Hi guys, many of you may have already heard and got boners because of this big tittied girl named Adrianne Black. I interviewed her in November 2011 in the previous incarnation of this blog; however, that was one of the latest updates before moving to blogger. So I decided to post the interview here. Adrianne Black is one of the up and comming stars. She has done softcore, but fans are divided when asking her to cross the boy/girl line or stay “virgin”. Want to know more about her? Read the following interview

She is a hottie from Czech Republic who is sharing her nice body with all of us. That is not all, besides getting naugthy on her own site http://www.adrianneblack.com she has a nice blog which I recommend you to follow http://adrianne-black.com/. So young, at her 21 years, she is a reson to keep our minds rolling and dreamingabout how good she would be getting naughty with us. So far, she has not crossed the boy/girl line, would she? Lets read the interview and find out some things about this girl, whose poularity is growing daily. As of now, 2013, she has been on hiatus, but it is rumored that she may come back. Fingers crossed!

Adrianne Black welcomes you to her site AdrianneBlack.com


She took some time to answer my questions and made possible to share with you this backstage pics.
Raven_Azrael  How did you get into modeling? and why did you decide to do it?
Adrianne Black  Absolutelly accidently, one my old friend is a photographer and invited me for some commercial shooting for one big company… then we started with some topless and other custom jobs… and launched AdrianneBlack.com which is the only place I do work for now!
Raven_Azrael  How do people react when you tell them you are a nude model? are you open about it with everyone?
Adrianne Black  Of course not! Especially girls from similar “background” as me… Czech Republic is still full of haters…  AdrianneBlack.com is still pain in the ass for some girls around me which think they are better than me lol… but not a single one has some cute personal website as I do 🙂

Raven_Azrael  According to some info I got you are a bartender in Czech Republic, how dificult can be for a hot girl like you to deal with some drunk guys… do they stare at you all the time? in front of ther gfs? Lol

Adrianne Black  Yes, they stare at me even sober 🙂 not just drunk…

Here we have Adrianne in the make up process
Raven_Azrael  Your boobs are D cup, right? When did they start growing? how was it when a teenager, do guys dig you at high school?
Adrianne Black  Of course not! Especially girls from similar “background” as me… Czech Republic is still full Maybe you won’t believe it, but they were huge like from my 10years…
Raven_Azrael  It seems to be that one of your favorite models is marvelous blonde Katerina Hartlova (who is one of my all time favorites) who else do you enjoy working with the most and why?
Adrianne Black  Isabela (Rebelde) from ClubDominno.com or Reny from BustyReny.com or Nikita from NikitaValentin.com they are all lovely! ahh nearly forgot Shelby from ShelbyMoon.com
Raven_Azrael  Do you have any anecdotes during a shoot? like being fully naked while it is freezing or falling fdown using heels, idk…
Adrianne Black  You mean like driving topless in Prague while stopping by a police man? ehehe… it was great fun 🙂
Raven_Azrael  How much time do you have modeling? how has it been thus far? how much time do you expect keeping on modeling?
Adrianne Black  2 years now and I hope I will enjoy it at least 10more years 🙂
Adrianne on her knees!! boy/girl is near?

Raven_Azrael  Whould you do boy/girl?

Adrianne Black  Yesss baby,,, but strictly for AdrianneBlack.com
Raven_Azrael  What would be your dream photoshoot or video like?

 Adrianne Black  Location… location… some Brasil beach or so…. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Raven_Azrael  Are you the kind of girl that likes partying that much? or you enjoy being at home watching tv on weekends?

Adrianne Black  At this stage of my life? hell… just partying!!!!!! one big party!

Raven_Azrael  What was your halloween costume?

Adrianne Black  Fireman!! As Iam HOT! lol

Raven_Azrael  How do you describe yourself as a girlfriend?
Adrianne Black  Loyal, sexy, funny, maybe a bit crazy… but never boring!!!!!!!!

 Raven_Azrael  Have you ever being with a girl? a threesome?

Adrianne Black  yes and it is better than I thought… btw check my AdrianneBlack.com…. 🙂

 Raven_Azrael  Spit or swallow? or facial?

Adrianne Black  Swallow but I love facials as well… when the hot semen is all around my face!

Who would not like to cum over that pretty face?
Raven_Azrael  What are your plans for the rest of this year and 2012, inside and outside the biz?

Adrianne Black  I want my website bigger and better, work on promo, design, new things!

Raven_Azrael  Do people recognize you in the street? what has been your reaction?

Adrianne Black  Yes, they are asking for autographs! lol I was shocked…

Do you like a smoking hot girl smoking?
Raven_Azrael  There is a site http://www.clubadrianneblack.com/ that is dedicated to you. Do you have any association with it? or it is a fan who decided to start a fan to worship you. Any message for him?

Adrianne Black  Some loyal fan blog… kisses to him/her!

Raven_Azrael  Is there anything else you would like to add to the fans reading this?
Adrianne Black  Yes! Just to stay tuned for my blog Adrianne-Black.com and my official website AdrianneBlack.com where they can find all my exclusive materials… all at one place!
Can I get behind you?
Well, thank you Adrianne for sharing this with the Boobs’ Realm fans, for your time and your sincere answers. There are not many girls like you in the biz, so you deserve all the good things to you. So to all fans let’s  spread the word of her, send her the positive energies and wish her do amazing.
BTW, if you ever need a male talent, I am available

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