gabbie carter retires

Busty 2019 pornstar of the year Gabbie Carter announced her retirement from porn this week via Reddit. Also mentioned she is going to have a breast reduction soon.

Gabbie Carter debuted in porn in 2019. She was the cutest, sexiest, bustiest and prettiest porn newcomer in 2019. She was the girl of the year for many. Even in the Miss Boobs Realm 2020 she was a favorite and ended up being the runner-up in the contest, losing to Tessa Fowler.

As many pornstars, Gabbie Carter started on reddit showing her tits. Fans told her she would do well in porn. She decided to try it out and became a star. I had the chance to meet and chat with Gabbie in Vegas earlier this year. She was one of the loveliest and most polite big stars I have ever met.

In the past few weeks we saw Gabbie  changing her hair color and losing some weight. It seems that she got tired of porn. I am guessing the COVID-19 had to do with it as many talent chose not to shoot this year. Gabbie announced her retirement and an upcoming breast reduction. While many fans expressed their disconfort about the BR, at the end of the day Gabbie is the one who decides. However, I hope that she does not regret it – cough* Emily Born *cough.

Gabbie will continue selling nude content on her fancentro page.

You can check all her comments on reddit (

Gabbie started in FTVGirls her professional career. Watch her debut.

Below some random photos of Gabbie’s career

Gabbie Carter in FTVGirls

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10 months ago

Damn Gabbie can retire but do no harm to the breasts. This is BS.

10 months ago

Gabbie’s boobs aren’t even that big to get a reduction?

Burt Macklin
10 months ago
Reply to  CBR

Came here to say exactly that. Her breasts aren’t crazy large or saggy (the main reasons for a BR) so I don’t understand the logic here at all. Unless she just simply wants to change her entire persona and disappear. Damn shame she feels the need to mutilate herself though.

10 months ago

And her unending quest to destroy a once naturally beautiful body continues to move forward. That rack is big, but not huge. No point in a reduction other than to better fit in with the self loathing feminazi crowd. May as well ink up the rest of that body while she’s at it. Can’t fix stupid.

10 months ago

It seems like Gabbie wants a change, i.e., she changed her hair colour, announced her retirement and also breast reduction. She likely won’t come back. Too bad this industry can’t offer a career ladder. 

10 months ago

Maybe she want BS, because they gave her a lot of malice that she didn’t want to accept, but it was hard to refuse. There’s no more darkness in the sex industry. I hope she will be happy in the future.

10 months ago

In some ways I am not surprised. IMO I think she came in too hot and this is at least in part due to burn out. I was really hoping she might go the other way and we might see a long career with her doing some BDSM, fetish and gangbang content. As to the reduction, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised either. So many are falling prey that it really makes sense. Such a tragedy though. Such an incredible body and not only is she leaving after such a brief career but she is making a decision that is… Read more »

Blade Stevens
10 months ago

This is a sad cliche. Beautiful girl starts modelling/showing off her body, quickly gains fans Transitions to porn, fan-base grows Starts marking up her body with multiple tattoos/piercings, fan-base tries to remain supportive Grows tired of the scene, retires, immediately has breast reduction Eventually returns to modelling/porn, most of fan-base no longer interested in her now-disfigured body This has got to be due to psychological issues about their bodies, related to the low self-esteem of having relationships with men who abuse them. It’s like every time someone tells them they are beautiful on the outside, they are compelled to slowly… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  Blade Stevens

All true Blade, except one thing: abusive men. These girls choose the men they are with, they will often ignore non-abusive men in order to be with abusive men. That they reward abusive men with their bodies is on them and no one else, at all. Such is life in the skin trade.

Blade Stevens
10 months ago
Reply to  Ramey

Sure, and likely has to do with psychological issues as well. They are attracted to men who dominate them, and accept the abuse due to their feeling of low self-worth – they think they deserve to be treated terribly. Basic attraction to the extreme “bad boy” or “strict father-figure”. Meantime, they can’t understand how a non-abusive man who is respectful and supportive could possibly care about them because they think they are not worthy of being treated that way. Find the woman with “daddy issues” and they can be easily controlled by an abuser, I guess.

10 months ago

Given some of the military history of her family and that Gabbie considered a career in the armed forces and had other ambitions and goals, it’s fair to say that her brief foray into porn was a bad choice. AVN Interview May 29, 2019: “definitely taking it day by day in adult”. Nearly 9 months after starting her porn career, Gabbies decsion to leave professional porn became evident before Covid-19. Instagram 15/12/2019: “I love nyc, can’t wait to live here in June!!!!”. Hair color, tattoo removal, breast reductuion aside, gabbie appears to be getting back on track with her goals such as… Read more »

10 months ago

Breast reduction is a terrible idea. She is not all that big anyway, why ruin it. If you know her, please convince her not to do it.

10 months ago

What a shame, she probably this she is going to be a worthless loser. This year is not gonna be good for anything.

10 months ago

Oh, no. Another hardcore cutie botching her natural boobs. A sad day, indeed. For her own good, I hope she finds a good life outside porn after her reduction. If that’s not the case, it seems we will see her comeback to the same forgettable bunch as Linsey Dawn, Eva Notty, Siri, and Emily Born.

Ed Robbins
6 months ago

Tell me it is not true. I just talked to her. She said she is still doing porn. I hate to see those lovely breasts get reduced. It is her body though.

5 months ago

11:11 thank you for the discussion!

2 months ago

your beauty will be missed PLEASE DO NOT do something you will regret i have followed your carrier from the start you could have gone very far in porn you will be missed

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