Charley Green (aka Charlie Green) is a cutie from the U.K. with large natural breasts. She along with Leanne Crow, Rachel Aldana, Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh are the best busty models at the moment. Charley had the kind gesture of answering some questions for BoobsRealm. I have to publicly thank the help of The Invisible Ham, a great solo site with amazing beauties from U.K. So please check the site, too.

Charley is girl who I discovered in Scoreland. She did some solo shoots and I was left with the need of seeing more of her. It is worth noting that Brook Little (whose breast are actually not little) was the model who help her enter this biz. Her debut was in 2009 and since that date her fame has being increasing constantly. Her good looks has helped her position herlself in our minds and fatansies.
She is nice and interacts with fans on twitter. You can follow her @CharleyG90
You can check her on this post about The Invisible Ham.

EDIT: This interview took place in 2012. I am reposting this from the old blog

Have you ever wondered how did she got into the biz? How is a normal day in her life? Will she do hardcore? This interview is a must read.


Getting to know more about Charley



Raven_Azrael:  How and when did you decide to start modeling?
Charley Green: I started when I was 18 through a friend of mine brook little  she was great support and made sure I took all the right paths, its something I always dreamed of doing from a young age. having natural big boobs helped
 Raven_Azrael:  How difficult was to be naked in the set for the first time?
 Charley Green: I was fine with it as the photographer was lovely a became a very good friend, brook little was there for my first topless shoot and she made me feel at ease
Raven_Azrael:  Which sites have you worked for? Is there any site you would like to work for?
 Charley Green: I have worked for too me many too mention but my favorites are score and I would like too work for in the near future.
Raven_Azrael:  This is Boobs’ Realm, so this is a must. What is your bra size? When did your breasts started growing? How did you feel back then?
Charley Green: They are 32H And i was actually a late developer at school, I hated them at first because i didn’t know what too do with them but now they are everything  they have made my career
Raven_Azrael:  You must notice that guys look at your beautiful face and breasts while walking on the street. Do you have any anecdote? a mad girlfriend? an accident caused?
 Charley Green: Never any problems but if anyone is openly rude I will bite back
Raven_Azrael:  I have seen you blonde, hazel and I guess I heard you went brunette once, anytime redhead?. Which is your favorite?
Charley Green: I was auburn which I didn’t like very much, my hair was almost black at one point, but yes I do want to go a very deep but bright red very soon  not sure against my fair skin how it will look though
Raven_Azrael:  Do you have a boyfriend? How should the perfect man be for Charley Green?
Charley Green: I havnt got a boyfriend, I have been single for 3 and a half years now, not many men can put up with or even like my career I guess its their immaturity and lack of knowledge… but I guess thats my fault for dating guys my own age
anyone who looks like Tom hardy it perfect for me
I like the rough and ready look, little bit of facial stubble, someone with confidence, polite, caring. has too be a gentleman a family guy who wants too look after me and treat me with huge respect. I like manly man
How many of us would like to be her boyfriend? #WhereDoesTheLineEnd?
Raven_Azrael:  What are your goals short-term and long-term at modelling?
Charley Green: I’d like to stick it out for another fews years… I do feel like I’m at my peek now and I hope people are happy too see me around for a little while longer
Raven_Azrael:  How is a normal day in your life?
Charley Green: I like too walk my too amazing chihuahuas for an hour each day, I like things clean and organised in my house. I work from home, I like to go to the cinema and go out for meals and socialise with friends but I am a very homely girl. I love a glass off wine, bubble baths and bad TV
Raven_Azrael:  Who are your favorite models?
Charley Green: I have a lot of fav models… too many too list… friends that I have in the industry who I adore are: Kirsty Lousie, Kitty lea, Shay Hendrix, Sapphire Blue, Brook Little, Jeana Brock, Jaye Rose, Leanne Crow, Mellie D, Tess O’iely, Holly gibbons, Tiffany Tate Taylor, Kirsty Yaqub, Tibby.
but I think Gemma Massey is beautiful, along with Tommie Jo, Anna Lavato Cindy Behr and so many more
Charley and Brook Little / Charley and Louisa May
Raven_Azrael:  You worked for Scoreland. They are known for having some nude models go boy/girl for the first time. Would you consider venturing into that side of the adult business? why?
Charley Green: I was tempted when working for Bluebird as they offer A LOT for B/G porn but since leaving the company I realised its something I’m never willing too do for anyone or any money unfortunately
Raven_Azrael:  The UK has brought to the world many busty sensations from Lucy Pinder, MIchelle Marsh, Rachel Aldana, Dors Feline, Leanne Crow and the list goes on. Why are so many busty girls venturing into adult modeling? Is it less taboo? Is the UK a place for big breasts girls? do you think there is a tendency?
Charley Green: Cracking into to glamour industry its harder too get work these days as so many “models” are willing too shoot for nothing or really low rates… adult work is where the money it its what fans want too see and its constant work
I think the UK has good genes and a lot of young girls these days have very good and large breasts  I think the UK is far more understanding about the glamour world and I think that glamour models are more publicized in this country than others maybe and girls think its an easy and glamorous life style too be in
Charley in her  Scoreland  sets
Raven_Azrael:  You have contact with fans in twitter, What is the weirdest thing any has ever told you or sent you?
Charley Green: Most people ask for escorting levels from me… which is somewhat insulting I’m often asked if I will send them signed photos and asked lots of personal questions regarding “what I like” but nothing too extreme
Raven_Azrael:  Have you considered having your own site?
Charley Green: I have my own site
that I gave up on a few years back but have decided to start shooting for it again as i feel I have a bigger and more loyal fan base that hopefully people might be interested in
Raven_Azrael:  Is there anything you would like to add to your fans reading the interview?
Charley Green: Just too say thanks too whoever took the time too read it… I’m so happy to have so much support and kindness along the way… the last few years in this industry have had its ups and downs along most the way and its nice too know that their are genuine fans out there that are grateful and supportive and I really appreciate it
hopefully they are not bored of me yet and will continue too follow me on my journey within the industry. Thanks and lots off love too you all. xxx
Charley licking her nipple -when working for
One more from Charlie

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