This is an interview from 2011 I had with then newcommer Haley Cummings. As of november 2013, she has 2 babies and is planning to return to the adult biz.

If you are a busty girls fan, you must have know who Haley Cummings is. She debuted around 2010 and has rocked the porn industry. Her pretty doll face and her amazing rack are her presentation assets. She has starred scenes for Bangbros  ,Pornfidelity , Brazzers, Reality Kings, 1000 facials and been in movies for Voyeur Media, Evil Angel and more.

She recently gave birth to her first baby girl and is enjoying life as a mom. Wanna know is she is comming back? What is she into right now? Let’s get to know something else about this bombshell and get naughthy with her.
Raven_azrael: I was told that Marilyn Scott is your cousin and she was the one that introduced you to the business. Is that accurate? How were you convinced?
Haley Cummings: I am NOT related to her in anyway.. It was part of the scene since it was my very FIRST scene i shot they thought itd be a good idea.. but I am not related to anyone in the industry!!! : )) I decided to get into porn because I love sex more than anything an thought that it would be the PERFECT job for me an my sex addiction.. it didnt take alot of convincing!!
You gotta check this pretty face
Raven_azrael: You have gotten much attention despite being relatively new. In fact you won the freeones 2011 Newcomer of the year. You have one of the prettiest faces in porn and adding a nice body with an awesome chest has helped, but what do you think is the secret of your success?
Haley Cummings: Honestly I think my boobs are the biggest reason I blew up so fast.. my scens (as far as fucking an energy goes) I think I got alot better after about 2 months in.. I was kinda outa shape when I first got into the business lol
Raven_azrael: What size are your boobs? When did they start growing? How did it was when being a teen and all guys staring at your boobs? What kind of girl were you at school?
Haley Cummings: My boobs are currently bigger because I jus had a baby but I’m not exactly sure how big they are since ive jus been trying to stuff them in my 34F bras I have!! My boobs started growing around middle school but they were alwasy small like A-B cup size untill i hit 8-9th grade then they blew up!! I wasnt really slutty, i mean i dressed very slutty an reaveling in the chest area but i had 1 boyfriend for about 7 years.. an i had like 2 others in the times that we had broken up!!
Raven_azrael:What is people’s reaction when you tell them you are a pornstar? How about the family are they supportive?
Haley Cummings: It depends.. it seemd like the older generation thinks its soo disgusting an disrespectful an people around my age thinks its awesome!! My family doesnt support me at all.. they all hate that i did it an want me to stop!! I acctually lost my dad for about a year an a half because of it.. he jus recently started talking to me again..
Raven_azrael: What do fans tell you when they recognise you on the street? Are they shy? some anecdote?
Haley Cummings: Most of them are very shy.. they will jus ask if my names Haley, say they are a fan, compliment me, then walk away.. lol
Haley in action
Raven_azrael: Have you ever used your boobs to get advantage in any circumstance?
Haley Cummings:Not intentionally, I mean i have gotten alot of free stuff because of them but I’ve never actually purposly flaunted them to get what I want.. Outside of porn that is.. lol
Raven_azrael Maybe I haven’t watched all your scenes, but I have seen you doing BJ, titty fucks, anal, Interracial; however, not swallowing. Even in Big Mouthfulls you spit the cum. Don’t you like them? Planning on doing them??
Haley Cummings I have a very picky selection of guys I swallow.. Normally when the cum gets in my mouth if it tastes good then I swallow but if it tastes really bitter an nasty I spit it cack out!!
Raven_azrael Would you do a bukake?
Haley Cummings I did a Bukake for Jules Jordan Video
Raven_azrael You have this site where you are doing requested videos. How did you came up with the  idea? Is the guy your hubby?,btw if you argue and he doesn’t want ot do it, I am available, lol.
Haley Cummings I actually started doing this site before I got into the professional industry!! I had found the site while browsing when I had jus turned 18.. There are two guys in the videos.. one is my x husband an the newer ones are of my baby daddy!!
Here is a bukake pic from the Jules Jordan scene. Amazing!
Raven_azrael Why did you pick the name Haley Cummings?
Haley Cummings I have always loved the name Haley so I for sure wanted that an I was going thru porn sites to kinda get an idea of what I was getting myself into before I left for Cali an I seen the last name Cummings an thought that would go perfect together plus Cummings just sounds dirty an I liked it!!
Raven_azrael Which has been your favorite scene so far?
Haley Cummings Honestly Id have to any scenes I have shot for Brazzers.. They are my absolute fav company an they are lots of fun to shoot for!! <3
Raven_azrael How different is Haley on camera than how you are in your private life?
Haley Cummings Ummm IDK really I mean Haley is more of a freaky sluty chick an in my personal life, maybe because i have a boyfriend, im more “romantic” in bed.. I like making love to my man an on camera I like to jus fuck the shit out of guys an make em cum.. Also I’m more of a girl next door kinda chick. I dont run around off set like a pornstar.. Im more down to earth an not stuck up or anything like that..
Raven_azrael Do you have a fantasy that you would like to do in a scene?
Haley Cummings My biggest fantasy was a DP an I did that!! <3
Raven_azrael You have recently given birth. It means you are sleeping a few hours and all the stuff that comes with it. How do you describe this new chapter of your life?
Haley Cummings Its the best thing that has ever happened to me!! Yes the sleepless nights are very tireing but i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.. My daughter means everything to me an Im VERY happy I have her!! Being a mommy is a very neat an a wondriful thing to experience.. Its alot of work an energy tho lol!!
Raven_azrael What can we expect from you for this year?
Haley Cummings Im taking some time off just doing home made videos.. I have mommy duties to tend to an dont have time for all the back an forth an traveling i did before i had her.
Raven_azrael How long do you expect being in the business?
Haley Cummings Not really sure lol
Raven_azrael Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?
Haley Cummings Thank you all for being fans, Im sorry I will not be shooting any professional scenes anytime soon but if you email me I will make a video for you an put in on Clips4Sale.. My email is I love you all an hope you all continue to watch my work an stay fans!! XoXoXo.Thank you Haley for your time and the kindness when answering the questions. Hope next time manage to make it a video interview. take care a lot and best wishes in this new chapter of your life. I speak for everyone when I say we all want to see more of you being naugthy.

Here a pic of Cheerleader Haley

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