Some time ago I got the pleasure to interview Ember Reigns; this stunning blonde is really a sweetie. I have to apologize for taking so much time to release this interview, but finally it is here, for your pleasure.

Ember Reigns is a 26 years old cutie who resides in Florida. She is happily married and has two lovely dogs. She started as a cam girl and then launched her own site  and

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Thanks for the fan sign!!! I love you too!!!

Ember Reigns BoobsRealm When and why did you decide to enter the porn industry?

Ember Reigns: Well, I entered into the Porn Industry back in 2006.  I can’t remember the exact date, but I can remember my first day for sure!  I was doing some modeling while I was going to school for Pharmacy and decided one day to google “Sexy Jobs”.  I found this site that advertised for webcam stuff and I had NO idea what it was.  So for the next few days, I bought several shows and talked to a lot of models that were already in the industry and thought it sounded like fun!! So I signed up.  My first show as a Foot Fetish guy.  All he wanted me to do was to show my feet on camera.  I actually got really excited because it was hot to know that a man was jerking off on the other end while I was fulfilling his sexual fantasy.  From that point on, I was HOOKED!!  J Would you consider that you have change, perhaps evolve, as a pornstar during these years?Ember Reigns: As for my evolution, I would have to say that I have for sure changed over the years.  When I first started, I honestly hadn’t ever heard of any of the naughty things since I grew up in Iowa.  As I have learned, I have been able to find stuff that turns me on that I never even knew existed!! It is GREAT!!! Not only in my Porn life, but also in my personal sexual life!!! Your bra size is 32 F right? When did you decide to get implants? What was your size before?Ember Reigns: You are correct, my bra size is 32F.  I actually always wanted boob’s since I was a little girl.  When I turned 18, I instantly went out and got these.  I got them even before I was ever in this industry! I guess boobs just turn me on like they do most my fans.

Ember Reigns6 What do you do when you are not performing? How is a normal day in your life?

Ember Reigns: A normal day in the life of Ember Reigns???  Well, I would have to say that I enjoy doing the typical ‘girl’ things.  I like to shop.  I also enjoy my newest joy of shooting!!  It is a GREAT way for me to just release! You have a lot of contact with fans through social media. What is the most annoying thing fans do and what has been the best message or gift or anything you have received?

Ember Reigns: WOW!! This one is sort of a crazy question!! I actually used to get SO irritated with the same questions that everyone asked me that I made a YouTube video of it!  Now, I would say that the most annoying thing that I get now via my social networks are the messages that just say, “Hey.”  HEY WHAT?! Lol At LEAST send me a pic of your cock if that is all you are going to say!  As for the best thing I have received, that is easily hands down what this customer did for Christmas 2012.  As most of you know, I am a big believer in the Toy’s for Tot’s campaign and every year, I always promote it on every cam show I do and on all my social networks.  In 2012, I had a fan get a show from me and all he did was turn on his cam and tell me how I inspired him to donate to the Toy’s for Tot’s.  So as I sat there, and while he told me how great it was that I wasn’t promoting my wish list for the holiday, he wrote a sizable check to the Toy’s for Tot’s campaign and then delivered it to them. Is there any porn girl or guy you would look forward to be in a scene with?

Ember Reigns: He he he he.  I have to say that doing the scenes and stuff I did with Vicky Vette REALLY turned me on.  I like boobs just like anyone else and she has WONDERFUL tits!!  As for who I would be SUPER pumped to do a scene with, I would say Mike Rowe!!!  I know he isn’t in Porn, but I have a SUPER dirty job for him to do, ME!!!  If you see this Mike, I just want to say…..”Hey”  lol If you could choose a celebrity for a scene who would he/she be?

Ember Reigns: Like I was saying in the last question…..MIKE ROWE!!!! You have a very sexy voice and while getting on it you have sexy moans, but have you ever been in the situation that you and your partner actually liked it so much that you continue the action after the director said CUT?

