This is an interview from 2012 from my previous blog. Beverly paige is a relatively new girl in the porn business, but her big boobs have been noticed since her debut. She is a natural big bust girl whose statistics say she is from Los Angeles, California and was born in 1990 ( wow I was 11 back then). Wanna know more about Beverly and her nice big boobs? She accepted answering some questions for Boobs Realm and here is the exclusive interview. So all you big titties lovers, I shall present you busty queen Beverly Paige:

(To follow Beverly and interact with this nice busty star, her twitter is @BeverlyPaigexxx ) and check her on
Beverly Paige, a real busty cutie
Raven_Azrael: You started in the biz in 2011. How did you decide to start doing adult films?
Beverly Paige: I knew since I was young. I knew it was taboo but I never cared what other people thought.
Raven_Azrael: How do people react when you tell them you are a pornstar? and friends and family? cause some girls have some trouble with that.
Beverly Paige: A lot of people judge me. I know I’m a great person despite what closed minded people say about me. I am sweet, loving, caring, and a good friend. Everyone has sex. Some girls have one night stands with untested guys 5 times a week. The only difference between me and those girls is that I get paid and I let the world watch. I have nothing to hide, and everything to gain. My entire family knows and we still speak all the time.
Raven_Azrael: You know this, but I am saying the obvious. You are a pretty girl with amazing boobs. What size are they? when did they start growing? was it difficult for you?
Beverly Paige: I’m a 36FF. I had them by 8th grade, even reaching an I cup by sophomore year when I was overweight. It was hard wearing a t-shirt over my bikini. I had a strict family.
Beverly getting ready for action!

Raven_Azrael: What are the best things and the worst about being a busty girl?

Beverly Paige: The worst is having few busty role models outside of porn. They don’t make a lot of clothing for women with my curves. I love Christina Hendrix from madmens style though. It’s hard to look classy when your tits pop out of everything.

Raven_Azrael:  I have just read on your twitter that you will be doing your first anal this month for Scoreland. Can you tell us about it? Why did you decide to do it? Do you practice anal in your private life?
Beverly Paige: I did anal for the first time with my ex boyfriend. I enjoyed it do much that after we broke up I decided to do it on camera. In this industry the more you are open to the more jobs you are offered. Doing anal on camera can only benefit me.
Raven_Azrael: Maybe this is a bad question. Just read also that you seemed to broke up with your bf. Is it difficult to have a relationship with someone outside the biz?
Beverly Paige: I have never had a relationship with someone inside the business. For a long time I tried to lead a double life keeping my job a secret. My popularity grew until I was recognized by my ex boyfriends neighbor. It ruined our relationship. From now in I plan to be honest about my past and my job since I have decided to start shooting again.
Raven_Azrael: Is the porn business what you expected? What advice can you give to new busty girls?
Beverly Paige:My best advice is to save your money ladies! You make a lot at first but it’s not always steady. Porn has busy and slow times. I spent my money foolishly at fist. Stay away from drugs despite the pressure to look thin or perfect. Your fans will love you the way you are! I’m not a BBW and I’m not a stick either. I’m a curvy goddess.
Raven_Azrael: Now going to more naughty stuff… do you have fantasies you would like to fulfill in your scenes? what would you never do?
Beverly Paige: I’m honestly interested in working for I love forced orgasms. I want to do gangbangs as well. I will never do facial abuse or rimming.
Raven_Azrael: As you are a big titty girl you always get titty fucks. Do you enjoy them?
Beverly Paige: There isn’t much physical enjoyment but when my photos come out it always looks so hot.
Yes, It always looks hot
Raven_Azrael: Do you have any anecdote from a scene? A behind the scenes funny thing that happened or a mistake?
Beverly Paige: Coming up with my own Cheesy lines? Almost squirting on the camera mans face as he gets in for a close up? All in a days work! 😀
Raven_Azrael: The must question. Facials or cumming in your mouth (swallowing)?
Beverly Paige: Facials are fine, it’s sitting with it dripping almost in your eye after the pop shot while you wait for the photographer to get good still shots. Cum burns when it gets in your eye! I’d rather swallow honey.
Raven_Azrael: Now that pornstars interact daily with fans thanks to twitter, facebook, etc. I know that most fans are respectful and nice, but do you get many guys sending you naked pics of them or saing something weird? anecdotes? ( maybe a creepy guy asking for interview, lol)
Beverly Paige: The most annoying thing is stuff like, “I WUD FUKK U IN UR ASS BB!”. I honestly don’t even know how to reply to that stuff.
Raven_Azrael: What are your plans short term and long term in the biz?
Beverly Paige: I plan to shoot all through college do that I can continue to reach for my goals of being a graphic designer and printing specialist while living a comfortable lifestyle. I want all my focus to be on school, not on waitressing to make ends meet. I love porn because I can still get my sex fix and pay my bills by working once a week or webcamming from home in my spare time.
Raven_Azrael: What do you do when not shooting a scene? how is a day in your life?
Beverly Paige: I love shopping at thrift stores, watching bands play, shooting pool in dive bars, putting up street art, or exploring and taking pictures.
Raven_Azrael: I have seen you have some work with a friend of mine @Nottyboyxxx (currently with Eva Notty videos in ? Which companies you have work for?
Beverly Paige: I soon to him about booking and look forward to shooting for him. I have worked for score, naughty America, bang bros, reality kings, Rodney Moore, evil angel, lethal hardcore, Ameteur teen kingdom, and sensational video. I hope to one day Shoot for kink, brazzers, hustler, penthouse, vivid, and wicked.
Raven_Azrael: Who are the guys you would like to be in a scene with? and girls?
Beverly Paige: Siri and Levi cash are the shit.
Beverly with Catt Green for Scoreland
Raven_Azrael:  I am gonna give you 7 words and you have to make word association
Porn -a part of who i am
Love – hard to hold onto
Facials – unnessicary
Gang bangs – my fantasy
Scoreland – boobs
Happiness – 😀
Boobs- my nickname
Raven_Azrael:  Is there anything else you would like to add to your fans reading the interview?
Beverly Paige: I really appreciate each and every fan who watches my scenes, supports my career, an took the time to read this interview.
Thank you so much Beverly for your time and the sincere answers. I hope all fans reading this have gotten to know you a little bit.
So all you fans out there,let’s check her videos and support her career as much as she gives us pleasure pleasing fans. See you Beverly, wish you the best!

By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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Fucko Binks
10 years ago

Smart, curvy and that perfect balance between beauty and cuteness. To me, she’s a perfect 10!

Great interview!

10 years ago
Reply to  Fucko Binks

Thanks. She has taken a hiatus, but hopefully she comes back

9 years ago


2 years ago

Followed her here from an EM from a poster on the “Cum Lovers” google group. It had her picture with the trunk of a guy holding his dick toward her, and Beverly holding her amazing tits smiling at the photographer. The caption on the em that contained her photo was “Beverley Paige – perfect landing strip for cum.” This one thought it was a fun picture, such a great mischievous smile, and of course wonderful titties. Not really a dedicated porn fan, it didn’t know her so googled her and this site came up so it hit the link. To… Read more »

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