Julianna Simms debuted on Scoreland.com earlier this year. The busty and mysterious girl from Eastern Europe became an instant fan favorite. Her pretty and cute face along with her perfect figure complemented her big natural breasts. Julianna Simms bust is impressive. A natural 36I on a tall girl -1.74 metres tall/ 5 feet 8 inches- gave BoobsRealm.com an exclusive interview and shared with us her thoughts about modeling and exclusive information about what the future holds for this 26-years-old busty beauty.  It is such a great honor to be the first one interviewing Julianna. For this appreciate Julianna even more. Thank you babe. I love you more than you can imagine!

Julianna sent me this amazing and exclusive photos. Isn’t she lovely?


BoobsRealm.com: When did you start modeling? How did you decide it?
Julianna Simms: My first photo shoot was in November 2014. The manager of the Score found me back in 2012 and for two years I did not dare to work as a model. But for two years I studied many sites devoted to girls with big breasts and realized that I like it and I would like to try.

BoobsRealm.com: What is your bra size? When did your breast start to grow?

Julianna Simms: It’s always a difficult question.) In my country, my size 80I. in the US I think it 36I (if I have correctly translated). My breasts started to grow when I was in 7th grade. I was 13-14 years old. Most interesting is that in the 6th grade. when all the girls wore bras I had zero size and to me all laughed, as I did not have breasts.

BoobsRealm.com: What do you do when you are not modeling?

Julianna Simms: In my daily life I am a professional florist. I do design of weddings and wedding flowers. I’m also working as a teacher at the University of floristry.

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BoobsRealm.com: What are the best things of having big breasts an the ones you do not like?

Julianna Simms: I really like my chest. My chest is a very big plus. Men always pay attention, women are jealous, always catch people’s eye. Men always want to help me with something. Cons course too. It is a big load on his back and hard to play sports, especially running.

BoobsRealm.com: You debuted for Scoreland. How did you feel the first time when you had to undress in front of a crew?

Julianna Simms: oooo. this is a very valid question. The first time was very difficult. I met with a photographer in my room and he immediately said, “take off your clothes, I need to make a couple of shots.” I was shocked. The first time I saw this man and so immediately undress. But it was unusual only the first 5 minutes. I had a great team and excellent professionals. Within half an hour we were joking and laughing together. I really enjoyed working with them.

Julianna debuted for Scoreland.


BoobsRealm.com: Many fans want to know what are the chances of you doing girl/girl or boy/girl. Any percentage? What would make you consider it?

Julianna Simms: I’m just starting my career as a model, so I can not know exactly what to say and what will happen tomorrow. Now I am not yet ready for such scenes. But in the future I promise my fans that I think about this subject.

BoobsRealm.com: I know many sites want to have you posing for them. Is there any spoiler? Is there any you would love to shoot for?

Julianna Simms: In the near future I plan to shoot with the two companies. I will not mention the name, let it be a secret. I think that this summer will be hot. And now, we agree on shooting girlgirl with one company

BoobsRealm.com: Is there any busty model you would like to shoot with?

Julianna Simms: I cannot talk about female beauty adequately as I prefer men. I do not like blondes, brunettes I love. Of all the models I like Maya Milano.

BoobsRealm.com: Let’s turn on the fans… spit, swallow or facial?

Julianna Simms: It all depends on the guy. As he likes what I’ll do. For me, all three of the normal options.


BoobsRealm.com: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Julianna Simms: In my spare time I like to communicate with friends, go to parties, to dance, sing karaoke, watch movies, read books, go on nature with tents, spending time with my family

BoobsRealm.com: What would be your perfect photoshoot like?

Julianna Simms: I would like to make a photoshoot at the mountain ski resort. I like skiing and snowboarding. I think that my breasts would look elegant in flight.

BoobsRealm.com: What are your favorites:

Julianna Simms: book:steve jobs by walter isaacson

movie: I like horror, the favorite is Mirrors

tv show: I like programs about psychics and paranormal phenomena

Food: I really like challenging dishes. I’m a good cook, I love to bake cakes, baked meat. But I cannot live without ice cream.

Sex position: I like to give pleasure to a man. I feel comfortable in any position. But most of all enjoy the back. (doggy style)

BoobsRealm.com: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say:

Julianna Simms: Social media: twitter.com

Sex: pleasure

Porn: Pamela Anderson

Money: work

Happiness:Family and children

BoobsRealm.com: What are your long-term and short-term goals in and outside of the adult industry?

Julianna Simms: In the future, I plan to have three children, I want to open a flower shop, to go live in the United States, to stop smoking may be to increase the breast.

BoobsRealm.com: If you could write a book about your life, what would be its name and why?

Julianna Simms: I would call my book “mother.” Because my mom plays a huge role in my life, I am very grateful to her for everything she has always supported me in everything, she’s my best friend, the best critic, the most loyal fans, an example to follow. She is my favorite person in the world.

BoobsRealm.com: Is there any message you would like to give the fans reading the interview?

Julianna Simms: My dear fans. I really appreciate all of you and I respect your choice. I will try to surprise you, and bring you great pleasure. I hope you learned more about me from the interview and you were interested in my life.I kiss you.

Julianna sent this photos for all her fans all over the world


You know where to find her. Expect more of her soon… Julianna-Simms-Scoreland


By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boobsrealm__com/ My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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9 years ago

Wow, so sweet and open girl. I wish her all the best.

9 years ago

Tnx for the great info RavanAzrael! Juliana is so amazing, she’s my new favorite! Hope she will decide to do boy/girl!

9 years ago

C’mon baby, do a b/g!!! You are a sex goddess!!!

8 years ago

Fantastic woman, wanna see much more from her!!!

8 years ago

so beautiful! she’s my new favorite!

8 years ago

Long, dark hair, beautiful face and those boobs…just to much for me. Hope she’ll work with other sites beside scoreland.

8 years ago

amazing lady, wish to see her doing more stuff.

8 years ago
Reply to  GarryP

She will.. keep an eye!

8 years ago
Reply to  JC

Really? That’s great to hear! May I ask how do you know that?

8 years ago

CJ, will you do another interview with Juliana?

8 years ago
Reply to  Jake

Maybe in the future when she does more shoots or before she does HC if she ever does it

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