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What does a perfect wife look like? Slim, blond, with big tits and long legs? We all are different and have different needs, as well as a different understanding of what can make us happy. For some of us, appearance is highly important, other seek comfort and easy communication, some might need to be challenged, others just want to relax at home. What about the profession of your future wife? Does it matter at all? Let’s take a closer look at the girls from Hamburg escort service or any other escort service. Can you fall in love with one of them, get married and live a happy life together? It is more common than you think. Like with women of any other profession there are some hidden pitfalls for both the future husband and the wife.

Main Fears and Dangers

She had lots of men before she met you. Okay, if you are looking for a virgin, marrying a prostitute isn’t your scenario. If you’ve found a nice person who understands you and your needs, and she happened to be a prostitute, well, at least there’s some honesty in that. Dating a random girl you can’t know for sure how many men she had before you. It may be two or a hundred and two. You will never know.

She is after your money. Trust can be a major issue in all kinds of relationships. One may say, how you can be sure that she loves you and not your money? And how she can be sure that you are after her and not after freebies? Some girls even invent a no-sex rule for some time. To check if the feeling is real and mutual. Dating clients can destroy their business after all.

Serious psychological trauma in childhood. One may ask himself what the reason for choosing such a questionable profession was. Maybe there were some serious troubles in her family. You will never know until you ask. So just go and ask her. Being an escort is also a profession. Not as respectable as being a teacher, but quite popular.

How to Make it Work?

So, you have decided to go for it and give a relationship a try? Good decision. Here are some general bits of advice that can help you to make it work.
Separate the women you fell in love with from her sex worker alter ego. If you met her as a client, prepare yourself. Most likely she is not as you got used to see her outside of work. She is a normal person who has a private life outside of work. Get to know her better, found out more about her hobbies and personality. Don’t talk about her work if it stresses one of you out.

Except her as she is. Don’t expect her to leave her job immediately after you got together. It is her work and her way of earning money. And what is more important, it is only a work. Show some respect. Even if she decided to keep the job, it is her choice to make.
There’s only one thing we can say for sure. If you’re in love with someone, it means this someone makes you happy, supports you and gives you what you need. She is a call-girl? Even better. A happy marriage is a hard daily work. It doesn’t depend on her profession. All kinds of professions have their issues. But if you marry a girl from escort, you will marry the most honest person and the most experienced sex partner you could ever get. Her job is to please other people and she knows more than one way to do it. Your sex life will never be boring.

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5 years ago

Nicole Fragoso I believe is an escort who advertises her business on Twitter all the time. Very good looking girl.

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