Surprises! Tough semifinals coming. Details and thoughts plus comments from the Committee.

Let’s start with my analysis:

I was really surprised by the fan voting. I did not expect some girls to get votes so low in some groups. I talk about Magic Mia, Abigaiil Morris, Cassiopia, Lovely Lilith and others. I also noticed that some fans vote for nostalgia. The Group results will be posted at the bottom of this post.


  • Tessa Fowler and Touki got more votes than anyone else in the competition.
  • Annabel Redd got defeated in the fan voting by Lucy Laistnet; however, she was the only girl who got 2 points from each and every member of the Committee, making her the girl with the most votes. On paper she should at least in the final based on fan voting and Committee members; at least from what I forecast.
  • All groups had a clear winner in fan voting after the 3rd day. That is always the trend. The hard to call ones were not Groups I or H, they were groups E and Q. Cheryl Blossom left Luna Amor out by quite some votes, whereas Vanessa Lovell qualified to the semifinal beating Chlozeee by 3 votes. Impressive considering Chlozee was active only for a couple of months.
  • Lolosavo destroyed her group despite having Gabbie Carter and GorillaGrip in it. Some fans do not like that JuicyJade was in the compeitition, but we cannot talk about BEST BOOBS OF 2021 without mentioning this girl who could have been the next Chloe Vrevier should she have not gotten a breast reduction n February.
  • Hitomi Tanaka advanced with easy in the “group of death”. I expected Mati Macarroni or Chuky dream to advance.
  • The latest additions from the Qualifying round Aurora Malak and Brooklyn Figley did great. Better than what others people claimed for would have achieved.
  • Tessa Fowler has became the John Cena of Big Boobs.
  • Most people expect Tessa or Touki to win, but Committee and fan voting -look at semifinals groups below- might prove that nothing is set in stone until the end of the round.
  • Based on the Committee Voting these are the girls that got more points.

Most voted by Committee in the first round

8Annabel Redd
7Tessa Fowler
6Dakota Jade
6Natasha Nice
6Claire Deslunes
6Vixen Virago
6Cheryl Blossom
6Beth Lily

Now the comments from one member of the Committee:

Douglas Dribbles: My last year’s top pick is still in my top 5. However, I’ve started to be much more picky. I’d say this is because that any FATTIE, DRUG ADDICTED, or TATTOOED UP lady could be “a model” thanks to the various platforms that enables them to do so. All of the talk about how much “so and so makes” doesn’t impress me, or enhance their odds of selection. Therefore, I, this year have a whole new top 3. Some groups were REALLY difficult picks and some were tremendously easy. If I can honestly say this year’s selections featured a lot of, let’s say – not qualified contestants. Like much like Darwin’s theory, only the strong shall survive. As we get closer to the finals I will make my case for my TOP 3, including why I didn’t pick what may end up being the voting top 3 candidates. It’s time for proper representation on bOObsrealm and it’s time for new blood on top. 猿も木から落ちる – Saru mo ki kara ochiru

Translation: Even a monkey can fall from a tree. Essentially, nobody is perfect; even a virtuoso can make a mistake.
Fan voting allowed 1 girl to advance to each Group. On this stage the points that the members of the Committee asigned saved 3 girls so we get 17 girls from fan voting and 3 girls from the Commitee voting. aas you saw on the tbale above the girls with most votes from the Comittee that did not advance by the fan voting are: Annabel Redd, Spoookytitties and Natasha Nice.
Hitomi TanakaAnnabel ReddClaire DeslunesAvalon Hope
Lana KendrickBeth LilyDakota Jadespookytitties
Leanne CrowCheryl BlossomLisa BukawskiVanessa Lovell
Natasha NiceLucy LaistnerLolosavoVixen Virago
Tessa FowlerShion UtsunomiyaTouki AKA Uwucaptain666Winter Pierzina


Fan voting and Committee voting will be in place to define who advances to the finals. 2 points for first place and 1 point for second place for fan voting and Committee Voting.

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Below the results of the Fan Voting for each group. I want to read your comments. Interesting results

By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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2 years ago

Hard not to vote for Tessa, she dropped some of her best content ever this year

2 years ago
Reply to  James

However, you’re right, if we go to the facts, Tessa went more intimate and open to new experiences, pushing her imagination forward, farther than how she worked before CovID. I think she’s one of the girls who actually got an advantage oof this situation, however, many of her new works are constantly shared outside, so I don’t know if she’s getting the money she’s expecting.

2 years ago

How wettmelons doesn’t win this entire thing is crazy to me!! She’s perfect in a way Tessa can’t approach.

2 years ago

Feel like some of the groups were a lot harder to advance than others, having said that i still appreciate the hard work that goes into these contests its the luck of the draw.

2 years ago

Which nostalgia votes seemed wrong to you? Only ones I could see would be hitomi, Lana, and leanne.

2 years ago

well my votes for semifinals are clear
annabel redd
… but tessa will advance due to her solid funbase… but this year is touki year, clearly the best big tit in the business that stands above all

2 years ago

The only way Tessa can lose the championship is if the Committee gives it to someone else. The umpires fix the game.

2 years ago

Man, again Tessa Vs Hitomi, now in semis? Hitomi deserves her own crown!! Legal!!
She’s been always there and this time won her hard group (about that, Tessa’s one was almost like a token to pass).

2 years ago

 As a devoted follower my allegiance is shown through my vote every year – there can only be one true queen who has no equal to compete against. ALL Hail Tessa, ALL Hail the Queen!!!.

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