I came across the Female Delusion Calculator, which basically is a survey for women to find out what percentage of the total American population is the guy they are looking for. This information is based on information provided by the US Census Bureau and National Center for Health Statistics. Conversly else created the Male Reality Calculator. The idea is to not only crash the hopes of men in finding a good woman pointing out as a result that men and women have to not lower the standards, but get back to Earth and be honest with themselves.

Female Delusion Calculator

Ask any single young girl -and not so young in 2023- and she will tell you she is looking for a guy with the following characteristics: At least 6 feet tall, muscular, makes over 150K a year,  with no kids, has a huge dick, and is ok with her chatting with other men on instagram or other sites.

Many women in 2023 receive attention from hundreds or thousands of different men every day. Back in the day, women may find a hot guy from their college, or a friend of a friend. They would meet people in her social circle or thanks to a friend of a friend. Others would go to a bar, restaurant and club. Nowadays, with social media, a girl -regardless of whether she is an 8 or a 10 or a 6; even 2 or 3- she will get plenty of messages from men and simps who want their attention,  or just to shower them with unearned affection to have a chance, or just want a transnational sexual -real or online- relationship. Women from all over the world and all walks of life have multiplied by Zero most men on her social circle, as now they have access to literally all men from all around the world. This situation has raised their “bar” and list of requirements when it comes to chose  a man. Many girls will leave their Instagram/Onlyfans open or some would even create burner accounts with a different name but similar titties to continue fishing and potentially monkey branch to the next relationship.

Speaking of crazyness… (watch Whatever Podcast and follow them on twitter)

All mentioned above has resulted in a very delusional idea in many modern women. Women think that  most men are over 6 feet tall, most men will want to raise someone else’s kid, most men will pay for flights (Fly Me To You) or expensive events. Once women hit 28-30 they hit the so-called Wall and they realize that they had unrealistic expectations, and they will have real issues finding their ideal men as they get old while the men they rejected when younger start getting more succesful, thus preferring younger women.

The Female Delusion Calculator allows women enter their requirements for a partner and provides an actual and factual percentage of ow many men that check all those boxes exist in the USA.

You, as man, can enter your information and see what is your percenatge.

Check out the Female Delusion Calculator

Male Reality Calculator

A man does not care how much a girl makes. When a girl talks to her female friends about a guy they met, the friends will ask ” What is his job?” implying the job and money-making ability is what comes first to their minds. A male friend will not even ask what is the girls work when his buddy tells him about a girl. He will go “Is she hot?” Men bring strength and monetary support while women bring the ability to be the potential mother of the offspring, which requires certain characteristics in an “utopia world”: Above average beauty, big tits or ass, no kids, low body count or indication she is not getting railed by unknowns on a weekend or when she gets drunk, is caring and have the potential to care about the kids, is not bum gold digger.

The Male Reality Calculator shows that most women are either overweight, are divorced/married, have already at least one kid.

While we see many hot women on social media, these women are also not the norm. Also consider these women are focused on the delusional idea that they can get the top 1% men. As a result Top men and Top women may connect, but the ones who think they deserve better will always overlook the partner that is their equal.

UPDATE: A fan brought up to me this survey from OCupid where they ask womena to rate men and viceverse. This proves the unrealistic views and expectation of women.


As a result, someone has to give in. While simps feed the unrealistic expectations of women, men will be concerned about the increasing number of unfaithful women and the potential risk that social media represents even after a relationship or marriage is starting. When women see men just as a mean to get financial security, and men only see them as  cum dumpster, we enter a long phase of involuntary celibacy for women and for men.

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Test The Male Reality Calculator

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8 months ago

Ok these are all generalisations, some are true though. I now see obese women dating their ideal guys. The funny thing is though the slim attractive girls are actually the ones depressed now. How can Tessa be an alcoholic or how could other equally perfect females talk of cutting themselves? Men aren’t in a bad a state as this, we are the winners in this as we can continue to lie to them to get what we want. Emotional well-being is more important than being the top 0.01% on onlyfans.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jake
8 months ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

The only suicide demographic on the increase is females 18-24. Most start watching porn at 9 years old with damaging consequences. Instagram has taken away their sense of self-worth. Admittedly this is mainly western women though.

8 months ago

Why are you posting incel shit?

8 months ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Red pill, alphas, incel, whatever podcast, fresh and fit, hypergamy… that’s all from that same bucket that many people turn to, but rarely anybody benefits from. Get off the internet, people. The real world isn’t so formulaic as this crap. Enjoy the boobs, ignore these kinds of posts. I clicked and regretted it INSTANTLY

8 months ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

That was deep, BR. And true.

8 months ago
Reply to  Anon

Simp confirmed

8 months ago

‘Sex work is linked to a higher prevalence of mental health issues’

Though this has been proven you actually can’t say this openly in public for fear of being branded a sexist.

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