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Unless you have been living under a rock, you might have seen, read or hear that a Stock Market crash is coming. How does it affect us and our business. Below some interesting points.

Market Crash

With political and social uncertainty people have been speculating about the market crashing soon. Stocks fell in March but have been recovering as the pandemic advanced. However, we are about to see a new crash thanks to Trump and his bandmates challenging the Electoral College later this week. Dollar will plummet, Gold will soar and stocks will lose value.  Stimulous check will devalue the dollar and investments will flow greener pastures.

The impact on Onlyfans girls 

Many girls have been making ok money. Girls ranked between 10% to 2% are making $1k to $4k a month, whereas the ones on 1% or lower are reeking $8 to hundreds of thousands a month.

Robinhood is a very famous trading app that has brought in millenials and youngers to the Stock trading world. Shares suchs as Tesla, Amazon and cannabis-related are calling the attention of the youngers, including some girls, who hop on the trendy trains. What happens when shares go down and they realize they have spent in shoes and booze more than they should?

Bitcoin on the other hand has been soaring. More young investors including millenial amateurs are seeking millions in platforms such as Coinbase and Bitbuy. Is market correction coming? Will these girls realize they should have cashed out earlier?
Amazing Hannah to cheers us up!

Uncle Sam sees you

Tax season is coming. Many girls realized they did not save enough to pay uncle Sam the taxes on their thousands and thousands of revenue. March will be the month when we as fans will see tons of “Crazy discounts” or more dick sucking than expected as the ones who did not save -add US dollar devaluation by then- are not going to be able to flash their titties to Uncle Sam.  Thotz!

Onlyfans Going Public?

Covid-19 becoming almost Covod-20 and Michael Osterholm advocating for more lockdowns will mean that digital business will continue see growth. Onlyfans has recently banned public nudity, lactation and masturbation with cucumbers -so we might not see Tessa reenacting her webcam skit on OF-. Let’s add the adition of Tana Mongeau, Niki Minaj and other celebrities to the platform. Onlyfans made billions of dollars in revenue in 2020. Investors see the potential of the new Porn mogul. OF change in policies sees a more “PG” approach – “That’s good shit, pal” and maybe Onlyfans will follow the steps of Vinni Mac’s WWE and become a more PG -insert sarcasm- to convert the billions in hundreds of billions and save Leo R. from any further FBI investigation.

Say what you will but 2021 is going to be a hell of a ride.

BoobsRealm will continue informing you and the BoobsRealm Onlyfans has 11 months of content already covered for this year in case international trip continues to be limited. Yes, so you will have BoobsRealm Onlyfans for the whole 2021 and for sure 2022.

BoobsRealm Onlyfans



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3 years ago

2020 was the year I began to invest in the stock market and make something useful with my money. I used to be a stupid SIMP spending many hundreds a month on onlyfans. Hopefully never again. I would not spend money on onlyfans not even on its IPO.
I don’t think the market will crash as a whole, only some companies that are overvalued.

3 years ago

I hope Shione will create her own Onlyfans.

3 years ago

That OF BS has screwed porn and lack of girls cuz many preferred shooting themselves lame photos and videos mostly softcore shit.

Bart Simpson
3 years ago
Reply to  Axxel

OnlyFans ruined porn. Good for the girls but bad for the fans.

[…] posted in March 2021 Onlyfans is in the process of going mainstream and look to go public. The first step, blaming Visa for requesting to take down porn content, was […]

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