Tessa Fowler is one of the most beloved busty girls in the world. If you surf on the internet you will find numerous threads dedicated to her. She has that IT factor that makes girls stars. Tessa first modelling stint was for playboy, but she became an instant hit when she was featured on Cosmid.net under the Tessa Rich name. There she posed topless and even introduced her sister Kelly Rich to the world. Some time later she joined well-known glamour site pinupfiles.com which featured her more prominently. Last week she launched her own site TessaFowler.com  and even has done a cameo in hit show Banshee and participated in horror film “Shock Value” by Douglas Rath.

Tessa is a very smart lady who knows where she is heading. BoobsRealm.com had the honor of getting this interview thanks to a special person who would also be featured on this blog next week..

BoobsRealm.com: When and why did you decide to model?

Tessa Fowler: I was 19 and working at Hooters when I decided I wanted to model. There were a lot of photographers that would come into the restaurant, and they started to ask if I was interested in doing a shoot with them. I kept saying no until one day a photographer from Playboy came in, and I had to say yes! I realized from my Playboy shoot that I really love modeling. I decided that day that this is what I wanted to do.

BoobsRealm.com: When and why did you decide to model?

Tessa Fowler: I was 19 and working at Hooters when I decided I wanted to model. There were a lot of photographers that would come into the restaurant, and they started to ask if I was interested in doing a shoot with them. I kept saying no until one day a photographer from Playboy came in, and I had to say yes! I realized from my Playboy shoot that I really love modeling. I decided that day that this is what I wanted to do.

Tessa during her playboy shoot


BoobsRealm.com: We saw your sister modelling too, but it was a short stint. What happened? Are there more pretty hot girls in the family? more sisters?

Tessa Fowler: My sister still does some modeling, but she lives in Vegas now and has a lot going on. So she doesn’t do it as often as she would probably like. But I’m going to do a few shoots with her for my site! If you’re a fan of hers, then you can definitely find her on tessafowler.com from time to time. We also have another sister, who is stunningly beautiful by the way, but she doesn’t have much interest in modeling.

The Fowler sisters


BoobsRealm.com: What do you do when you are not modelling? How is a normal day in your life?

Tessa Fowler: My life outside of modeling is pretty uneventful. I just moved to a new city, so when I’m not working I am usually out seeing the town and meeting new people. But I’m looking into taking fire breathing classes soon, so that’s something I’m looking forward to.

BoobsRealm.com: You are launching tessafowler.com soon. When will it be up? What can fans find there?

Tessa Fowler: It’s online right now! 🙂 I just launched my site last week, and it’s incredible! On tessafowler.com you can find candid shots, studio shot photos and videos, and I’m also doing free live webcam shows for my members.

BoobsRealm.com:  We have seen you having great times with Leanne Crow. How did the friendship start? What have you both up to?

Tessa Fowler: Leanne and I met last summer when I shot with Pinupfiles for the first time. She was on set that day, and we got along really well. We kept in touch, and when I moved to LA she let me stay with her for a few months. It was great. We have such a good time together!

BoobsRealm.com:  Besides Leanna Crow, what other busty models you would love to pose with?

Tessa Fowler: I would love to pose with the stunning Monica Mendez! She works on all of my shoots and has such an awesome personality. I feel like she and I would have a lot of fun taking pictures together. I’d also like to shoot with Leanna Decker. I think she’s gorgeous. Plus, I can’t resist a redhead 🙂

Leanne Decker and Tessa Fowler together please!! Pinupfiles make it happen!!


BoobsRealm.com: What is your bra size? When did your breast start to grow? How was it back then?

Tessa Fowler: My bra size is a 32GG. I started growing breasts when I was 12, so I had a pretty early start. By the time I got to high school I was almost a DD. At the time I hated them, though. I would get picked on by the girls, and the guys assumed I was easy because my chest was large. Thankfully high school doesn’t last forever, because as soon as I left I’ve heard nothing but nice things about my breasts 🙂


BoobsRealm.com: If you see a guy you like, would you go and talk to him or would you just wait for him to get to you?

Tessa Fowler: It depends how much alcohol is in my system! I am a little shy until I’ve had a few drinks. But after my second drink I am as charming as George Clooney at a women’s college volleyball camp.

