The internet busty flavor of the month Jazmen Jafar gets obliterated by OnlySams about she claiming she is a lawyer. Also we have a Tanya Song webcam video, a busty mom getting fucked on MomPOV.

An old video of Tanya Song doing webcam. While she is a famous busty model from the Golden Era, she did most of her work on webcam.

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One busty redhead milf getting fucked.

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Now the main course.  Onlyfans reviewer Onlyfans made a video about Jazmen Jafar (petitencurvy112 on reddit), who went viral after appearing on Whatever Podcast. She was then invited by Fresh and Fit and other channels. The video is very funny. While I do not know if Jazmen is a real lawyer or not, maybe Jazmen Jafar is not her real name and that is why it cannot be verified. Anyway, more than a lawyer she is very annoying.  While Jazmen may think she has achieved her goal of being famous, many have realized she has go-away heat. However, we live in a world of “Kens” who think that thesee “Barbies” can walk over them, because without girls telling them what to do, they have no purpose in life (findom).

This Only Sam guy exposes the agency that buys articles to promtoe their clients. Do girls make money and get exposure? yes. Does it seem to be ethical the way they promote? I think these guys may be working for CNN or Pfizer.

Speaking of Onlysams, he has made a lot of reviews of onlyfans, including several famous busty girls. Shout out  fan of the blogFupa” for suggesting this video.

NOTE: Only Sam goes in depth to expose so weird inconsistencies on how the agency that manages Jazmen gets to promote her. I think Sam may not know some of the tricks that marketing agencies use to promote websites, White SEO, Baclk SEO and how some create fake profiles on social media, add some robots to make it look legit, and then have believable profiles and a PBN where to promote their stuff.

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8 months ago

To know if she’s a lawyer or not, OnlySam would first have to know Jafar’s real name. That could then be searched in the state Bar databases to see if she is or ever was an actual attorney.

I wouldnt be surprised if she actually was an attorney. Truth is, it’s neither as hard of a field to get into as people think, nor does it generally pay as well as people think.

Here for tits, not your weird ass personal views
8 months ago

Does it really matter? Kens and Barbies? Are you ok?

8 months ago

Onlysam has an update to this story. He apparently got in contact with the high profile agency that promotes her and they don’t have proof and can’t verify that she’s a lawyer lol. If this woman wasn’t so vocal and annoying nobody would give a shit about this lawyer story. Shes the one that flaunts her lawyer status and is proud to be a hoe in the law community, except she was never in that community. At the very least she may have been an office assistant or a secretary in a law firm

Max Hastings
8 months ago
Reply to  Fupa

She is a lawyer. Big deal.

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