In 2010 I ran a contest to determine the Queen of Boobs’ Realm. The undisputed winner was Busty legend Merilyn Sakova aka Anya. She does not need more introduction as she is one of the most famous softcore busty girls in the history of humanity. I think that everybody that has seen her agrees with me. Literally thousands of fans went to my previous blog to check her and vote for the Queen of Boobs. On a side note, I will run a new contest this year in the following weeks. I can get sponsors to give the winner a prize, but this is still to be determined.

Check the rumours section to find out more of the whereabouts of Merilyn.
Before you read the interview, let me tell you some personal stories about Merilyn.
Merilyn’s pictures from  and Scoreland’s
I had the pleasure to meet Anya online when she was doing Peekshows (a cam show site) I spent much money having private camshows from Merilyn. It was really amazing to have Merilyn for me saying and doing all I commanded her to say and do. Once I did print a picture of her and showed it to her after I cummed all over it. Her face of happiness was priceless. She felt she accomplished her mission to give me pleasure and I was more than happy to have a one on one with one of my top 5 girls of all times.
Some time after that, she visited my former blog and commented on it from time to time. She liked the fact that I featured her there and post good things. When she launched her own site she contacted me and asked me to be her webmaster. Unfortunately for me, I am not that good at it, so I told her I would not be able to comply with that task. Then we had some messenger chat and she told me she would like to get more money from modeling, but hardcore was not in her plans. She felt terrified by the idea of getting fucked in front of a camera. I gave her the example of Denise Milani, who made good money from posing even without showing her nipples. The conversation had many topics, which I may not disclose publicly, but I must tell you she was a nice girl and really kind.
Natural slim body on the beach for her own site
Merilyn seemed to be not satisfied with my example, but I told her that I would support her decision even though I was waiting hpefully for her hardcore debut. Ipromised that I would help her in anything she wanted. She sent me some brand new pics from her site and then I posted the interview for my blog; however, I post the original answers which contained some grammar mistakes (as english is not her first language, neither do mine) She felt I made her look like a fool, so I apologized. She went on a hiatus and we lost contact long time ago.
By some friends and fans I found out she had nose surgery and lost some weight. Seems she is enjoying life without modeling.
Some time ago some fans contacted me saying she was older than what Score and other sites pretended her to be and that she had some hardcore scenes that went to DVD in Europe that were named “Busty Anna does hardcore”; however, I contact some producers and they confirm she was a young busty girl and that she never did hardcore.
Merilyn tittyfucking a guy (with a dildo attached) for
So ladies and gentlemen, the interview from Busty Merilyn aka Anya: Merilyn when and why did you start modeling?
Merilyn My career started at peekshows in 2004. There I met a guy from Overdeveloped amateurs and then met people from other companies.  You know you have huge boobs and most of the guys love Big tits. What is the funniest or/and disgusting thing a fan has ever told you about your boobs?
Merilyn  Nothing disgusting, everything is ok to me. I understad few of girls have big boobs and being busty is a gift of God, so I want to share this gift wit everybody who likes my boobs. I dont know if you have been asked this. Why sometimes you are Merilyn and others Anya. Did you choose your stage names?
Merilyn My real name is Anna. i don’t know why scoregroup prefered to call me Merilyn. I like Merilyn or Anya and you can call me whatever you like.
Look at the size of her boobs. The dream of every booblover When did your boobs started growing? Is it a family condition or you are the only girl gifted in the family?
Merilyn They started to grow when I was 13-14. My parent knew i was going to have big boobs (becouse all women in my family have great breasts ) My mom mad eme wear mini-bra and it made me be a shy girl. There was no girl in my class that was wearing a bra and I was the  first one. Then I was wearing a top under my blouse for covering the bra. You know, when I was a baby I wanted look like Barbie, and now I have a skiny body like her with big boobs. What is the best advantage and disadvantage of having big boobs ( despite it is bad for not getting big bras)
