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Big Boobs related news today. British stunner Cara Ruby retires from modeling. A new Maria Body video released by Pinupfiles and more answers and comments to your AMA questions that arrived after the answers came in.

Let’s start with Cara Ruby. Many guys were wondering what happened to her. Cara left social media and has been focusing on off-modeling ventures. Cara had other priorities and was not modeling full-time. Her last shoot was January last year with BoobsRealm for the BR onlyfans. In that trip Cara was in Las Vegas along with Kym Graham and Beth Morgan. They were working with an American agency which has ties to b-celebrities and pro-wrestling.

While you never know when girls will come back, I heard Cara is doing just fine. She will not have the time to put to an onlyfans, so I guess that if you want to get her final appearances go to the BoobsRealm Onlyfans to watch her interview and her last videos.

Remeber to join the 12-months bundle so you get a 50% discount. Only 0.27 cents per day!

Cara Ruby on BoobsRealm

Pinupfiles bring us a new unreleased video of Maria Body. This is a fun video. No music so we can hear what goes on during the shoot. Most of the fans like these videos and I like them too. Maria Body is a very wonderful girl. Her natural JJ boobs are out of this world. Below you get a 50% OFF

Maria Body Pinupfiles

Now time for some Q&A

What happened to Xenia Woods?

Xenia retired. Fans did not like the idea she was not showing boobs. While it has worked just fine for Tamara Dido or Apollonia Barbi or Milada Moore or Adriana Fenice, Xenia did not like fans getting mad at her and “demanded” her to go topless. She did not go to go through that and she left. So while fans can not agree, there is no reason to insult a girl. Just move on to another girl. No point on being disrespectful. Now these guys ruined it for everybody. I talked to Xenia about doing some implied nude videos. If I could get the first manhandling of Demmy Blaze, Sha Rizel and Lana Kendrick maybe I could have gotten at least a nipple from Xenia. Now we will never know.

Will Tamara Dido and Milada Moore do topless?

Unlikely. Contrary to popular believe there are many guys who pay for non-topless stuff. Hell, there are guys who would pay girls not to do topless or not to do porn or etc. Believe me there are. And as I go through this big boobs world interacting with people from all walks of life I find out there are many guys with a lot of spare cash out there.

I do not know about them, but I do know that some models who never do or will do topless modeling sell content under the radar for prices that would get you laid with a hot escort. Yep, legit story.

Why do you promote Onlyfans girls if you do not get money from those affiliate links?

Tue, but 1) Content on pro sites is getting boring. I do promote big sites, but I do not want to offer you something I would not watch myself. 2) I like to share new busty girls to you. 3) Free advertisement is good for the girls. It also creates a good relationship with some of them. I am flattered that a girl contacted me today for some promotion as she was referred by a fellow amateur girl who told her BoobsRealm is supportive, fair and professional. 4) The more content I post, the best for SEO. 5) Unfortunately I cannot post all girls because they could DMCA the site and then I get in trouble.

Amazing TheGorillaGrip on Onlyfans

Is BoobsRealm your full-time job?

I wish. I have a full-time job, which pays very decently. However, North America has  high cost of living which sucks. I would love to work on the blog, the onlyfans and some upcoming projects I will announce, but I do not make 10K or 20k a month as some of the OF amateurs do. Actually far from it. So I stick to my main job, which has a high degree of responsibility due to my position. So this job, and right now some family issues, take 75%, plus sleeping I only have one hour left if lucky to work on the blog. Honestly, with the costs of shooting content and now that it is even harder to get models and all costs… I hope more people join the onlyfans to keep it growing.

Can I collaborate with you for the shoots? I can give you money and join in.

I really do not see that happening for two main reasons. First, the few people who have really told me this want to give money and go with me to shoot because they think they can fuck the models. I would not take anyone who I do not know personally to a situation where it could be considered harassments or even someone forcing him into someone else. Even if I get a lot of money, safety is first, then it is my reputation. Second, Even with an assistant who behave, it can be tricky for girls who are not experienced. Professional girls know how to deal with crew. Amateur girls, do not. They could feel uncomfortable with more than 1 person. Check out my tweet with Cara Ruby above. How many guys would really control themselves when the model shakes her tits less than 2 feet away from your face? No, too risky.

However, if you still want to collaborate with money… DONATIONS ARE WELCOME.

Collaborate with the BoobsRealm Onlyfans and get over 50 videos for $0.27 a day! Join for a whole year!

BoobsRealm Onlyfans

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3 years ago

Did Vivian Blush retire too? Haven’t seen her in awhile

3 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

To be honest ammount money that she probably got from two You know who is not that much to actually stick with them.

3 years ago

Why does TheGorillaGrip constantly take it up her ass?

Bart Simpson
3 years ago

Many of the girls just want to rake in the cash for doing nothing. Most fans paying to support a girl are going to want a little something for their investment whether it be topless, full nude, or even boy/girl work. If the girl can’t see that (like Xenia) then maybe she should retire.

3 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

Most guys are clueless. With these girls you have to do a bit of research. Many girls have topless photos which you can find via Google (even Xenia) so a lot are not showing their boobs for the first time. Why pay Beth Lily $20 for a semi topless shot when there is a massive archive of her topless work online already.

harry potter
3 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

I would 100% agree beth at start of her only fans was pretty bad she had no idea how to be sexy. Now she knows what fans want and she gives it to them, somoen out there has taught her how to play the game of glamour and shes doing a good job.

3 years ago

I subscribed some girls OF accounts and OF seems to me as fraud. Eventually I paid only for censored photo of an old JAV model and low quality shorter than 1 minute teaser of a silicon girl and both of them sending DMs for selling video with higher than subscription fees. I also even do not know what it could be if I would pay that additional money. There is a supply demand problem in this sector for now imo

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