Ember Reigns: I can’t really think of a time in particular that anything like that has happened, but I can tell you that I watch porn DAILY…..and I cum a LOT thinking about some things I have done and want to do. Most people do not have idea of how hard is to shoot a porn scene. Do you have any anecdote you would like to share?

Ember Reigns: There are always funny things happening on scene that seem to happen to me.  In fact, I have a blooper video of just about everything funny that has happened to me.  One in particular I can think of was when I was sucking this cock and I got so into it, that when I swallowed all his cum, I looked up at him and said….”Oops, guess we have to do that all over again”

That is amazing!!

Ember Reigns10 Do you have any fantasy you would like to fulfill on film? What would you never do?

Ember Reigns: My fantasy on film is pretty much the same secret fantasy I have in real life.  I want to be the main meal at a dinner table of several guys.  I want to be fucked, sucked and get cum all over me.  I think about it ALL the time when I am doing shows.  It turns me on a LOT.  As for things I won’t do, I would have to say that I enjoy living out fantasies and roll play, but I won’t ever play the incest stuff.  That just isn’t cool. Nowadays porn parodies are getting very popular. If you could play a character from a TV show or movie in a porn parody who would you be?

Ember Reigns: This is an easy one for me.  I would love to do a parody for Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs.  I want to be the dirty job for Mike ALL day long!! When you meet guys and girls, how do they react when you tell them you are a pornstar?

Ember Reigns: When I meet new guys and girls, I don’t really come out and just tell people what I do.  By the time that I feel comfortable enough to be open about it, everyone is really cool about it.  As for girlfriends, just about everyone I have told about what I do, has gotten into it after I tell them what I do J What is your take on the LA law regarding the use of condoms?

Ember Reigns: Well, personally I don’t like condoms.  I love nothing more than to feel a man cum up inside me and feel his cum inside me.  As for on scene using them, I think that I can see the positives in the Law, but most of us girls won’t work with guys we don’t trust and that don’t have health cert’s.  So I am not sure it is really going to change anything.  I think that it is going to be ‘hard’ to police.  He he he he What advice would you give to the new girls that have just entered the industry or are just wondering how would it be to be a pornstar?

Ember Reigns: I get a lot of messages from girls on my twitter and in my email asking me this question and I answer it pretty much the same way every single time.  I tell them that the number one thing they need to do is only do this if it excites them.  If it is just for money, don’t do it.  While there is good money in this industry, if you don’t like what you are doing, it isn’t going to be worth it.  I enjoy every minute of the things I do and when I am not enjoying it, I don’t do it. What are your plans short-term and long-term in the industry and out of the porn realm?

Ember Reigns: Short term AND long term, I am running a solo model program.  I don’t see myself getting out of this industry because it excites me too much.  I want to always be in it, both in front of the camera and behind it.  Solo model sites are a big enjoyment for me because I get to be creative with the models and also I get to see them naked! 😉 Which one do you prefer? Spit, swallow or facial?

Ember Reigns: Hmmmm…. Well, I enjoy the excitement it gives the guy to get it all over my face!!! I am not a real fan of swallowing because I would prefer to have the man see what he has done!

Ember Reigns5 Do you have a boyfriend? What does a guy need to do to get your body, mind and heart? What is your ideal guy like?

Ember Reigns: I don’t have a boyfriend….I have actually been married to the same guy since I was 18.  As for what a guy needs to know to get my body, mind and heart, I am pretty easy.  Just treat me like your princess outside of the room and then treat me like a whore in the bedroom.  My idea of the ideal guy is someone who is older, mature, and knows how to treat me like a princess.  Oh, and who isn’t afraid to be really naughty in the bedroom!!! J Is there anything you would like to add to the fans?

Ember Reigns: I guess the only thing I would like to tell my fans is that there are a LOT of fakers of me out there.  My ONLY social networks and ways to get in touch with me are ALL on my site.  Make sure that you are really talking to me before you get scammed.

Thank you so much Ember!!! You are truly an amazing girl. I apologize for the delay of posting this. It was an honor to interview you for my blog. Here some more photos of this beautilful lady. Remember to join her at

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