Denise Milani is unquestionably the greatest busty model that made a lot of money by showing nothing. She became an internet sensation, launched a site, teased the entire world, got the money and always hid her nipples so fans would always be waiting for her to get naked. Fans request of one topless picture, nipslip, go hardcore, show pussy, etc flooded the forums. Denise and her husband, who seemed to be managing her, ignored the fan petitions. She never wanted to be associated with porn; however, she was shaking her boobs and posing almost naked for guys who were printing her pictures and wanking over her.

Anyway, here some nipslips and obviously the HERO!!! the guy who managed to grab Denise MIlani tits. Some fans in love of Denise call him disrespectful bastard. For me he is the Hero. The guy who did what everybody would have wanted to do. He represents the male population. His hand will go in history as the Holly Hand.
Denise: “Don’t touch my breasts”
HERO: “Aren’t you a pornstar?”
Denise: “No, I am classy lady”
HERO: “Oh my bad, you look like a 100 bucks tittywanker”
Denise: “You won’t get your pic!”
HERO: “They were fake, anyway”

(The video was taken down, but the ones who saw it remember how great it was that a guy grabbed her tits!!)

There is an interview in a site where Denise answers some questions, but I gotta comment

MM: Why do you think so many men find you attractive?
Denise Milani: I think men find me attractive because of my innate confidence. Confidence is sexy. My confidence stems not from my physical looks necessarily but from my optimism, healthy view on life and kind heart. I am also goal oriented and motivating and I think men detect that I am a woman of substance.

Raven_Azrael translation: I think men like to stare at my boobs. They are huge and that is why I got them bigger. Who wouldn’t love to stick his cock in between?

MM: Every woman has a dating horror story or two. What is the worst date you ever went on?
Denise Milani: Not true. Not all women have bad dating experiences. I actually haven’t had a bad experience. I think this is due to my overall confidence level.

Raven_Azrael translation: When a guy dates a girl with tits as mine they do everything I say until they get to play with the funbags

MM: What is the first website you check out every day – besides your own?
Denise Milani:

 Facebook, just about any site related to fitness and health news and I love websites that provide inspirational quotes.

Raven_Azrael translation: My site. I wanna know how many guys joined and pay my bills.


MM: Have you made plans yet to do a topless shoot? The response would be enormous.
Denise Milani:I have a huge response without being topless. I never intend to do a nude photo shoot. Think it odd? Think back to the days of the Burlesque queens who had men at their feet without ever once being nude in front of them. Like I said, confidence is sexy. Exposed flesh? Not always. I like to leave something to the imagination of men.
Raven_Azrael translation: No. if the idiots pay for watching me clothed, why should I show my tits? If nobody signs up I would suck cock like if it is the end of the world!
A picture we all would have wanted to see for real

And some nip slips

They are naturally big, but huge by enhancement. Somebody said titty-fuck?

Huge aureola. Seems boobs are too big for vest

and videos 

Denise at AdultCon. Fans may have been warned not to grab her tits again

Denise jiggling like only she can

By Boobsrealm

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8 years ago

What do you think is that lucky bastard’s most probable next target?

8 years ago
Reply to  Me

LOL. I think he didn’t even know who she was. That happened at MOdelCon I guess, so he thought she was a pornstar and she would be ok with letting her grab her boobs

8 years ago

What a load of bullshit. Men find you attractive because you have huge tits, period. Innate confidence my ass.

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