Merilyn Before it was hard to buy bras , now in Ukraine we have a lot of cute big bras, sometimes for women with big backs, but my mama fixes them for me =). One friend sends me a lot of bras and bikiny for m birthday.
anyagif2 Do you have another favorite big boobs model who you would like to have a video or photoshoot?
Merilyn I like a lot Ewa Sonet, Ines Cudna Tanya Song of course a very sweet girl, Jana Defi, who is my friend.  Do you have any anecdote from any shooting? Like you were uncomfortable or you were sick or the photographer had an erection, i dont know, you tell me
Merilyn Heh every time happens something different. For example, Scoregroup has very crazy people (in good sense). We laugh every time. There was one shoot that I was sick, I guess it was with DDF. I came to Hungary andgot sick, during all week my temperature was 40 C (normal is 36.6C). Denis took care a lot of me, nursed me , because we did so great stuff IMHO
Note:The luckiest guy on the UNIVERSE!!! (besides Cel from ) Grabbed her tits
Here a vide done by other site You are currently on webcam at . There are guys cam see you and can show themlseves on their webcams too. Do you have any anecdotes with cam sessions?
Merilyn Once, long time ago, in 2004 year on peekshows I was very bored. The guy had a gym ball for his penis  and start bouncing it to me and I was like thowing it back. At one moment when I wanted to pass the ball to him  I slipped down from bed to floor with all, pillows, toys. The guys who was in the other room laughed a lot for very long time. You have showed us (at the freeones forum) some pictures from Miss Erotic contest, which you won. How did you get to the contest? (By the wasy i can start a Miss Boobs Realm contest, but winner will get the title. maybe money if fans make donations, but i am thinking about it)
Merilyn I don’t remember how I knew about contest But I put there my photos. Of course I didn’t think I would win because I  don’t have a standard body, but I got a lot of sms- votes, so I got to the final. When went to the finals  was shocked that all girls looked so strange on photos, but in realilty they were very cute. I was afraid  so I called my friend Chris with whom I crie with, I told him “you didn’t seen them!!! they are all cuter than me !!!!” He said “stop it, you are the most beautiful woman if it wouldn’t be true, you would not be in the finals”. I didnt had anything else to do, but just stayed strong and got miss Erotica.
Merilyn as a contestant for Miss Erotica, where she won the crown, as in previous Boobs Realm 2010. Look how pretty she is. A Queen, without a doubt. Do people recognize you at the streert and ask for autographs? Does it bother you? or all guys are shy and intimidated?
Merilyn Nobody asks private things. If you would see the faces of guys when they meet me on the street hahaha (I think they forget about autograhps) Once when I was walking with the Score group team on Hrischatik street (center Kiev) one guy came and ask if I can take a few photos with me. I said of course, so I put my body under his armpit  and ALL HIS BODY WAS TREMBLING, the guy couldn’t say a word. We laughted for a long time. You know, guys make crazy faces when they see me on street. I’M NOT AN ALIEN, I’m a normal woman.  Would you like to add anything to all the readers around the world?
Merilyn Just I love you guys. Wet kiss!
As you all see, Merilyn is a kind, humble and easygoing person. I miss her and I would really love to have the pleasure of talking to her or camming with her.

Just so you know, these were the standings of the 2010 Boobs’ Realm contest

1. Merilyn Sakova (QUEEN)
2. Danielle FTV
3. Ewa Sonnet
4. Jana Defi
5. Hitomi Tanaka
6. Gianna Michels
7. Karina Heart
8. Katerina Hartlova
9. Leanne Crow
10. Faith Nelson
11. Winter Pierzina
12. Jenna Doll

If you want more of her, check the following sites:

And now some pictures and more rare videos when a guy gropes her tits. Not the most famous XX-cel vid, but some from her debut days, when she was just 18 years old

Holly boobs, Batman!
So fuckable
Amazing tits, but her pussy looks delicious
Merilyn, wanna ride this?

By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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10 years ago

I know i’m late but i wonder if you know by chance what’s the name of the video from where the .gif you posted was taken from. I’ve seen a couple of different .gif about that video but i’ve no idea what’s its name

10 years ago
Reply to  Gustave

I don’t remember the name, but it is from Overdevelopedamateurs I think

10 years ago

I see,no problem,thanks for answering

sdf we
2 years ago

does she escort?

1 year ago

Can you post a link to her earliest known video?

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