Winter Pierzina has huge boobs

This is my interview with Winter from 2012. I recovered the interview as I, humbly, consider it a gem in the amateur world. IN addition, you will find some brand new pics of the Queen of Busty Amateurs. This interview was made even before she got pregnant for the second time. She currently has 2 lovely kids.

Winter Pierzina is a well known busty girl who you may remember from a youtube video where she used her bra to hide some items. Then she used her bra as a tool box. These videos were posted by many youtube accounts and have millions of views and as of today they are hot searched items in youtube. Despite she says she is not famous I can personally say that after posting the videos in my old blog and in this one I get lots of traffic from google after people search Winter Pierzina (SO THANK YOU WINTER!!!).

Winter is a girl who, in my opinion, proved one more time that people loves big boobs. We may have felt like Pavlov’s dog because each time we read/saw about her many of us started to salivate.


The most famous Winter picture 


Winter, currently 24, resides in California and works as a server at a restaurant. She possesses a sense of humor that makes her try to be funny perpetually, thus trying to get the best out of each situation. She doesn’t like to follow what society dictates. Winter considers her way of thinking as being like a man. However, some people don’t get her jokes and her ideas so they judge her base on their own mentality. That is why she does her own thing.

She has been quite lately. We haven’t had news from her and I speak for all when saying we miss her. However, here are some amazing news! I could contact her to get an exclusive interview. She kindly agreed to answer my questions and I appreciate the fact that she spent some time to do so.

Here we have some information about her that we all wanted to know. She tells us how it all started, about some controversial issues with some fans that created misunderstandings and what we can expect from her in the future. 

Raven_Azrael: You practically became an internet sensation in 2009. You posted the bra- hand purse, then the bra tool box. Did you expect to be so famous? 

Winter Pierzina: I don’t really consider myself “famous” at all. And I had somewhat of an Internet following prior to posting the videos. I feel as though that is the reason the videos gained some recognition.

 Raven_Azrael: Whose idea was that you shoot those videos?

Winter Pierzina: Mine. The idea came to me after attending a party in which I was asked to carry several phones/keys/compacts in my bra. The girls didn’t want to carry purses, and they knew where I put my belongings.

Raven_Azrael: There were some edits, but actually you could carry lots of things in there. I remember Inspector gadget from an old cartoon used to keep practically everything in his hat. You can do it in your bra. You can almost be a comic super heroine. Lol. What other videos would you do? Or what else do you keep? I guess after those vids you could be accused as a shoplifter, lol. 

Winter Pierzina: Haha I’ll be the boobie version of Insector Gadget. The Bra Purse video had no edits, so those things were all in there at the same time. The videos that followed were more of a joke. I mean, I put absolutely everything imaginable in my bra.

  I guess this picture is stuffed, right? 


Raven_Azrael: This is a must question. What is your bra size? When did your chest start to grow? How was it when you were in high school? Do guys check you out or they were intimidated 

Winter Pierzina: My bra size is currently a 34H. I started developing in 6th grade, had DD’s by 8th. A lot of kids teased me actually. I either a.) Stuffed, or b.) was really fat. I wore a lot of big tops to hide my boobs til I grew more comfortable with them in high school. Surprisingly enough, it was the guys that spread the rumors about me stuffing etc.

 Raven_Azrael: After those videos you posted some a bit edgier, showing your chest or even some pictures of you fully naked popped up. Were you trying to experiment with the mases? How much power you could have? It seemed that you did something and all guys were salivating.

Winter Pierzina: As I said, I had some recognition before the videos were posted. When I was in high school, I had a long distance relationship with a guy who was secretly posting everything I sent him on forums. Of course he denied it, but I was getting tons of friend requests and messages from random guys linking me to the leaked photos. So, clearing things up.. the naked photos existed before the YouTube videos.

Raven_Azrael: How do people react when they realize you are the famous girl of the youtube videos?

Winter Pierzina: Surprisingly enough, people who recognize me never want to say anything to me. When everyone at my job found out, no one confronted me. It’s as if they are embarrassed to even talk to me about it.


Winter is looking as hot or hotter than ever



Raven_Azrael: What does any guy usually say to you when walking on the street? Or at work? (because you work having direct contact with clients). Any anecdote? And girls? Do they envy you? Maybe a jealous girlfriend slaps his man after catching him staring at you?

