Have you ever wondered how would it be that your favorite pornstar sends you videos to your phone? Yes, exclusive content from her phone to yours. Snapgirlz.com makes that dream (and more) come true. The website has started this initiative under the #projecthappiness hashtag and expects it to become a world-wide success. If you want to know just visit them at Snapgirlz.com . BoobsRealm.com had the exclusive interview with the site team and below you may read more details about this turning point project in the adult industry.

BoobsRealm.com: What is snapgirlz.com? What will fans get when they subscribe to the site?

SnapGirlz.com: SnapGirlz is the newest and most legit membership ever.  For $13/mo, your favorite adult film star will snapchat you 2x each weekday!  The vids can come at anytime during the day or night, which is part of the fun! They’re like little treats of happiness to get you through your crappy work week.  Each girl has a limited number of paid members she can have (3,000) so it’s also exclusive.  If a SnapGirlz also decides to include other private accounts from Vine or Keek, that will be included in the monthly fee.  Oh, you can switch girls each month if you want, totally free.  Seating is now open:snapgirlz.com/join (Must be 18+)

BoobsRealm.com: How was #projecthappiness was born? and how has it been going thus far?

SnapGirlz.com: The idea of getting 2 exclusive daily vids from your favorite star straight to your phone, would, in theory, put a smile on your face twice more each day.  Seeing these vids typically increases testosterone (estrogen for ladies) levels which have been proven have have awesome effects on people.  Read what Men’s Health said about increasing testosterone: http://on-msn.com/1dRkPHK  If we can get/keep people happier by increasing testosterone, they’ll live longer, be more confident with women and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.  Long live #projecthappiness!

BoobsRealm.com: How many girls are doing videos for the project?

SnapGirlz.com: Currently, SnapGirlz has 22 signed talent.  You can view them at snapgirlz.com/girlz

Busty fan favorite Siri is part of the site now


SnapGirlz.com: More are signing up each week!

Big-tittied Alex Chance is one of the latest snapgirlz


BoobsRealm.com: If a girl is interested in joining the #projecthappiness what should she do?

SnapGirlz.com: Easy, she should apply here: snapgirlz.com/apply

BoobsRealm.com: What are the short-term and long-term goals of the project?

SnapGirlz.com: Short term we’ve conquered.  Long term? Having the brand-awareness of someone like Chive Nation: “Keep Calm & Chive On”.  We love what they do and hope that #ProjectHappiness will be as big as them one day!

BoobsRealm.com: Can you name some girls that are currently wokring with you? Any spoiler for future girls joining the #projecthappiness team?

SnapGirlz.com: Sure!  Jessa Rhodes, Missy Martinez, Jacky Joy, Nikki Delano, Ava Addams, Anikka Albirte (to name a few) and have these girls going live very soon: Cherie Deville, RikkiNyx, Madelyn Monroe & many more 😉 Follow us for announcements, updates, awards, Zsawg and more: @snapgirlz (click to checkthem on twitter. It is a must follow!)

Allison Moore, MIssy Martinez and Tessa Lane will have fun with you!



BoobsRealm.com: If you could choose a model or pornstar that you would love to have as part of the team who would she be?

SnapGirlz.com: Tough question.  Honestly, any talent that loves to engage her fans and has a significant following.  Typically, the higher the following, the more they stand to make with us.

BoobsRealm.com: What do fans can do to help promoting #projecthappiness?

SnapGirlz.com: Talk, tweet, bat signal… whatever!

BoobsRealm.com: Do you have any sister projects or any that is underway?

SnapGirlz.com: Yes. SnapGuyz.  Same thing, except- you guessed it, men instead of women.  We’ll let your imagination go wild on this one 😉

BoobsRealm.com: What would you like to add to the fans?

SnapGirlz.com: Thank you for the outstanding support we’ve gotten thus far!  We’ve heard from members as far out as Vienna, Austria who tweet thank you’s about what we’ve created.  It’s a really cool feeling to see this project come to life all over the world! Lastly, to anyone who hasn’t signed up yet, get on it! Seats are limited 🙂 xoxo

Remember guys. Visit snapgirlz.com and let your favorite pornstar send you her naugthy stuff. Check the site. New girls join the #projecthappiness daily!

Amy Anderson will share her huge knockers… and more… check your phone!



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