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Thank you to everybody who answered the survey. I will address each question and the answers. I love data and your feedback.

Whose new manhandling would excite you the most?

Tessa got 44% of the votes. This is still a wishful thinking. Demmy Blaze got 27% of the votes, while Sha Rizel 13%. So Tessa is still the most awaited manhandling. However, it is very very unlikely. Demmy and Sha on the other hand should happen again unless covid gets in the way for a third time.

Preferred duration of videos

Out of a universe of 70 people 32% of people chose between 11-13 minutes. Closely second place with 31% was 8-10 minutes. Also 4-7 minutes got a high 27%. Boobsrealm produces videos between 9-12 minutes so I think I am good. This helps me to know what to offer in the future when shooting. Most girls on onlyfans offer videos from 1-5 minutes. That is the new trend, but I was wondering if 10-minute video was still good. I did some interviews of 20 to 30 minutes, which could have been to long.

Big Titty GF says Hi!

What’s your take on Big Boobs producer’s landscape?

Most of you agreed with me. Onlyfans is killing producers.

What videos you like the most? (Boobsrealm style videos)

I am surprised people love oiling and shower videos more than tit bouncing. I honestly do not see oiling as a huge turn-on but I do it for the fans. I also noticed most of you enjoy BTS and candid videos. I will focus more on those. BoobsRealm is about that: no gimmick, the real girl.

What is more important for you on the video?

The 86% of you like the videos because of the girl despite the lighting, concept or anything else.

Would you want pornstars doing porn on BoobsRealm?

This one was interesting. Most of you said you do not want Annabel Redd, Josephine Jackson or Natasha Nice doing porn for BoobsRealm as they already did too much porn in other sites, so it would not be anything new. However 25% were suggesting Annabel Redd and other 25% Josephine Jackson. I was in talks with Josephine before COVID. She is a wonderful person. I would love to work with her just because she is a really nice human; however, it is money I could use in first manhandlinsg or new models. However, I know the name value of Annabel and Josephie; even Natasha so it could be money well spent in order to bring in their loyal fans.

Who would you like see more on Boobsrealm videos?

This one was interesting. Below you can see the answers. Most of you asked for Katy P. (first hardcore) even if most of you have never seen her. Katya is going to be uploaded (solo) this month to Loyalfans. She was on the BoobsRealm Onlyfans last year but she had to be deleted as she is not a model on the platform. Katya is a Polish – French-Canadian, 23, with 32DDD with a huge  ass. She is a masked model. She shot for BoobsRealm in 2019. Since then she got some tattoos so she will not be fully naked. Her masked return wold take place this winter and the whole shoot is a build up to her first hardcore.. BJ, first sex and her first ever -on and off camera- anal sex.

Katya P on Loyalfans


By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boobsrealm_com/ My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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21 days ago

The way you handle women is very odd, no passion or erotic foreplay. There is no sensuality or enjoyment, just a guy handling a woman he has no chemistry with, she is just clock watching and counting the money. My advice pay someone like Cel or get Luna Amor to do it.

21 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

The mask you wear makes you look like some kind of pervert or abuser no matter what you do. I think you should think about hiring a girl. As the Nadine website shows girls are more comfortable working with other girls and it doesn’t threaten their simp fan base.

21 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Pinup files has poor girl/girl that’s why I mentioned Nadine’s site or even Cel. Show your damn face Michael Myers or retire.

20 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

If you have such a great well paying job then why do this venture? And if your job pays so well you could hire better talent to do the man-handling.

20 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

What I would advise is you at least get a translator as your English is terrible. Your last comment makes no sense grammatically.

18 days ago

Before stopping, why not making an all-time favourite voting without any list ?

17 days ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Everyone can vote for his own favorite(s), there is no list to chose like for contest.

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