The best of the best compete in this final stage of Best of MissBoobsRealm. Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Touki, Hitomi Tanaka and Yulia Nova are the voted top 5.All 5 -and most of the girls in the contest- will go down in history as top tier busty girls and legends.

Yulia Nova represents the pre-BoobsRealm and pre Golden Era. Yulia was the blue print. An era that saw Ewa Sonnet, Faith Nelson, Karina Hart, Tanya Song, Milena Velba and others.

Merilyn Sakova is the best girl of The Golden Era. The first and original Miss BoobsRealm. The Gold Standard, the Bar, the equivalent of a be all end all of big Boobs of the Golden Era.

Touki is the busty girl that at only 18 beat everyone that was active in 2022 and probably is the busty girl fans will remember in the years to come from the Onlyfans era.

Hitomi Tanaka is the busty girl who started pre Golden Era who lasted until the Onlyfans era. Nobody will compare to her in JAV and certainly even in American porn in terms of tits and naughtiness.

Lucie Wilde is the epitome of slim and busty, whose career was just happenstance. Lucie is the main reference for younger fans. Lucie is still the most talked about busty girl online when it comes to GOAT tits.

It is important to highlight that only Merilyn Sakova and Touki have won a Miss BoobsRealm (2010 and 2021, respectively). It does not mean that you have to give the chance to others, but it means that Hitomi and Lucie seemed to have been screwed by cult-like fan-voting ; and when people come down to senses, objectivity takes over.


This is the first and probably only time that these 5 legends will compete against one another in a contest. This is the first time. Yulia has never been in a MissBoobsRealm. Hitomi is the only one who has been in the same contest with Lucie, Touki and Merilyn, only having lost in the finals against Lucie -Antonella Kahllo won- and Merilyn Sakova, ending in 3rd place. In 2021 Tessa eliminated Hitomi. Touki, Lucie Wilde and Merilyn Sakova have never ever competed against each other being in the same contest.


Poll is t the bottom of this post.

NOW IT IS YOUR TIME TO Declare the Best busty girl! The contest is the Best of Miss BoobsRealm and only consdered past Miss BoobsRealm winners and the girls who will be named best of the year by this website. This is not about whether the girl did porn or did not smile or your favorite is not in the contest, this is about voting with objectivity. Think of who is the best busty girl.


Hitomi Tanaka

The JAV legend. Huge tits in a very short girl who happened to always be slim. Hitomi and her giant tits will never be forgotten.

Lucie Wilde

In just over a year Lucie Wilde became a household name. While the sky would have been the limit for her, she still became a legend with what she did.

Merilyn Sakova

Cam Girl, model and amazing busty girl and person. Merilyn Sakova is the for many the face of big boobs. She was in every major boobs site. She was the front woman of big boobs.


Touki has a long career if she takes this path. It only took her 4 months to leave a mark all of us will forever be grateful for.


Yulia Nova

Yulia Nova was presented asĀ  the barely legal teen with huge boobs. While Lindsay Dawn Mackenzie was a popular busty girl, Yulia was the fantasy as her “innocence” and huge boobs were what made her a star.

Best Busty Girls on BoobsRealm Onlyfans



By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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1 year ago

They all fail what has been referred to as the eye test. That is if they were dressed in such a way you could not see their breasts would you notice them above any other girl? The answer is no. Beth, Tessa and Yonia pass that test.

1 year ago

We have the best of the best
My vote regarding tits and beauty overall
1 sakova
2 hitomi
3 touki
4 lucie
5 youlia
But for content overal
1 lucie
2 merylin
3 touki
4 hitomi
5 youlia
And content quality matters a lot

1 year ago

What do you think about MCupErin and why you haven’t mentioned her ever?

1 year ago

So hard to choose from all these Top busty babes.

1 year ago

Again, I gotta give it to my girl Touki. Even though I know she won’t win.

Dollars to doughnuts the winner will be Lucie or Merilyn. I’d bet on Lucie.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hood

So we reached the pinnacle… My fave is Hitomi, but I’m so, so pleased with all of them. I enjoyed many of their works to fall in love in dreams with them, in different and difficult moments. I grow up watching them, that is like they took a part in my life. At this point I can’t go further. They all are winners for me. Touki is the new generation, have to admit, fortunately she’s still young and has huge potential. Thanks Boobsrealm for giving us this opportunity to express our thanks and sympathies to them.

1 year ago

I would vote Tessa over any of this girls. But since she’s not here…Hitomi was incredible at her peak.

Last edited 1 year ago by Required
1 year ago
Reply to  Required

Tessa face very nice great personality. But for tits all these girls hete defeat tessa come on tesse tits cant match merylin s and lucie did dp. Tessa boring softcore

[…] time to talk about Miss BoobsRealm 2o022 and current finalist of Best of Miss BoobsRealm, Touki. I was told she has posted some new topless photos showing her face and also a short video. […]

1 year ago

Criteria for me: 1. best breast 2. skinnyest stomach 3. relationship if those two things 4. HC 5. Face beauty – winner is Lucie! :-), Hitomi/sakova tie, Yulia, touki

Amazing amazing contest group!

1 year ago
Reply to  Scooter

Touki has been over promoted here. If M cup Erin or Pasha Pozdniakova had the same articles here everybody would be voting for them. It’s like you guys only know and discuss the same busty women over and over again. Always the same Lucie crap, who is facially ugly.

1 year ago
Reply to  Shad

Sorry to tell you this but you’re not the authority on who’s hot and who’s not.

If our tastes don’t match yours, deal with it or go somewhere else.

I agree that Lucie’s a butterface, though.

1 year ago
Reply to  Art

Very amuse! I see Lucie as most pretty. I agreement that we has all different opinions that we are proof in this website! Is good study for differents in opinion and eyes of beauty!

1 year ago

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[…] Also GGcupsKatie had enhanced boobs, so it makes sense to stop it now along the others. Unlike Best of MissBoobsrealm , which will need to wait the final 24 hours to find out who is the Best of Miss Boobsrealm […]

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