One day I found a a conversation between my good friend from and a bosomy pretty lady whose twitter name was Britney C. I felt the same way I felt whn I saw for the first time the likes of Winter Pierzina, Merilyn Sakova, Katerina Hartlova, Angie Varona. Then I decided to interview her, while I was working in the new blog. My friend Sergio made a post about her, so here is a link to her to it: The interview is post in spanish, so I will make a sumary as introduction for my interview.

Britney was noticed by famous pornstar Siri, who started to follow her and even acknowledged that it is hard not to follow Britney.  She started posting in twitter some pictures of her and suddenly became famous, reaching 500 followers in just a day. Wanna know more about the girl that has taken the world by surprise. I see nothing but good things coming for her.Who knows, maybe she surprises us modeling.

Say hi to Britney!


Raven_Azrael: Can you tell the fans how old are you and where do you live? How tall are you?

Britney C: I am 19 years old and my family are born and raised in NYC. My height is 5foot4

Raven_Azrael: How did you get so famous

Britney C:  Erm I dunno really, word spread I guess

Raven_Azrael: You are surely a pretty girl, but the fame may have skyrocketed because of your huge breasts. You know the world LOVES big breast. What size are they?

Britney C: They are 36gg at the moment but I think they’re still growing. Been huge since I was about 14??


Raven_Azrael: What is the best aprt and the worst aprt of having big boobs?

Britney C: I guess I like the attention in small doses, and it does make u feel very woman like. But I hate the perverts who think its their right to See them or even touch them.

Raven_Azrael: Do you catch very often friends or your boss glancing at your chest?

Britney C: They just get a stern look or one of my male friends will sort it. I work for a charity and no my boss is lovely, and a lady.

Raven_Azrael: I couldn’t help but notice in your twitter a Mardi Grass picture. You got tons of collars. Were you flashing?

Britney C: It wasn’t proper dgras. It was just me and my mate’s messing about really. 

Raven_Azrael: I was going to ask for a video and attend all the Mardi Grasses.

Britney C: haha

I hope to see Britney at Mardi Grass next year!!!


Raven_Azrael: Have you used your breasts to get something or maybe avoid a speed ticket?

Britney C: Nope never. They get me served at a bar quicker but I don’t do it on purpose

Raven_Azrael: Siri noticed you. It is obvious that many companies are looking at your right now. Have you received offers to model for sites?

Britney C: Yes a few have and no I don’t want to just yet. Love my job and don’t want pics of me like that going around the internet

Raven_Azrael: Would you consider doing adult modeling?

Britney C: Not really. I mean I would rather not. But if I needed money then matbe Would have to be an amazing offer.

She is at the same league as Merilyn Sakova, Winter Pierzina, Angela White.

Do you agree?


Raven_Azrael: Changing of topic. Do you have a boyfriend? What do you look for in a guy?

Britney C: I’m ok for now. I’m single and not looking. I don’t go for anything in particular but I like a man who looks out for me .

Raven_Azrael: You have more than 1k followers. What is the best thing and the worst thing followers tell you on twitter?

Britney C: Asking for odd things like feet pictures and stuff, I guess some are just sweet to me but they might be after other things?

Raven_Azrael: Just to end, I noticed you have tons of tattoos. What do they mean?

Britney C: I guess they don’t mean anything special, I mean I chose the designs from the tattoo parlor. It is awesome tho.

Thank you Britney. I am sure you will do great at everything. You are a nice girl and really sweet. BTW, if you want to follow her check her on twitter @britneyyy_c

Britney says Peace & love


And here more pics of this beauty. Will we see more of her? Time will tell


By Boobsrealm

Big Boobs Lover. twitter: @Boobsrealm_Vip Instagram: My top 10 favorites of all time: Katerina Hartlova, Merilyn Sakova, Lucie Wilde, Jenna Doll, Christy Marks, Tanya Song, Beth Lily, Karina Hart, Wendi White and Faith Nelson

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10 years ago
10 years ago
Reply to  Busty Jessica

Thanks for the link. SHe vanished and there is no certainty that she was really Brittany or even if her name was it. but the busty girl is amazing

ca uk
9 years ago

Wownot seen her before, impressive indeed!!!!!

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