Round of news for this week. Mady Gio does collaboration for Tania Bann‘s onlyfans. Abigaiil Morris shoots porn scene with Natasha Nice. Kira Liv‘s new set on Nadine’s site. Also update on Miss BoobsRealm GOAT contest and the status of Touki.

This seems to be the year of Abigaiil Morris. She is shooting and fucking like crazy. She posted some BTS photos with no other than Natasha Nice. I do not know if it is lesbian or a threesome, but if Natasha is involved, it must be good.


Miss BoobsRealm GOAT was going to start in January, but I decided to give it more time so at least it is s month after MBR 2021. Here are the groups considering the MBR winners and the best busty girls of each year from 2009 to 2021.

Speaking of winners. Touki announced she was taking time off from the internet. Unfortunately, Touki was set to do her interview for BoobsRealm, but My Jealous Fan messaged her something saying I call women fat and I do not know whatever crap and that “all models were harrased by me an I do not know what other crap” anyway, Thanks to that incel moron, there is no interview with Touki and she took a break -hopefully just a break-.

Kira Liv returned to Nadine’s site. This time Kira Liv is in the natural flaunting her big naturals.


Last but absolutely not least, Tania Bann convinced the legendary Mady Gio to do a collaboration on Onlyfans. Both girls posted some photos. This is the first time Mady opens the door to a collab. Who knows who she will invite for some hot content next.

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By Boobsrealm

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2 years ago

That moron ruined interview with touki…. Why the world is full of imbecils? Fake white knights without a life? Hope fantastic touki will come back

simpiest simp
2 years ago

man, twitter just became a place to incels put models against other fans, blogs and even studios. they usually go with fake news, putting words into your mouth that you never said and they instantly gain the sympathy of models. I know because I have been through that. It came to the point of one sick idiot create multiple accounts to insult the models and accuse it was me behind his fake accounts. honestly I feel that models aren’t very smart, these people gain their attention inventing stuff, saying that they are the biggest fan when they never subscribed to… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by simpiest simp
simpiest simp
2 years ago
Reply to  Boobsrealm

some of these incels have big accounts (50k plus followers) they literally do anything in their life I guess. so I don’t even waste my time to convince the model. I have stuff to do.

hopefully you created a real network with models. it gives you immunity to these idiots

I think that younger girls are smarter and less naive when it comes to social media, I’m pretty sure touki will realize who’s the jealous liar.

Last edited 2 years ago by simpiest simp
2 years ago

That’s too bad to hear about Touki, but I hope she will return if and when she feels comfortable. On the positive note, I’m looking forward to that Abigaiil and Natasha scene. Whether it’s lesbian or a threesome, it could be an early candidate for best porn scene of the year!

2 years ago
Reply to  Danny

Sadly abigaiil is a fake tits….implants… Touki is the best we had this year…absolutely fantastic…especially in
the first videos where she showed her face (beautiful)… A pity she takes a break…a great loss.. We all hope in her comeback soon

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