Philosophers, scientists, and psychologists indicate people’s craving for other human beings. The best book on relationships or dating is one that not only gives practical pieces of advice but also helps to understand yourself. Regardless of your being married or having a relationship without commitment, in love, or devastated after breaking up – you will find the right book in this selection.

With the help of the next books, you will be able to find common ground with your date-to-be literally since your first meet. After having read them, you will be looking for the right company to discuss and to ‘test’ your knowledge. Therefore, for would be a pleasure to help you.

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Now it is high time to get acquainted with the top books compromising the dating and relationship aspects.

‘Five languages of love’ by Gary Chapman

Chapman is a relationship counselor. Married for more than 30 years, which is crucial for the reader’s trust in him. Gary explains in a comprehensible way what the problem is with the manifestation of feelings and how to manage to understand the loved ones. The author identifies five main languages of love – the language of words, touch, the language of gifts, the language of help, and the language of the time. Eventually, it seems that the audience believes Chapman; otherwise, the book would hardly have become the bestseller.

‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ by John Gray

The irrefutable success of this book in compromised in one simple and the most drastic thesis. The author made does not look for similarities between the sexes, but focuses precisely on the differences. Men and women are creatures from different planets. This obvious observation has allowed John to sell 15 million copies.

As John Gray says, ‘Women quite often can read the minds of other women because they are alike. In the same way, men can precisely penetrate the thoughts of other men. However, when both men and women try to read each other’s thoughts, they are most likely to confront a fail’.

‘Act like a lady, think like a man’ by Steve Harvey

Harvey is a well-known American comedian. He ran his radio show, participated in the popular reality show called ‘Kings of Comedy’. However, it understands a lot like human relations. Having discovered the talent for reasoning, talking about important things not only for laughter, but Harvey also took up writing. In his books, the author claims accurate statements of our everyday life:

  • The men are driven by who they are, what they do, and how much they make
  • We, males, are simple: if we like what we see, we go to that. If we do not want anything from you, we will not come to you
  • You control what you can control – your image, the way you behave, the way you let men talk to and approach you – and use that to get the relationship you want
  • Stop heaping your definition of love on men and recognize that men love differently

It seems to be common, but it is all about the case. Interesting, fascinating, and useful.

‘Come as you are’ by Emily Nagoski

In this book, you will take a closer look at the scientific answers to all questions about the female body and how to conduct your own sexual potential. No matter what stage of your sexual journey, you are – whether you are completely satisfied and want it to get better, or if you are struggling and looking for answers. After having read this book, you will be able to improve your sex life. You will see that from the point of view of sexual relations, you are ‘complete’ and healthy, even if you are still not sure about it.

The main point of this book is that when you manage to understand how your mechanism of sexual reaction works, you will be able to take control of both the external environment and your own brain. It will maximize your sexual potential, even in an imperfect world. Moreover, when you change the environment and the brain, consequently it will influence the sexual part of your life.

These selected books will give you the opportunity to master the skills regarding any type of relationship. And to practice them, you can visit the HookupGeek review in order to experience unforgettable intercourses.


By Boobsrealm

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4 years ago

Finally some real content for once. People keep complaining that this site is nothing but paid advertisements these days, but this article should shut them up for a while. This is what we’ve been asking for, and we hope that there will be plenty more to come. Keep up the great work.

4 years ago

‘Act like a lady, think like a man’ by Steve Harvey

Ah, the guy who cheated on all his wives, blames the wives for it, says it’s okay for men to cheat – but not women! – insists it’s impossible for a man and a woman to ever be friends, and campaigns to have all non-christians sentenced to death – he says atheists specifically should be burned alive – for not believing in Jesus.

Wonderful human. Good to see you’re supporting him

4 years ago
Reply to  aaa

Oh and there has never been an attractive asian woman. They’re all ugly and it’s perfectly fine to be racist against them…..says Steve Harvey. Oh, and evolution is a lie….says Steve Harvey

I’m going to stop now. I can’t sit here and list all the stupid shit Steve Harvey says, I’d be here all weekend

4 years ago
Reply to  aaa

I’ll play along. When did he say non-christians should be put to death, atheists burned alive, and all Asian women are ugly? Please address those 3 allegations specifically and try to be exact with your source for each of these.

4 years ago

Rollo Tomassi: Rational male is the best of the best on that topic.

4 years ago

Who is the model in the thumbnail from nfbusty?

4 years ago

It’s busty Angela White

Boobs rule!
4 years ago

The Mystery Method: the only book you will ever need for picking up hot women.

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