Adam22 is a famous porn tuber who happens to have claimed to fame as his wife/girlfriend Lena The Plug got famous, which propelled his podcast career. In addition, they hold the PlugShow, a podcast where they interview pornstars and aspiring pornstars to have a threesome with them for their onlyfans page. Adam22 made headlines last week as all the internet called him a cuck when his woman Lena fucked her first BBC.

The Back Story

Adam22 stated several times that he would not appreciate if his woman fucks another guy. On the other hand, they have had threesomes. In a recent interview with Andrew Tate, Lena stated that Amdam22 was the one who cheated once, while Adam22 with the tail between his legs said it has not happened again, except when they have threesomes where Lena is involved.

Lena had sex with a BBC and Adam became the cuck of the year according to the internet. They have posed with a lambo, in theory what they bought with the money generated from having his wife railed by another dude on camera. Adam22 always told everyone that he would have issues if he ever saw Lena fucking another dude. He even admitted to Andrew Tate that as of now he does not have, but who knows after.

Is he  a Confident Man?

Let’s put money on the side. Now let’s focus on what modern women and many women in porn say about a potential partner. Many girls say that if you are bothered by your girl getting railed by other dude or your potential partner having a body count larger than the players in a soccer team -bench men included- you are insecure or have “small dick energy”.

Note: Why is is ok for women to “shame” small dicks, which is not under the men’s control, but get offended when someone says he does not like “fat women” or even worse “trans women”?

Adam22 and Lena the Plu with Andrew Tate

Is Adam22 the Patron of All Cucks?

There are more cucks than ever before. Many men who dream or want to see their wives pleasured by another man, usually a big dick man or even more precisely a BBC. So these man, admit that they are not man enough for their woman, so they need someone else, or a whole team to have the “happy wife, happy life”. Has Adam22 “normalized” being a cuck? Has he become the patron of all cucks, meaning that if a “rich man” got their wife’s drilled by a BBC, they, average or sub pair men, should not be ashamed of getting their wives fucked by others?

BoobsRealm’s take and highlight points

I have watched Adam22’s interviews. He seems to be a nice guy. I am not going to go off on him; however, I will state objective points.

  1. While watching him interact with Tate and in a way, explaining himself while not having eye contact with the camera  seems to mean that deep down he knows the marriage may be in trouble in the future.
  2. When Lena gets asked about whether she thinks she will stay forever with Adam, she goes around the bush to finally say she hopes she does. That is not the response of someone who is in love.
  3. Many people will say if Adam fucks other women, Lena should be able to fuck other men. I do think that in a healthy relationship none of the 2 partners should look for recreational sex outside the marriage. Not even a threesome.  Swingers say it is the “lifestyle”; however, do not forget that most swingers use swinging for either just sex or patching certain fears or insecurities. At the end of the day, someone always steps out. Look at Siri and her ex husband. Sometimes they stay together. But is it love?
  4. There is a reason why men ask for body counts or do not want to have their girls – in a relationship or potential relationship material- girls to sleep with other men. Men can compartmentalize sex as just “using a girl as a “cum dumpster” and its is gone. Women, in most cases, need an emotional attachment to have sex. Either that or they can have sex with anyone, meaning that sex with anyone is not even a bad thing, so you may not even be able to trust them.
  5. Adding to 4. Women can get emotionally attach by having sex. This why body counts matter to many men.  Men fight for a girl, they do not want a girl that has had sex with men who happened to be hot that day. Imagine that you invest time and effort and want to share your life with a girl that shares her more intimate self with either a random dude or 20 dudes who were not in a relationship with her.  This makes think that the girl does not value sex as much as could have sex with anyone if given the chance. So in Adam22’s case, the “virus” is most probably in his brain and it may ruin his relationship.
  6. We saw Lena remind Adam 3 times in a span fof 15 minutes about him cheating on her years ago. Now picture Adam picturing Lena creaming her pussy while another man penetrates her in a day she just does not want to have sex with her. Many sau once you go black, you never go back.
  7. Once the b/g with other men is open, it will not be closed. Once we, humans, do something we feared and did not hurt us, we may try it again and again until we have a bad experience or it loses the appeal. Would this mean Lean would want another Lambo and now fuck 2 guys or have a gangbang? Time will tell
  8. Does this mean their relationship is over? No, at least not anytime soon. However, this issue will come back in fights or will come back in arguments when the relationship hits a low.

Let’s talk about this on the Boobsrealm Discord

Questions for you

What is your take on Adam22 letting his wife fuck another dude.

Would you let your wife get railed by a dude because it will make you 1 million dollars?

Even if you do, would your relationship with her be the same?

