XXX photos out of respect of Bella Blaze. However, let me post one photo as a tribute of what the great moments she gave us. This is a Bella Blaze scene on Reality Kings.

bella blaze big boobs hardcore

RIP Bella Blaze

bella blaze bikini

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8 years ago

if u look at her twitter it said she had a load of heart suegery

8 years ago
Reply to  jim

I have not check that out… could not find it

8 years ago

Such a pity. It’s always odd when you hear of a porn star or glamor model passing. It’s like you never factor in mortality. Where there work and art they gave us will in fact always be immortal. RIP

8 years ago
Reply to  Boobgeek

Indeed, we forget the girls are humans. We also take life for granted and do not realize that everything can change in a blink of an eye.

8 years ago

Bella Blaze (Brittany Glysz) is from Michigan and had a history of drug abuse especially methamphetamine:

ca uk
8 years ago

This is very sad, I remember seeing her debut in score and being very impressed. Sad news

7 years ago

i grew up with brittany in bay city MI, very poor and neglectful family

sad story all around

7 years ago

Brittany, aka Bella Blaze, worked with me twice (February & September 2010) in Rochester, New York for my website BJTalentSearch.com. Although she struck me as being a little bit “out there”, I never had a clue that she was messing up her life with drugs, and who knows what else. I heard about her health issues later on, including her heart surgery. Contacted her several times to see how she was doing and if I could do anything for her, and never heard back. Beautiful girl; such a shame she is no longer with us. In an extremely bizarre circumstance,… Read more »

7 years ago

Damn I just found her for the first time tonight. She is so sexy, such a Midwestern girl. I fell in love right away. So sad to find out her life never worked out. I hope she finds a peace in death that she probably never found in life. RIP Brittany

7 years ago

One year ago today that Brittany had passed away and it’s still sad to think that her life ended the way it did. I checked out her twitter account and from what I can gather, she was trying to get her life back on track but life kept throwing her curve balls. That just makes things more tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family. Rest in peace Brittany, your demons can’t hurt you anymore.

7 years ago

Now she with Jesus. Who is busting fat righteous holy nuts all over that blessed chest.

RIP Dem tittays

jeff starr
2 years ago

Truly one of the beautiful women that performed in any genre of media. A wonderful person and my heart still aches for having lost her.

1 year ago

I seen her add on backpages back in the day around 2010. she was working in Saginaw Michigan, I don’t live too far from there. I’ve always regretted not seeing her I think it was 200/hr.

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