The Hitomi Tanaka and Anri Okita’s Era is over. Some girls such as Julia, Rion and others came in but did not made the same impact. Until Now. Yu Tano and Himari have what it takes to replace the iconic dynamic JV duo.

Both ladies have recently debuted. Yu Tano is said to be a natural L-cup and Himari is a Q-cup. However, I think that as most girls nowadays, women and companies are adjusting bra sizes by inflation. Nonetheless, Yu Tano and Himari have made thir JAV debuts.

Yu Tano (https://x.com/_yu_8_8)

She just debuted earlier this year as a gravure girl. However,  a world hungrier for big naturals tits doing porn and the void Hitomi left made the porn producers to find stunning busty young Japanese girls. Our guest collaborator Johnny gave me the head ups about both girls.

Himari (https://x.com/himari_hp)

Himari seems to be the one with the bigger boobs. I find her cuter and with a face resemblance to Anri. She is the girl on the featured image on this post.

It seems this is a New Boobs World Order. The shift from American busty women to Asian may be happening. We have seen tattoos and piercing, plus more meat in other places different than Boobs and asses, which are far from Golden Era. In a time when girls will not shoot for Pinup or Score, the JAV world continues the discovery, production and busty girls tradition.

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26 days ago

The new super busty queens of JAV

To Hitomi and Anri I say
comment image

25 days ago

Yu Tano’s first AV will be released on June 7. Meanwhile, two other girls who also debuted fairly recently are Haru Minato and Momoka Kagura, in September and November of last year respectively. Both are said to be K cups.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many American and European men started consuming more AV/gravure content in the near future. Especially considering many OF models now want more money for less content, and hire agencies to take advantage of their subscribers.

25 days ago

I wonder again if Himari might be AI. Notice the lack of hands. Some of her pictures look bizarre. One has man hands, another she has a tiny head on a big body.

If not she is amazing.

Big Boss
25 days ago
Reply to  Joe
25 days ago

Slim and stacked, beautiful skin, and no tattoos. The Japanese know what their clients want. It looks almost fake; maybe it is! Thanks for the update.

23 days ago
Reply to  redpill123

The images they use on covers and such are altered (women are slimmed a bit and are given more curved features) but the videos that are there are definitely real. And worth watching. The women seem and act like actual people, which is a great change from American porn and porn stars.

Jon in Toronto
25 days ago

Japan, and wider Asia, is more on the face department, so while enhanced boobs are common, Himari and Yuu are almost definitely natural breasted but may have had facial surgeries/will get some later on in their career. Yes, i do think Himari has some Anri vibes. But in the trailer of another commenter, she has some reasonable shoulder size. Yeah i do think there is some slow but almost inevitable trend that Japan will be the last/one of the last bastions of porn with busty girls who have no such things as BR or tattoos (and difference between minor tattoos… Read more »

max hastings
25 days ago

They only fuck Japanese guys. Borin, predictable, a total waste of time.

23 days ago

No offense, but the Asian girls suck. Their tits are half the size without the photoshop, their waists are wide with visibile bodyfat even when skinny by western standards and their hips are narrow with bad skin, ugly feet etc.

They look amazing in certain screenshots, but they don’t even begin to compare with western women in size, shape, symmetry, proportions, skin and bodyfat.

17 days ago

You could a lot of names to the list of current JAV stars worthy of inclusion for this blog. Some of my current faves:

  • Koibuchi Momona 
  • Amemiya Hibiki
  • Kagura Momoka
  • Nitta Yuki
  • Gojou Ren
  • Minato Haru

If you think this list is long, that’s the point. So much JAV talent! Just watch out for the cover bait, though.

[…] long-awaited porn debut of Yu Tano took place this week. We got some screencaps from the video. Her boobs are big. Maybe not as huge […]

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