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Many of you want to know how expensive is to shoot big boobs scenes. There are many differences between hardcore and nude. Also from big production o small production. Here some ranges for you to understand. This is part 1 as the topic was too long.

We have to understand also that each deal is unique. While there are standard rates, certainly there are ranges. I will talk not only from my experience but from what porn and erotic sites producers have already disclosed. Below the list of minumum things you have to consider and budget for your shoot. All that considering that you have already at least a camera -not a phone-, lights, lens, batteries, etc.

The Busty Model

I have not shot porn, so I cannot assure some details of the deals, but pornstars charge per scene or bundle of Hardcore scenes. Models can shoot per scene or per day, which include a limited number of scenes. Some new pornstars who do not have agents can charge 700-800 bucks for one scene. However, those are very few. Those are American rates. European rates are lower. That is why many producers go to Europe to shoot. However, pornstars with an agent will not go below $1,000. This scene can take from 4 hours to 8 hours depending on the complexity and size of the production.That is for a hardcore scene. Solo scenes will be less, but not half the price. When we talk about models, how sites like Scoreland and Pinupfiles have worked in the past is hire the model for one day. In that day a certain amount of videos and photos is agreed on. A full-day will not be 3 digits for sure.

BoobsRealm have been operating following the standard rates paid for the big sites. However, the “amateur” style and less production required and more lay-back kind of videos allowed to shoot more videos in less time but respecting the rates. Some other sites only shoot 2 or 3 videos per day, which increases the cost.


Do you need make-up artist for the girls? The time the girl is getting make-up on is also included in the time you pay as a producer. Which means that you have X amount of hours to shoot, but in reality you have less time as there is time to be allocated for make-up. Scoreland and Pinpfiles have their own make-up artist. Porn productions hire a person. For porn scenes, the MUA can leave after an hour; however, if you need several shoots with different make-up you have to pay each hour the person is there. even if just watching or taking a coffee.  A male-up artist can charge you between $50 to $100 depending on the amount of hours and people to make-up.


Yes, I said you already have it. However, it is more than probable that you have to travel. So are you paying extra bags on the plane? Or are you renting out some stuff? DO you know where? It happened to me that as I had no idea of stores where I was going to shoot. I took my light stands, lights, camera and all with me. I used the same camera for videos and photos and only took one lens. In reality you would need more.

Check out busty Ilana- the first amateur I shot in 2017


In my case I was flying to Europe, so I was able to split the cost of my trip from Canada to each country between 5 shoots. So if you are going to a country or city try to make more than one shoot to split the cost. When I shot with Lana Kendrick, I went just for her, so the overall cost was higher. However, it is very common that you fly the model to you. I flew Maria Body to Prague for the shoot. Still you have to pay for her flight. So let’s say that the average fly is going to $600-800.


So the girl arrives to the airport. Either you pick her up in a car, cab or send her a company chauffer. That’s what I did. I was shooting with Katerina that Saturday morning, so I paid a company to bring in Maria to the location. If you are the one traveling, you also have to pay an Uber or cab. So add $80 at least. Because of the drive-in and drive-out.


GirlsDoPorn shoots in a hotel room. Czech companies rent apartments and houses that are available just for porn shoots. Which cost around $300 – $500 per day. Or you can get an airbnb for around $200 per day, as it has to be decent and have different rooms for different shoots. However, you have the risk to be either get rejected when the host sees you have a lot of photography equipment, or get charge a huge extra amount because you are using the space for “business” purposes or get ready to be banned from airbnb.

Food and drinks

You are stuck with a model for at least 5 to 8 hours -Or 12 if you are a big production company- and you know you have to eat and drink something. Some models prefer to not eat between scenes and just drink water. Others prefer a pause of 30 minutes to have lunch. Others prefer a mid-morning break. Is alcohol permitted? Depends on the girl. Model agencies forbid the use of alcohol. Some models also prefer not to take alcohol during the shoot.

At the end of the shoot and depending on if both parties were comfortable with the shoot -and the girl does not have to rush to do some other things- You may have time for lunch. If you fly the model out of her country you are also responsible for her food. It is almost like expat -for business parallel-  for a day.

If you have a crew – to be mentioned in part 2- you will need to buy food for everybody.

This is only part 1. I hope you can get already an idea of what it takes to shoot.

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4 years ago

I think both are extreme by one side, there’s onlyscams and daddytreon where models can make many thousands just by taking lazy selfies from their phones. Some expect fans to give 2000 for nothing (aka xenia morning wood). on the other hand we have big studios paying less than 3 digits to models for a full day? this is pathetic and doesn’t compensate all the exposure of getting naked on the internet. 2 models that succeeded finnancially and at the same time put a lot of effort to please fans are Samanta Lily and Lovely Lilith. As a fan I… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

I don’t think 2 digits is a real propose, but a subtle way to say “no, we don’t want you”.

with all the expenses you listed I don’t think it’s a self-sustainable business at all lol.
it’s more about the experience of meeting your busty idols.

4 years ago

Studios also pay more for anal, more then that for DP, still more then that for gangbang. Also heard Solo pays the least, followed by girl/girl, and then boy/girl pays what Boobsrealm said. Studios used to pay more for a white girl to do BBC or multiple BBCs. Dunno if they do that any more.

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