Marina Visconti fucked by Arab punter, plus news

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Marina Visconti is long gone, but these videos have been online for years. Let’s end the speculation about he video and other stuff about Marina Visconti.

Marina Visconti retired from porn over 4 years ago. She started her porn career on Woodman site and other minor sites in Europe. Then she had her big break. Young Marina was escortng, as many pornstars do, since she started doing porn -some say even before-.

The videos I present you on this post are believed by many fans to have been private videos by an Arab BF of Marina. OK now… come on… how the fuck would Marina have an Arab BF at the age of 19? really?

There are 2 possibilities here. One very close to the other. a) Marina was escorting and the guy said the videos were for his eyes only -used to happen more often than not before smartphones became a thing and everybody had access to upload and watch porn-. b) Marina did a private video, but the video ended up being leaked. Still the same idea. You fuck a pornstar as an independent producer, but the scene is not to made public. So basically escorting but if you have a company, you can put it as an expense LOL.

Unfortunately Marina Visconti, as many other girls in the industry was scammed and then surrendered to the powers of alcohol and drugs. We last saw her performing for the Mexican company SexMex. She was at the Mexican Sexpo event too. In Mexico Marina fucked the porn guys and some guys in private who gave chipotle-tasting cum to drink.

Marina lost weight. You guess why. Then retired from porn.

I was in touch with Marina. Literally her last video ever shot was this short video for BoobsRealm. Marina had a plan. Launch her onlyfans and shoot her own content. Marina was living in Mexico and vacationed in Costa Rica and South America.
She did not log in to twitter as she lost her password and did not want to create a new account. She lost her phone and then lost it again. Then communication stopped. I hope Marina is alive, but I have no idea of her whereabouts.

Last thing she told me was that she stopped drinking and partying as she had enough of that life and was tired to meet fake people.

Now let’s get back to the Arab guy fucking Marina. Poor Marina. I did not post these videos before as I do not like them, but some people broought them to my attetion again, so they are worth sharing as news for the ones who had no idea or for the ones that thought the guy was a BF.

Next week another series of these tyep of videos of another pornstar.
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6 months ago

Shione Cooper twin sister.

6 months ago

In most of these videos she seems quite baked. Especially the Mexican sex Expo one.

6 months ago

what a disgraceful ending… being a protitute in the latrine america.
just put the girl under drug addiction and they won’t belong to themselves

3 months ago

Thanks for the clarification.. I was one who thought it was her boyfriend and mentioned it one of the posts, since she kept saying she loved him, and seemed like a hapless girl in an abusive relationship.. guess it was all good acting.. But it doesn’t change the fact that I still feel disgusted by the video.. Hope she is off drugs now and in a better place mentally n emotionally.. Wishful thinking I know..

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