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BoobsRealm is moving to Loyalfans!! This week BoobsRealm moves to Loyalfans. LF is the up and coming new platform that is positioning itself as a viable competitor to Onlyfans. Why? No BS, better customer service, better interface, a search bottom, more money opportunities for creatos and more options to find new content for fans. BoobsRealm is proud to announce that its videos from Onlyfans will be migrated starting this week.

The move would have been easier, but I added the onlyfans url at the beginning of the videos and added credits including social media and onlyfans to the models in most of them. These will have to be edited out and the videos reprocessed and re-encoded.

What content will be crossing over Loyalfans?

Most of the content created by BoobsRealm will crossover from OF to loyalfans. The special videos that had the manhandling of Sha Rizel, Demmy Blaze and Lana Kendrick will still be available on PPV DMs.

The videos from The Infinite Curves will be available only in the months of June and July. Starting August all videos on the subscription page and upcoming videos will be the ones created by BoobsRealm.

Is it Subscription-based only?

No. Loyalfans provides 4 options:

  1. Monthly Membership: Same as on OF, fans will pay for monthly subscription, which will be 160 credits (equivalent to $16)
  2. Pay per video: Fans who are not subscribed to the monthly membership can watch individual videos at specific prices. This option suits better the fans that want to see only one video or follow a specific model.
  3. Video Store: Similar to Pay-per-video; however, these videos are not available for members and have to be paid individually outside the membership page.
  4. Mix of the 3: A creator can have a monthly membership, allow fans to pay per video and also upload videos on the store. This might be the path BoobsRealm will take. The video store is independent and allows more promotion.

What is the difference between followers and subscribers?

Unlike OF, you can follow an account for free and get updates an even content released by creators that are intended to be seen by followers. Followers do not have to paid anything, but have still access to the profile. Subscribers are the ones that have paid the monthly membership and have 100% access to all content.

What are shoutouts?

Shoutouts are customized videos. Like Cameo but with nudity. When you subscribe to a model you can request a custom video aka Shoutout. In the specific case of BoobsRealm, I will announce shoutouts before shoots, so followers and subscribers will know that they might get customized content from models I will shoot.

Live Stream

Loyalfans allows live stream. This will allow followers and/or subscribers to watch some video shoots in real-time.

Is the Podcast coming back?

Yes, the BoobsRealm Experience will come back in June/July  and will be available to followers for free. Unlike the previous incarnation, these audios will be shorter. Maximum of 5 minutes and will be released once a week on a specific date.

There are some additional plans for the Podcast long-term, which would include longer episodes having a busty female co-host. This is TBD.

What happens to the BoobsRealm Onlyfans?

As I mentioned it before Onlyfans has made it hard to producers to get their money and content approved due to their chance in terms and conditions in December 2020. They request new documents for shoots producers years ago and withhold payment. While I am confident I will get my money I will have to cut down the videos to 4-5 models in late May so I can get the new documentation ready. As you know Lana Blanc is retired and my friend Katya P. has a new boyfriend so those new forms will not be signed or new photos will be taken.

The BoobsRealm Onlyfans will continue to be up and new videos will still come out in May and June. However, starting today Loyalfans will be promoted as the new home of the BoobsRealm videos. Subscribers to the BoobsRealm Onlyfans will still get videos in May and June. Even in July there is going to be a couple of Live shows with models I will shoot with. However after August the BoobsRealm onlyfans will only serve as page to redirect people to Loyalfans and do occasional cross promotion with other models. The Page might become free as no more content will be sold there.

Final thoughts

The Onlyfans videos will be coming over in May.  So for any new fan who wants to subscribe to watch the videos, join the Boobsrealm Loyalfans.

Right now the only video uploaded is Lana Kendrick manhandling (part 1) This video will be taken down in 7 days as it is cheaper than on OF. If you do not want to subscribe yet, you can start following the BoobsRealm Loyalfans and get alerts when videos are uploaded.

This relationship with Loyalfans is beneficial for fans and for BoobsRealm. More news regarding this new step will be announced soon.

BoobsRealm LoyalFans

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2 years ago

Don’t know why you didn’t go to manyvids as that has an established market presence. I don’t think you will attract as many fans to your new platform.

2 years ago

Nice to diversify platforms, wait to see what CumRocket is about to achieve!!

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