Winter Pierzina: I hear little comments here and there from guys on the streets, but at work I get hit on way more by girls. Girls are way less intimidated by my boobs than guys are.

Raven_Azrael: I want to publicly apologize myself for first believing some rumors and commentating them as they were facts. I never intent to trash talk you or offend you and I am using this to give you an apology. Some time ago there were many rumors about you. Some said you were asking for money through a website and that you needed money because you had to pay a bail to avoid jail after been caught texting while driving What is the truth from these rumors?

Winter Pierzina: I also want to publicly apologize to those who perceived me as a “scam artist.” I did go through a lot of legal troubles, and honestly.. I didn’t disclose every detail to the public. Did I get caught texting and driving? Yes! The reason I crashed my car was because I was texting. I had to pay fines, and a towing bill that was well over $1,800 since I flipped my car down the Altamont (those hills in California with all the windmills). Yeah, it was a rough time for me. I had been going through a lot before that even happened. Personally and legally. In the midst of all of this, I ended up getting pregnant. My intentions were not to “take the money and run,” my priority became my daughter. I should have addressed things immediately, but I just felt like avoiding all stress whatsoever. So once again, I completely apologize to those who felt like I had used them. If things should be addressed, however, address them with me.

 It is ok Winter. How can we be mad at you?


Raven_Azrael: You googled your name and all kind of comments were shown. What do you think about them. What was your reaction? You know you are still very popular and you are a often search in google? 

Winter Pierzina: As many good comments as there are, there are bad ones too. I don’t really pay a lot of mind to the negative things people say about me. All attention is good attention in the end. People take the time to sit on the Internet and talk shit about me, when the rest of the world doesn’t even know who they are. Haters are gonna hate

Raven_Azrael: After some time away you posted a Jingle Boobs video, that was later taken down. Would you consider shooting some more videos for your fans? How would you consider it? An online petition? 

Winter Pierzina: I definitely have thought about posting more videos. I get a lot of requests for them. An online petition could be considered.

(NOTE : I created again a petition here )

Raven_Azrael: Did any adult company contact you after the videos? If so, what were they offered and why did all fall through?

Winter Pierzina: I have gotten a few messages from some large websites that became interested in me. I for one, will not consider ever doing hardcore porn. So they were ignored.

 Please return!!!!!


Raven_Azrael: Many fans know this. You became a mother last year, right? How is this new chapter of your life? We are getting to Mother’s Day so let me wish you A great day in advance.

Winter Pierzina: I appreciate it. I actually never wanted kids or a family, but now that I have my daughter… Everything is different. I love her so much, she is the reason I wake up every morning. I don’t live for myself anymore, I live for her. I just want to raise her to be proud of me. I want to give her something to look up to.

 Raven_Azrael: What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

Winter Pierzina: Working, raising my daughter, and going back to school.

Raven_Azrael: What would you like to tell all your fans around the world? 

Winter Pierzina: I never really thought that I have “fans.” But to those who consider themselves such, thanks for not judging me based off of other people’s opinions of me. I have recently started accepting people on Facebook again, so those of you with good intentions should shoot me a request.


Thank you Winter and hope you do great and achieve all your goals.

So guys here I leave you with some more Winter’s pictures

 Cat couldn’t make it to the top. 


 Without words


The best ad for Paulaner! (you notice there is a can, right?) / Who else would like to be the beer?


She couldn’t send the Boobs Realm sign yet, but here I leave you with some new and others not so new pictures of Winter


Would she return? Fingers crossed and sign the petition… again


By Boobsrealm

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11 years ago

Esta es una entrevista de lectura obligatoria para todos los fans de las busty amateurs. En mi opinión es uno de los posts más importantes de los últimos años en cuanto a tetas grandes amateur se refiere, muchísimas gracias por rescatarlo.


11 years ago
Reply to  Tetas Enormes

Gracias. Esperemos con ansias un regreso de Winter. Aunque por lo visto solo nos provoca
Thank you. We all hope eagerly her return; however, it seems she is just teasing us

10 years ago

Winter come out already!!! Your videos are just too awesome(and sexy, we need new videos :D, well the season Winter is coming up soon, so ya know, you should come out too 🙂

9 years ago

incredible to find miss winters finally. glad she is back to grace us with her beautiful body. her interview shows an intellect too. rare commodity

9 years ago
Reply to  stuart

She is gone again.

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