The name Viola Bailey or just Viola must be ringing in everybody’s head, as this angelic figure has become the dream of every man (and perhaps some women) who are following the adult business. Unless you have been living in a cave, you have seen this pretty lady. I had the honor of interviewing and I want to share with you her answers to everybody’s questions and more.

Viola Bailey was born 21 years ago in Riga, the capital of Latvia. This heavenly figure has been featured in the top european adult websites such as,,  under different names: Viola, Violetta Banks, Annabelle, Vanea H and more. No matter what name she uses, the beauty is the same. She goes by @wilolka on twitter, which is her nickname from her childhood.

As I said, Viola gave me an exclusive interview where she talks about it all!! Yes, everything… If you think she is pretty in the outside, just check her answers: you won’t believe that the perfect woman exists and is Viola Bailey. What she likes and dislikes about her body, who actually encouraged her to become a model, whether she would go boy/girl, anal sex and more.. With no more introduction, please read what this 5 feet 9in more than perfect girl has to say.

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Viola_Bailey_candid How did you decide to become an adult modeling?

Viola Bailey: Since my childhood, my dream was to be a Model or an Actress. I’m too short to be a fashion model, but I thought I could still be Photo Model, but I was not much interested in that.  Then my mother told me ‘’Why don’t you try shooting for Playboy? There is good money! You have a Great body for that, so Why Not?!’’ All My life I’ve been very shy…and I said to her ‘’I cannot do that’’…however,  later on, my Grandfather suggested me to try is as well…and after this I started to look for work in the erotic photography. You have gone by many names: Viola Paige, Viola Bayley, Annabelle, Violetta. Why so many changes? Which one do you like the best?

Viola Bailey: Yes, my first stage name was just Viola, but then everybody start call me Annabelle, I Don’t know why and how it started though… Then when my photos came out on they ‘ve started to call me Viola Paige, Of course I didn’t like that… I thought to myself that there were too many models called Viola so I have come up with something different. I called myself Viola Bailey . However,  then, 21sextury, called me Violetta Banks. After that I texted the administrator and asked him to change it! But he Said ‘’There is Not Mistake, you are Violetta Banks!’’. Now I want to people know me like Viola Bailey’s!

Beautiful Viola Bailey on met-art

Metart Viola banner  What is your bra size? When did you breasts started growing?

Viola Bailey: My Bra size is 75 DD (34DD in America) they’ve started to grow after I’ve finished doing sports. They grew up very fast, from  14 to 18 they grow up to this size 😉  You are one of the overall prettiest girls I have ever seen, and I know many fans agree. What is your favorite part of your body? Which part is your least favorite? why?

Viola Bailey: Thank You. The best part of my body for me are my legs. They have the best shape, I thank sports for that. I don’t like my Breasts too much, because  when they are asleep the nipples are big :D, but the main part I don’t like is my face…I have many complexes about it.

I think every inch of her body is perfect, don’t you think?

Viola_Bailey_combatboots2Viola_Bailey_combatboots3 Do you watch porn? Who is your favorite pornstar?

Viola Bailey: Yes, I watch porn, I watch porn a lot, but just watch it, I never masturbate to it. My fave pornstar is Sasha Grey, I don’t know why, she is in a dirty porn, but I think in real life she is very sweet. I remember you said in your Woodman casting that you like video games. You must be probably the hottest gamer ever. Which are your favorite games to play? (name some)

Viola Bailey: Yes I love them, every time I travel, I do it only with my notebook to play when I have free time. Of course, I don’t remember the name of all games but some of my favourite are – Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, Grand Theft Auto 2, Vice City, San Andreas, 4/Liberty City Stories. Sims, Sims2, Sims3, South park, Track Mania Sunrise, Fable 3, Need For Speed, Mortal Combat, Tekken, Alice Madness Return, S4 League. Blood Rayne, Counter Strike, Spell Force, ArcheAge, Postal. 😀 When did you lose your virginity? How was it?

Viola Bailey:  I Lost it, but didn’t feel it, because it was my mistake, I was drunk, and I’d rather don’ t remember it at all. You have been in girl/girl action. Do you like girls in your private life?

Viola Bailey:  I don’t like girls in private life. I lost my friend, because she became bisexual, and every time she was trying to touch my boobs. I’ve just stopped talking to her. So, I give my Love to girls only on video.

Viola on g/g on

Viola1  You have a boyfriend, right? How long have you been together? What does a  guy need to do or have to have your heart and mind?

Viola Bailey:  Yes, I have boyfriend, now we are together about 1 year and 2 months. We had relationship about 5 years ago, but we broke up, because he dumped me. But now everything is good. I don’t know what I can tell you about other guys ,maybe something changes, because that is how life is, but I think everything will be as good as it is now and even better.  We saw you in a MikesApartment scene in a b/g/g where you only had contact with Henessy. Everybody saw it as a step closer to boy/girl. Hundreds if not thousands of fans around the world dream about you doing boy/girl? Can you tell us if there is a chance you will do it?

Viola Bailey: To be honest, I think…It’s dirty, because Nobody says ‘’Girl is fucking boy’’ , Only boy can fuck  a girl. They just use girls for pleasure, and girls do it only because they are CRAZY FOR MONEY! I don’t want to be seen as meat by 100+ boys, I don’t find it beautiful. For me it’s humiliating… Sorry to say, but I don’t like dirty man; those who fuck about 100+ girls in this business. I’m original: only one man can do it with me, and I don’t need money for that. To everybody… please know me as G/G Actress or solo, because I’m not crazy about money, I have a perfect relationship, and by the way, not so dirty 😀

Viola Bailey On

Viola Bailey on PIerre Woodman  What is the best part and the worst part of being an adult model?

