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It was September 2010 and Candygirlscash the company who introduced to the world Dors Feline and Emily Brady brought us the younger “sister” of the latter.  This girl was Savannah Boardley, a Hertfordshire native, who was contacted by the aforementioned company to play Emily’s sister role. A sexy blonde girl, who despite being 5 ft 2 in she took over your computer screens and became an internet sensation. The renamed Tegan Brady was stealing hearts and fantasies. Her main asset was her 32GG chest and was complemented by her charming  and unreal young looks. Tegan was shooting many videos and having photo shoots for the website. She was doing topless, but always hiding her nipples. Fans dreamt and fantasy about the day when she showed it all. However, in less than a year, Tegan retired. Fans around the world were demanding explanations and were holding their breath for her return. Nobody ever heard anything about Tegan. Some internet detectives found about her real name, Savannah, but nobody knew what happened until today.

I had the honor of being able to interview Savannah. Below you will read about her and the real Tegan Brady story from her own lips (actually fingers, as the interview was online). What happened? Will we see her again?… So, let’s go….

Savannah aka Tegan Brady wearing a freeones top


Boobsreal.com: How did you decide to work for candygirlscash as Tegan Brady?  Was it true that you posed the day you turned 18? I remember that Candygirls.com posted on its Facebook a pictures of you and Robyn Alexandra before launching your site.
Savannah: I was told that I would be glamour modelling in the style of nuts and zoo with a fansite. Clearly this wasn’t the case. It is true that my first photo set was on my 18th birthday yes. I did shoot with Robyn Alexandra when I was 17.
Boobsreal.com:In the “storyline” you were Emily Brady”s younger sister. Actually that was not true, right? Did you know the girl who portrayed Emily? What was the point of being sisters if you never posed together? Or something was planned and did not work out?
SavannahNo, ‘Emily’ is not my sister, there was never a plan for us to shoot together and I never met her. I dont know what the point of it was, maybe more fans? I dont know.
Boobsreal.com: Many fans will remember the “Brady sisters” as girls who went topless but never showed the nipples. Was it you call to not show them? Or it was the company who decided it?
SavannahFrom the beginning Id always said that implied topless was my limit. Bearing in mind I was 17, I was totally not ready for anything further.
Innocent looking Savnnah posing for the Tegan Brady site
Boobsreal.com: In the last photo shoots posted on the site there were a couple of nipslips. Were they planned or actually you were not aware that those pictures were going to see the light?
Savannah: The nipslips were not planned, and I was told that they would not be released and all nipslips got deleted. Of course they were released shortly after I quit.
The infamous set
Boobsreal.com: Why you stopped modelling for them? what did you do after that?  You were in Australia right? I know you have a modelmayhem profile. How is it doing?
Savannah: I stopped modelling for them because I realised that it just wasn’t my style, I love modelling but the way that they put it across and the angles they’d shoot from just weren’t right for me. I never wanted a pornsite. I was very naive and a little manipulated I guess. I did one cam session ever and hated it.
After I quit I did go to Australia to travel for 2 years. Ive recently got back and will be resuming modelling but not in the same style as the Tegan Brady website. My Modelmayem is doing fine and I am currently in the process of arranging new shoots.
Savannah – courtesy of  modelmayhem
Boobsreal.com: Have you be tempted to return to topless modelling? Did you get offers in the past? Would you consider returning and maybe this time fully topless?
Savannah: I will never return as Tegan Brady.  I am now considering doing topless, but I guess we’ll all have to wait and see about that because even Im not sure yet.
Boobsreal.com: Do you meet fans when you go shopping or at a nightclub? How do you react at it? How do they behave?
Savannah: No I dont see fans around where I live, so I wouldnt know how theybehave or how id react.
Boobsreal.com: How does it feel to be the fantasy of many guys out there around the world? Because I have had blogs for years and I am part of some forums and many guys LOVE YOU! (me included =) )
Savannah: In all honesty I wasnt aware that I was. Im just a normal girl!
You say you are normal, but for us, you fans you are surreal
Boobsreal.com: Do you have a boyfriend? What does a guy need to have to get your heart and mind?
Savannah: No I dont have a boyfriend, and I have no idea what I go for, though I am a fan of blue eyes.
Boobsreal.com: What are your plans (professional and personal) short and long term?
Savannah: My plans are unknown, I have no idea where Ill be next month OR next year. Ill go where the wind takes me
Boobsreal.com: Is there a message you would like to send to all your fans reading the interview?
Savannah: I am aware that you will all be reading this because of the Tegan Brady website. Sorry to disappoint you but I will never be returning to that website and haven’t shot anything for it since the end of 2010. I now only model under my real name and do not do camshows or anything linked to the Website.
Thank you for your time Savannah. I hope the fans enjoy this quick interview. Getting to know some things directly from the model is always refreshing. I really hope to see you soon and I wish you luck in your future endeavours.

I leave you guys with some pictures of the British sensation who captivated our imagination.



By Boobsrealm

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10 years ago

Great job, thanx!

10 years ago
Reply to  Tetas Enormes

Thanks for the support. Hopefully more interview coming in the next weeks…

10 years ago

Very nice interview! Would love to see her topless again

10 years ago

I thought the point of them being sisters was that they looked alike.

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