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Some people with info on Lucy Li posted on Woodman’s forum that Lucy Li is going to start escorting at a brothel in Vienna. This surprises many fans. Below the information.

Word online broke that Lucy Li is gonna return to a brothel in Vienna. I did not know she was working at a brothel in Vienna in the first place, but I would not be surprised.

You may already listened to the AMA part 2 of the BoobsRealm Podcast where I mentioned that Lucy Li was a “dead fish” according to some people who have been with her. This has been confirmed by Woodman who mentioned the following on his blog: “She is a balls broker yes but she is very pretty … Many photographers close their eyes on her difficult side and focus on the job + money they will do with her !!!”

Woodman also stated that he made 3 different offers to Lucy for hardcore, but she rejected them. He, and I as well as many of you, would be surprised that Lucy rejects 1K euros in a porn production, but wants to charge a few hundreds sucking strangers cock.


I have not been to Austria, but I was in Berlin and went to a FKK place. I saw a girl that looked like Laura Orsolya, but less bbw. Really nice girls. I heard Austria has nice girls at those places. One famous Romanian worked there -titsintops forum is your friend-. So I guess Lucy Li prefers to not have any content on camera and make some nice money, because she knows she could be the queen at that place.

So after borders are open and risk of Corona is gone, you can go to Vienna and spend some hard earned money on Lucy Li. However, you have to be aware that you are paying for being for the pretty girl, but not for the service.

I got the chance to fuck a girl that Looked like Angel Princess, but was not Angel Princess and it was very nice. I also had the chance, as explained in more detail on the aforementioned podcast episode about my b/g with a pornstar. However, the scene will never see the light of the day because it was not well shot and also because she was a dead fish. I was told by her agent that she is always a dead fish, but that Lucy Wilde was even worst. After my experience I got word from a couple of other producers that told me they had the same issues and even the male.

It is funny. As I mentioned before I read online a lot of speculation about XYZ having to work with, 345, or ABC being amazing, but ignore what happens behind the scenes. then as fans do not know, they just complete the missing information with what they prefer to believe.

Watch Lucy Li Threesome ANAL on Woodman

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By Boobsrealm

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4 years ago

Name of the brothel please?

2 years ago
Reply to  Max

guys, which brothel is thr? help!

Mr. House
4 years ago

If true, this is easy to explain. You can make a couple of hundred for 1/2 an hour of work or a thousand for being on set for a few hours getting continuously fucked.

Bart Simpson
4 years ago
Reply to  Mr. House

And the average client does not have a huge cock (to tear the girl up) and usually cums quickly. Not like a porn mope that has been eating viagra like they are M&Ms (or injections) wearing out the girls pussy/ass.

peter Carvosso
4 years ago
Reply to  Bart Simpson

also its not gonna be online for the rest of her life

lord zera
3 years ago
Reply to  peter Carvosso

You are right, but but a girl who shoot any content for adult company has to deal with it for the rest of her life, solo or bg. Correct Mr House but some (a lot of!) girls are doing porn in order to increase their escort rate. I worked 4 years as tech support/ video editor for a adult company around 2015, a company who sometimes used to shoot content in the south of france, near marseille. I “met” Lucy Li in summer 2015 or maybe 14, i have to say she was one of the sexiest girl among dozen… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by lord zera
4 years ago

Not surprised she working in a Brothel, there’s some ugly fucking men in porn, Woodman,Cel & Torbe to name a few, so guess it’s not a problem with a stranger,

the truth
4 years ago
Reply to  Jinxster

probably the 3 ugliest dudes in the whole world. it’s sickening

4 years ago
Reply to  Jinxster

hahahaha you know it’s bad when a girl would rather escord than record a video with you. i can tolerate woodman, but cel is a complete disaster and i feel bad for any woman that had to work with him

3 years ago
Reply to  zyzz

haha cel might be the worst. I got to know arrianna sinn pretty well, she once told me that she cried herself to sleep after having sex with cel.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jinxster

where as the customers of brothels are all handsome princes

4 years ago

I don’t want to fuck her.

peter Carvosso
4 years ago

id love to know of ex hardcore busty euro models doing escort /brothel work in Europe, im thinking of taking an autumn city break after missing out on Summer, and would love to fuck a girl I have wanked over many times whilst doing so, such as Jasmine black , Constance Devil, Veronika , Marketa & the 2 of the holy grail sensual jane & Shione cooper

4 years ago
Reply to  peter Carvosso

For real.I would pay to fuck Iva Kleinova, Shione Cooper, Lucie Wilde, Katerina Hartlova and many more.

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