News Broke a week ago. Sites have reported it already and some of you brought it up. I was informed about it before it got to the news but decided not to post it until others do. Legendary Nacho Vidal got infected with HIV and this has caused the moratorium in the European porn industry stopping all production and generating money loses and contracts.

Unfortunately 9 girls have shot with Nacho since he got infected. All 8 girls have been tested. Results of those 8 girls are not public yet. However, in the spam of 6 weeks it is not only about those 8 girls but who else shot with them during that time. It is rumored 8 of the girls who worked with him have tested negative so far.

HIV cases are not very common in porn. Unfortunately, Nacho despite being a legend and very experienced guy let his personal life and fetiches get in the way.

Colombian pornstar Amarantha Hank has been affected by the news as apparently she has shot porn in Colombia with Nacho during the time that is said when he would have gotten infected. Nothing is confirmed and everything is rumors. Unfortunately Amarantha Hank have been receiving offensive messages on her twitter.

Latina pornstar Dianariussx (18) who shot with Nacho Vidal two weeks ago has retired from porn and prepared legal action against Nacho for not disclosing his health status. Diana claims her results have been Negative but will do further analysis.

Watch blast From the Past Sophie Dee with Nacho Vidal

August Ames was one of the female performers who were against shooting with guys that had sex with other men and transexuals. She was bullied and eventually took her life. August was not wrong at all.

Pornstars and escorts need to always take care of themselves while working and in their personal life. Their work impacts other people’s lives.

It is very unfortunate this happened. There were some STD going around in Europe afew months ago and some famous models got it.

Let’s watch a classic with him and Sandra Milka from bangbus, which took place many years ago.

Sandra made her debut on Putalocura and did amazing bukkakes.

Watch Sandra Milka in Putalocura 


By Boobsrealm

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5 years ago

August ames was right. Its simply the obvious.

5 years ago

Not sure why she plans to sue him? She would have to prove he knew and if she is negative on the blood tests whats she gonna sue him for?

5 years ago

my condolences for Nacho.

August Ames was bullied for not fucking gays and transsexuals??
that’s pathetic, the “adult business” is the least adult on behavior

don’t fuck unprotected guys, independently of your sexual orientation.

James in AZ
5 years ago

Getting HIV as a man: You’re either taking it in the ass or you’re shooting up drugs in your veins. There’s no punishment severe enough for this POS.

5 years ago
Reply to  James in AZ

Punish him because he got HIV?

5 years ago
Reply to  James in AZ

do you know you can also get infected if you have sex with an infected woman?

5 years ago
Reply to  James in AZ

Don’t spread wrong information! You can catch HIV from women. Always use condom when you have sex with girls you just met

5 years ago
Reply to  TJ

they are trolls (or just insanely stupid)

5 years ago
Reply to  James in AZ

You’re an idiot. John Stagliano got AIDS because he was ass-crazy. All you have to do is stick your dick in someone’s ass to get AIDS. Got it?

5 years ago
Reply to  Howie

If that were the case half the world would have HIV. Stagliano got it from having sex with another person that already had the disease. Anal sex DOES NOT lead to HIV.

5 years ago

I think Sandra Milka deserve a post on her own.
Same with other spanish girls that started shooting with Torbe like her and Nekane, Zenda, Eli tetona, etc…

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