Viola Bailey:  The best part is that my dream of becoming a model and actress is happening. I play on camera and have photo shoots. I like doing it for the guys. I want them to have pleasure watching me. But the worst part is that all my colleagues, all my study buddies and friends know what I do, so they tell a lot of lies. They were spreading rumors that I sleep with photographers, I do B/G and I do escort. And in a while everyone is going to start believing  those rumors, which are false. What do you do when you are not on set?

Viola Bailey:  I am sitting at home, play computer games 😀 . Now I have my own Twitter page, so I spend my time chatting with people.

Does everybody would have loved to see the shot go a little more further?

viola-bailey-threesome6viola-bailey-threesome-cumshot  If you could have a super power, what would it be? (besides making every man love you, which you already have)

Viola Bailey:  I’d want to copy the appearance of other people: also their voices. I’d copy my enemies, for example, and would make a fool of themselves or would put them in some awkward position, so everyone would think it was real.  Or  I would disguise as someone else: for example, to rob a bank,  or take the identity of  some rich man and announce publicly ‘’I will give all my money  to Viola’’ 😀 So basically an ability to manage humans and take control of all of u 😀 What is your sexual fantasy?

Viola Bailey:  To be honest I’ve already tried everything, so I’m out of fantasies… but maybe I’d love to participate in an orgy party, but only with my boyfriend, just to see it from a side and get excited.  You have wonderful boobs. Do you like titty-fucks?

Viola Bailey:  Sometimes I do it, but I don’t find it very pleasant. I do it only as it is my boyfriend’s fantasy. I give him everything I can.  To turn on the fans even more.. lol…Spit, swallow or facial?

Viola Bailey:  Mhm….I do all kind of things with my boyfriend. Sometimes I want it hard, so he does it hard and fast; fucks my ass and my face, put his dick on my lips, he takes me by the ass and by the pussy, uses toys, put toy in my ass, and fucks my pussy, takes me in all poses, and cum in my mouth… and sometimes just makes a sweet passionate love to me.

Indeed Viola is from heaven

Viola_Maid What are your plans in the industry? and outside the industry?

Viola Bailey:  I want to just keep on growing up. Time will tell me what I need to do next. Is there anything you would like to the fans reading the interview?

Viola Bailey:  Yes thank you for this Interview. I was happy to answer this questions for you. Now u know me a little bit better, like person, not just an actress


Viola Bailey’s Thank you so much Viola. I am sure all the fans have enjoyed the interview as much as I have. I hope they can clean their keyboards now.

Now guys, check out some pictures of this euro angel

Check below some pictures from her threesome for MikesApartment

She has a perfect booty. lucky boyfriend!


Amazing fan art by @dog_bacon


What a naughty angel!

For the full scene go here


Does Viola look at the guy with lust?


viola-bailey-threesome1 viola-bailey-threesome2 viola-bailey-threesome3 viola-bailey-threesome4 viola-bailey-threesome5
viola-bailey-threesome7 viola-bailey-threesome8

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Former Viola Fan
9 years ago

This is devastating news. Fuck you, cunt. I hope this is just a further ploy for even more money. You are all the same. Again, fuck you Viola Bailey’s.

9 years ago

she is getting fucked on camera now!

9 years ago

porn please !!!!!!!!!!!

9 years ago

we wont more about viola bailey i hope is coming out what she shot last month

9 years ago
Reply to  gavino

She is shooting hardcore now

Jon Hundertmark
9 years ago

I think Viola Bailey is wonderful! I know I’m too old for her, but I would give anything to spend time with her.

9 years ago

I am very intrested to know more and more about u’And ver interseted to tsee your hotest body

8 years ago

I love voila belly’s boobs the best.

8 years ago

She is sweet and straight forward would love have a friend like her we don’t find good people like her

8 years ago

She has an empty, not very interesting face. And I think she has no brain.

8 years ago
Reply to  Theodor

I find her pretty and many guys like her. Obviously everybody has different opinions about models. I would not say she has no brain. You can’t tell that by an interview.

10 months ago
Reply to  Theodor

She speaks at least two languages – what you got?

6 years ago

She fucks and sucks Danny D, look on web, she sucked so hot

6 years ago

viola bailey is a whore who drank (((pierre woodman))) jewy piss. she sold her soul and cucked her boyfriend who loved her to be a worthless jew’s whore.

she is dumb as hell and ruined her life and killed her dad who died of broken heart lol

wow she is soulless now ruined forever

5 years ago

Most of you all’s comments are laughable. “Viola Killed Her Dad” needs to be institutionalized. Really, dumb as hell and killed her dad? Sounds more like you, fuckhead. And “Former Viola Fan” needs to pull his head out of his bowels and realize that just because she doesn’t want to fuck him, doesn’t mean she’s worthless. Keep in mind that all females have sexual needs and if they want to fuck, let them fuck. They were made for it. Find your own female, or keep crying like the gelding you show yourself to be.

10 months ago
Reply to  Rask

There are some genuine incels with serious anger issues here. I hope they get some help. Porn isn’t real life. In fact, you’re better served by keeping your fantasy and realities separate. Few people in the world can mentally and emotionally walk the fine line Viola and her BF were on. Just kids being taken advantage of by the system. Don’t judge people for their choices when you don’t know what options they had.

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