Big news of the day, Mady Gio gets Facialized.

Time for the main event of the evening. As predicted, Mady Gio is a freight train. It is still inexplicable why she is doing boy/girl as she is reeking 1M euros per year. Si revenue down? or is it my other prediction, which states the sad fate of many girls who happen to open doors they should not open in the SW. The guy convinced her to fuck her on camera and treat her like a toy so he can have that batch of honor, while the rich girl pays for everything because he has got her into the stupid BDSM game that many cowards use to manipulate women with self esteem issues and lack of father figure? We cannot confirm, but based on my 14 years experience, the latter may be the case, but she has not realized it yet. Regardless of anything, we wish Mady the best. And again, this is pure speculation.

Mady went from never show my body on the internet, in 2020, to taking cum on the face in 2023. This is not only weird for her, but for fans. We all wanted to see her naked and then people wnted to seeher in porn. Now that she showed it all and is entering the boy/girl world, fans have turned on her. Let’s point out why fans turned on her or what would be the reason fans still want to see her, but now are “disgusted” by her porn content.

Which one of these do you think are true?

  1. Mady made fans wait too much and now that she does more, they are angry
  2. Fans wanted to see Mady do professional porn and no “too amateur content”
  3. Fans wanted Mady to fuck either or guys who looked pro instead of the tattooed guy who does not show face.
  4. Fans do not like her partner is a BBC
  5. Fans actually want girls to do porn, but turn on them once they do and move on to the new girl
  6. Fans do not like that Mady rejected SW for long and is on her way to become an amateur pornstar
  7.  Fans really support Mady and are excited, and it is only a “fringe minority” that does not like her latest content
  8. Fans think Mady has gone stale.

What do you think is true? Do you think Mady is getting X-Pac heat? or she is liked by more fans now?  Regardless of anything, Mady is cashing in all she can, as fans are still paying to see her even if they know they will complain after.

I received only screenshots. I am told this is a video. Feel Free to join Mady’s onlyfans

Let’s talk about this and many other busty news on the BoobsRealm Discord. Models joining in to chat once we get 300 members. Currenly  and +90.


By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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10 months ago

Discord link don’t work for me

10 months ago

Thank you

10 months ago

I don’t know what to pick from the above
However, your first comment – Time for the main event of the evening…
Is what it really is.
She is under new management, i.e., a new boyfriend, and he is likely a suitcase pimp. He wants to get as much revenue as possible from her by doing new things! Many pretty girls are lazy because they get by on their looks and are also highly insecure, hate rejection, etc. 

10 months ago

I don’t think fans turned on her. If there is any guess, it’s probably that 8. she matures more quickly than what some expect. But as such there’s little that she can do even with hardcore. Merilyn never did hardcore and had the same issue.

10 months ago

Dang $200 to unlock the video

10 months ago

The video was trash. Couldn’t even see anything. All the build-up for second-rate production quality. This is why females are shit content creators. Let a man be a director and give the male audience what they want. Close up video from a moving cameraman.

10 months ago
Reply to  RCS

You actually bought the video? Lol

Last edited 10 months ago by Wilhelm
10 months ago
Reply to  Wilhelm

No. Porn is free if you know where to look. 55 second video. People paying for this crap are morons… 55 seconds for $200! Insanity.

10 months ago
Reply to  RCS

I definitely agree with that. Paying for porn is like paying for air.

And $200 for a shitty facial vid that’s less than one minute long? What the actual fuck…

10 months ago

It’s all about brand perception. She started out as if she was high class and too puritanical to even show a nip despite the fact that she’d been living in Italy for however long where girls go topless at the beach all the time and no one gives a crap. She spent a bunch of time building that intrigue and brand, leading fans to believe their best hope was that she could be like a Tessa or Ewa. In that mold. Well, just like if those two suddenly started taking BBC, there’d be a backlash. It’s inconsistent with the brand… Read more »

9 months ago

For me it is simply the fact that after waiting so long, her content is simply so boring that it hurts. Her naked videos are always from a bad angle and too short. Also, all she does when she is naked is to just remaing static in the same position, no dancing, no boob bouncing, nothing… and this poor excise of a blowjob that’s only one minute long? Really? With this ugly dude? I think fans are like “so, we are waiting all this time for such crappy, short videos? Err no way, bye”.. it’s not a feeling of being… Read more »

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