BoobsRealm.com: Have you met many fans? How do they react? Any convention so far?

Tessa Fowler: I’ve only met two people that knew me from my modeling photos. One was at a Walgreens in Las Vegas, and the other happened just the other day while I was walking down Hollywood Blvd. Both times I was so excited. Probably more excited than they were.

BoobsRealm.com: Do you have a boyfriend? What does the one need to be or do?

Tessa Fowler: No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I am really focused on making my site work, and trying to branch out to other mainstream stuff. It would be very selfish if I were to commit to a relationship that I couldn’t give 100%. When I get to a comfortable place in my career then I will probably start dating again, but until then I’m just having a good time dating myself 🙂


BoobsRealm.com: Have you ever watched porn? If you do it? How often?

Tessa Fowler: There are two types of people in this world.. those who watch porn, and liars! Haha. So yeah, I watch porn. Hell, I’ve been single for a few years now so porn is basically a date for me 😉

BoobsRealm.com: What is the best pick-up line a guy has ever used?

Tessa Fowler: The best pickup line I’ve ever heard was, “Is that a keg in your back pocket? Because I’d sure love to tap that ass!”. It was great. I ended up talking to that guy for about an hour because he was so funny.

BoobsRealm.com: You are one of pinupfiles.com top girls and probably used to be the symbol of cosmid.net. These guys had this girl, Emily Born, who was a sensation, but quit after her family disowned her. What is your advise for girls who want to go topless; how should they face the issue regarding their family?  How was yours regarding your posing?

Tessa Fowler: It’s hard for me to say what to do in this situation because every family is different. Although I’m sure no parent wants to see their child in that light, you also have to remember that it’s not their choice. At the end of the day if you’re happy with what you’re doing, then no one should be able to keep you from doing it.

I’m sure my family isn’t thrilled about my career choice, but they’ve never let me know that. They have always told me they would support me in whatever I chose to do, and thankfully that still holds true. Whenever I tell my mom about my shoots she always says the same thing, “I’m happy that you’re happy.” I’m a very lucky girl.

BoobsRealm.com: What are your short-term and long-term goals inside modelling and outside?

Tessa Fowler: My short term plans were to work on my site, but now that it’s launched I’m starting to think long term. I know modeling can’t last forever, so I’m going to back to school. I don’t know what I want to study yet, but I’m thinking either graphic design or game development. I’d also love to do special effects makeup, but it’s a really competitive field and I doubt I can get as good as I’d need to be in order to make a career out of it.

Tessa had a role in indie movie Shock Value


BoobsRealm.com: Would you ever pose full nude? Many fans want to see =) that.

Tessa Fowler: I’m not sure. I haven’t decided. The one thing that is keeping me from doing full nude is the thought of meeting a guy that I like. I don’t want him to have seen everything I have to offer before I have the opportunity to show him in person. It’s almost like peeking at your gifts before you open them… it’s fun to see, but it makes unwrapping them a little less exciting.

BoobsRealm.com: Have you ever gotten any proposal for other adult sites? Doing something more edgier is a 100% no-no?

Tessa Fowler: I would love to do stuff that is more edgy as long as it stays within my limits, but that being said, I still haven’t had any offers. But if an offer did come my way I would seriously consider it.

BoobsRealm.com: Is there anything you would like to add for the fans reading the interview?

Tessa Fowler: The only thing that I’d like to add is a thank you. There are so many people out there that support me and make me feel like what I’m doing is worth it. I can’t begin to explain how happy it makes me. I do what I do because of you guys!

Now enjoy some pictures !!! and her super sexy video as Black Cat and the trailer of Shock Value



Tessa_Fowler-boobsgrab Leanne Tessa Fowler

A sexy video of Tessa as Black Cat

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8 years ago

The day Tessa decides to do hardcore porn, I think I’m going to stay at home all day and fap until I pass out or die.

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7 years ago

I also agree, I love her just the way she is.

6 years ago

I love Tessa for Tessa, shes a very gorgeous woman. The guy/girl whoever gets to date her is one very lucky person. Stay beautiful Tessa ???

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How can someone get one of her bras?

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