Do you think that sex has a different impact/meaning for men than for women?

Is body count important when it comes to choosing a girl for girlfriend?

Do you have any personal story you would want to share?

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Lena and BB, plus Adam22 and Lena The Plug


By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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10 months ago

WOW! Boobsrealm – If you ever decide to change careers, You could use this long winded post as a presentation during a job interview when you apply for a position as a writer for a pointless over the top television soap drama or Cosmopolitan Magazine.

10 months ago

So strange the way black men are referred to as ‘a’ BBC. An object not an actual person like Adam22. A BBC should just be a black dildo, not a person. But then this is a racist industry for mainly sexually insecure white American men.

10 months ago
Reply to  Des

Nice that you incorporate boobsrealm into your daily reading along the the daily beast and huffpo, des.

10 months ago

There’s definitely a mainstreaming of cuckoldry, especially with regards to the Black/white dynamic. YouTuber Destiny and his wife would be another prominent example. I think it has to do with the “feminisation” of society: Western societies tend to put the interests and the well-being of females above those of the male population. Voluntary cuckoldry essentially is this societal preference for female interests transplanted onto the cuckold’s sex life. The cuckold has internalised the female priority so much, he is willing to step aside if he has the feeling that he is not a good enough lover, so that his wife… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  Terrence

Exactly. But really I haven’t seen much anybody other than Japanese men banging Japanese women and other than in Japanese porn.

BBC is also a topic there but I think for the feelings of the main audience… Japanese men… That’s rarely done.

Instead they use tanned Japanese girls and in addition white girls. Not even more non Japanese men.

(Asian here) it really is just a western thing. We also talk about BBC like a stereotype or joke but really in Asian porn NTR (cuck) even as a porn topic is rarely interracial.

10 months ago
Reply to  Jon

Isn’t there quite a lot of Blacked JAV as well? I regularly watch JAV as well and always see some Blacked JAV among the most watched videos on the sites. There was a very popular Black actor who recently retired afaik, but I think they will just replace him with others. Also in the realm of amateur and semi-professional/OF/FC2 porn (e.g. Maria Nagai) I regularly see BBC content from Japan. My perspective is that of an outsider, a Westerner, but I see a similar dynamic at work in Japan. Without an emasculation of Japanese males, there would be no BBC… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Exactly, what these movies sell and thrive on is the notion that Black men can do things as lovers that men of other races can’t. That they have bigger dicks and can satisfy women better. Even in tone-neutral movies this is the case because those movies exist in a cultural context of Black men supposedly being more virile and the Black actor usually having a very large penis. This notion is so mainstream nowadays that you do not even have to reference the “Big Black Cock” anymore in the movie itself or make any notion to the race of the… Read more »

10 months ago

She is complaining that he betrayed her, then why is she still around participating in threesomes and BBC?
Answer – Because of the money, she enjoys the limelight and makes him feel guilty.
His interview skills are good; however, he is a cuck.
It is good to have different subjects to comment on—job well done.

10 months ago

Interesting passage but I really don’t get how appealing it is to be a cuck/fuck multiple men. Or I am too monogamous to imagine “polyamory” which isn’t even the case here. My kind of demographic, excuse my wording, probably holds the society in balance otherwise many men called beta or worse simply could not secure one partner. A lot of people _are_ beta but also secure. A lot of single people probably would also have been devoted to just someone, except that they did not or could not find that someone. They also feel pretty secure. Yeah outside tits that’s… Read more »

10 months ago

Dude is a straight up cuck to the extent he actually wants to keep Lena as his. Maybe he doesn’t really gaf about her and saw this as a way to make some money based on his role in the drama. I don’t know. I dont follow these people. But yeah if he’s hoping to continue in a real relationship with the plugg then he is a straight up cuck, dog. He can talk about how he just allowed it for the money, but he knows things will never be the same after letting her get wrecked by a BBC.… Read more »

10 months ago

I think is kind of a non-issue: If there’s money involved in the stunt, it doesn’t matter at all if there was real or faked cuckoldry involved, because they wanted attention for this content and they got what they wanted.

The worst thing for a content creator is being an unknown (or ignored) content creator.

9 months ago

While BoobsRealm is a place to appreciate all things boobs, I think there should be more talk and research on the “lifestyle” and the various couple dynamics that exist in open relationships. I have hooked up and dated many hot wives. Mostly what people refer to as Stag and Vixen couples. Stags are not cucks because it’s not about humiliation. Often Stags are also participating. If she is one on one with a guest male, a stag is usually in the room and would enjoy having sex with his wife (during or taking turns). A cuck is submissive and May… Read more »

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