Jazmen Jafar is on another podcast trying to hoe-explain (counter to mansplain) 304’s rules. Also Rollo Tomasi elaborates more on the Cucks Pandemic and why fewer men are not “turned on” by being in Cuck’s positions.

Rollo Tomassi follows-up on not only Adam22 being the harbinger of cuckery and how being a cuck has being so normalized, but explains why Real Men are not into that. Being a cuck is knowing tht you are not man enough for your wife and that you ackowledge that your wive sees you as a second rate man, if a man at all. yes some cucks partake in threesomes; however, it is not a healthy relationsip it is a fulfillment of fantasy.

I also expand on this. Sharing your wife is not something a man that loves his wife would do. Same as sharing a man that loves her and wnts to have a real relationship based on love andd rspect would do. Same as sharing a man is not something a woman that wants to build a string relationship would do. Saying that this mkaes the relationship stron is just a bandage to patch an either already broken relationship or hold together a relationship that is maybe a good business partnership, a financially-sharing non-verbal ageement or anything, but not real loving relationshyip.

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Now let’s go to MissBoobsRealm 2023 Jazmin Jafar who participated in a recent episode of the Fresh and Fit Podcast. She seems to be nicknamed now the Pornstar Lawyer or the Onlyfans Lawyer. I hope you can listen to both lawyers as her participation is insufferable. Note: The the blonde next to her is cute.

The issue with what many of the girls think and pretend to convince others (men) is that they can be accepted by any men for a real relationship, including the top 10% -or top 1% men-. What girls do not want to understand, is that regardless of what you think about a woman doing porn, nudity or sex on onlyfans (for many topless modeling is not as bad as other stuff) many men with options will prefer a girl who is not nude on the internet. I am not stating my opinion, I am just citing the facts based on what many men who are either porn fans or men who do not watch porn state either online or on surveys.

NOTE: To bring up one of the tpics discussed. Men and women cannot be friend. If a man who is your friend has the chance (both single, etc), he will fuck you. If  a male friend would not fuck you under any circumstance because he is your friend, it means he does not perceive the woman attractive or he is turned off by her in certain ways.

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8 months ago

Idk, but maybe we could define friends. I know women who are mothers/married/both/single but I am not sure why I should define any of them as fuckable or not. I don’t suddenly say I’d fuck Milla (actual friend) if she would cheat and suddenly choose me out of all men.

But honestly I’d fuck my last “date”, and if I do date someone else I’d expect to leave her or she leaves me. Not so much ambiguity with a former date.

8 months ago

I’ve seen this episode. She’s delusional. Great tits. Too bad they’re bigger than her brains.

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